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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Jets Reopen Bates Motel

  If the Jet offense doesn’t get the job done, some players may end up in the fruit cellar in the old mansion that sat above the Bates Motel. Offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates is quietly putting his finger prints on the 2018 New York Jets. I’ve written about Bates before and how much he is respected by the Jets coaching staff. Make no mistake, he is not Paul Brown yet but he has a definite plan and Jet fans should feel good that he is a big part of the coaching staff. Bates followed Pete Carroll from USC to the Seattle Seahawks where he served as the offensive coordinator in 2010 and was fired. That was the year Seattle made the playoffs after going 7-9. They upset the Saints in the playoffs 41-36 as QB Matt Hasselbeck threw 4 TD passes and ended up with a QB rating of 113.
 Jeremy Bates is the coach who will help turn the Jets around. He is part of the decision making process on which QB to draft. In 2008 as Jay Cutler’s QB coach and calling the plays in Denver, Cutler threw for over 4,500 yards and threw 25 TD passes making All-Pro. As QB coach for Josh Mccown last year Mccown had one of his best seasons ever. Bates has a little bit of hippie in him.  In 2014, he hiked the 2,900-mile Continental Divide Trail (CDT), completing a five-month trek from Mexico to Canada alone, 20–30 miles per day with a 40 to 60 pound backpack. 
  When Mike Westoff was the Jets Special Teams coach he had a big influence on the personnel decisions which helped produce Leon Washington and Brad Smith. It’s beginning to look like the same way with Jeremy Bates. His influence is telling as the Jets now have a total of 17 wide receivers on the roster. Green Rewind fans should be 100% confident that Jeremy Bates will get the Jet offense as prepared as possible going into each game. 

Draft Rewind 2006
  Many experts will admit drafting NFL players is more roulette than chess. Scouts can spend endless hours only to be wrong. For every Tom Brady picked in the 6th round there is always a Matt Leinart picked in the 1st round. I remember all the hype in 1995 about Mike Mamula from Boston College. He was the 7th player picked in the first round and though he was not a total bust, he played only 5 years in the NFL. I always liked the idea of trading down in the draft and accumulating picks. Have confidence in your ability to pick good prospects. On the other side, trading up can bite you and bite you hard. The Jets gave up two first picks to move up to draft wide receiver/gold medal sprinter Lam Jones. This move bombed out quickly. In 2003 the Jets again used two first round draft picks to trade up to pick Dewayne Robertson a defensive tackle from Kentucky who played 6 years in the NFL. Making this pick really hard to swallow are some of the players picked after Robertson:
Terrell Suggs, Marcus Trufant, Troy Polamalu, Terence Newman, Larry Johnson, Nnamdi Asomugha 
  Going against this philosophy the Jets moved up in the draft giving up three #2 picks. Ideally I would have liked to stay at 6 and roll the dice in the later rounds with some lesser known quarterbacks. The good part of this is that they pulled off this trade early on. Otherwise it would have cost them more picks. As everyone has said on talk radio and in the sports section, the Jets better get this pick right. 
  In this issue’s draft rewind, a look at the 2006 draft shows it as a solid year. The draft is highlighted by both first round draft picks D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold having solid careers. Second round pick Kellen Clemens is still active finishing his fourth season as a back-up for the Chargers. He is currently a free agent but give this guy credit for carving out a nice career as a back-up spanning over 12 years. Every Jet fan’s favorite round should be the 4th round. Both Brad Smith and Leon Washington (one of my personal favorites) were both explosive players. Eric Smith and Drew Coleman had modest NFL careers but on the whole this was an excellent draft year for the Jets. 

Jets 2006 Draft
1 4 D'Brickashaw Ferguson  T Virginia
1 29 Nick Mangold                 C Ohio State
2 49 Kellen Clemens       QB Oregon
3 76 Anthony Schlegel       LB Ohio State
3 97 Eric Smith               DB Michigan State
4 103 Brad Smith              WR Missouri
4 117 Leon Washington         RB Florida State
5 150 Jason Pociask              TE Wisconsin
6 189 Drew Coleman      CB Texas Christian
7 220 Titus Adams              DT Nebraska

Vincent Price On The Wall In Cleveland & New York
  We all use the phrase “I’d like to be a fly on the wall” for getting information that is only privy for people who are in a particular room. Whether it is in the Oval Office, your high school teacher’s room or maybe even your first wife’s family room, human nature’s curiosity gene is in every one of us. This year more than any other year with regards to the draft, being a fly on the wall in the situation room for the Cleveland Browns, New York Giants and New York Jets is as intense and interesting as I’ve seen for a long time. I can relate how anxious and exciting this is by going back to when I was very young. Many old time New York basketball fans may remember the 1966 NBA draft. The first two picks in the draft belonged to the teams that finished last in each division with the order determined by a coin flip. So that year, the New York Knicks and Detroit Pistons would rely on the fate of the flip of a coin to determine who would win the grand prize, Cazzie Russell. The team that lost the coin flip would be stuck with Dave Bing as the runner up prize. As it turned out the Knicks won the flip of the coin and Cazzie Russell was theirs. Dave Bing went to the Detroit Pistons and ironically became the better ball player. This has happened over and over in all sports. Back to being that fly on the wall. The Cleveland Browns have let the out word that they love Josh Allen. This is a smoke screen. The Browns are playing this draft very well. With the first and fourth picks, they have a great chance to get two blue chip players. The fly on the wall is saying the Browns will pick Sam Darnold first and if he is still available pick Saquon Barkley with their second pick. Up until the draft, the Browns will leak every scenario possible with their first pick to see if they get any phone calls about the pick. For instance if by some chance the Browns like Baker Mayfield they may contact the Jets and try to squeeze out another first round pick to switch spots. The bottom line with the Cleveland Browns is they will pick Sam Darold and I would be shocked if they didn’t. 
  The New York Giants are in a fascinating position. Rumors are running rampant that the Buffalo Bills will try to trade up with the Giants giving the them their two first round and two second round picks. Others say the Giants would be crazy to pass up on Saquon Barkley with the second pick. The figuring is with Barkley and Beckham on their offense together, defensive coordinators will be going crazy trying to come up with a game plan to stop the Jints offense. The fly on the wall has told me the Giants will not pick Saquon Barkley but will take Josh Rosen. 
  Now to the New York Jets. The Jets traded up to the third position in the draft because they have to love at least three of the quarterbacks. Josh Allen may seem like the obvious choice (if Darnold and Rosen are off the board) as he comes with the most athletic ability of all the quarterbacks. The Jets, however will roll the dice with the fly on the wall telling me the Jets will pick Baker Mayfield. They have rated the QB’s: Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen. If by some miracle Darnold falls, the Jets will pounce on him. Otherwise Baker Mayfield will be wearing the green and white. If the Jets are wrong about Mayfield, you will hear Mike Maccagnan sound like “The Fly” at the end of that classic movie yelling “Help Me, Help Me, Help Me.”

Green Rewind Mock Draft 3.0

1. Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA
Height: 6-3. Weight: 218
In this mock draft the Jets go with Josh Rosen. The Buffalo Bills trade up and move into the Giants spot and grab Baker Mayfield who the Jets loved just behind Darnold.
Rosen is the most “NFL ready” quarterback of the four musketeers. In 30 games played at UCLA, Rosen had a completion percentage of 60.9%. He threw for 9,341 yards
with 59 TD passes and 26 INT’s. In the 2017 season opener, Rosen completed 35-of-59 passes for 491 yards and four touchdowns to rally UCLA to a 45–44 win over Texas A&M. The Bruins overcame a 34-point deficit, the largest comeback in school history. Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin said: "We knew he was smart.... But the thing I was really impressed with was his toughness. We hit him and hit him a lot, and he got better. It's not supposed to work that way … especially in the fourth quarter." Rosen would thrive in New York and work well with Jeremy Bates.

2. No pick

3. Taven Bryan, Florida – Defensive Line
Height: 6-5. Weight: 291
This projected 2nd round pick slips as quarterbacks dominate the first two rounds. Bryan is a freak of nature athletically who is only starting to put it all together. There’s no telling if he’ll ever do just that and put it all together, but he’s improved greatly in every season of his college career. Bryan broke out in 2017 with 40 tackles with six tackles for a loss and four sacks. He had a dominant game against Texas A&M.

4. Jordan Aikens, TE, Central Florida
Height: 6-3. Weight: 249
For the second year in a row the Jets pick a tight end with a Jordan for the first name. Last year Jordan Leggett got hurt. Aikens could find a role as an H-back and receiving tight end in the NFL. Akins gets to top speed quickly and it shows in his ability to separate and create after the catch. In 2017, he totaled 32 receptions for 515 yards and four scores. In 2016, he caught 23 passes for 347 yards and two scores. Akins has showed improvement in the run game where he has the ability to locate second-level targets, but it’s his ability to stretch the seam that gives him a chance to make an impact at the next level.

5. Olasunkanmi Adeniyi, 3-4 OLB, Toledo
Height: 6-1. Weight: 248
Jet announcers may hope this player doesn’t make it because of the pronunciation of his name. I wrote about him earlier this year. Even though many scouts think he made a mistake coming out early, this guy is oozing with talent. In his final season for the MAC champion Rockets, Adeniyi totaled 66 tackles with 20 tackles for a loss, 8.5 sacks and three forced fumbles.

6.Jeremy Reaves, S, South Alabama
Height: 5-10. Weight: 204.
In the late rounds players are usually picked with special teams in mind. Reaves held his own against the better competition during Senior Bowl week and showed that he could compete with a higher-caliber opponent. Reaves, a tackling machine over the past three seasons, totaling 104 tackles as a senior, 85 as a junior and 96 as a sophomore. He also totaled eight career interceptions, with three as a senior. Reaves notched eight passes broken up in 2017 as well.

7. JT Luper WR Central Oaklahoma
Height: 5’9”  Weight: 175
Jets don’t want to wait to sign this Division 2 wide receiver/punt returner as an un-drafted free agent. This electrifying player led all NCAA receivers in 2017 with receptions, yards and yards per game (132). With any division 2 player it a real gamble especially with his size but this player is worth it.

What The Jet Scribes Are Saying
Rich Cimini,ESPN
During the pregame warm-ups at the UCLA-USC game last November, general manager Mike Maccagnan spent most of his time on the UCLA side of the field, watching Rosen. He studied body language and interaction with teammates, looking for personality and leadership traits that can't be seen on tape. The quarterback he selects will be the face of the franchise and must be a strong leader.From a football standpoint, Rosen would fit nicely in the Jets' West Coast offense. He's a cerebral player who prides himself on being able to read defenses and work through his progressions. His smarts, coupled with flawless mechanics, make him the most pro-ready quarterback in the draft. Negatives? His lack of mobility could be a concern. He completed only 42 percent of his passes when forced to move and he took too many sacks last season (26). In case you didn't notice, the Jets' offensive line struggled in pass protection. Rosen's know-it-all personality can rub some people the wrong way, but offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates has had experience with his type. (See: Jay Cutler.) Rosen would join a quarterback room that includes a couple of pro's pros, Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater, which would help his maturation.My sense is the Jets' pick will come down to Rosen or Mayfield, the pure passer versus the brash playmaker (assuming Darnold is gone).

Brian Costello, NY Post
Mike Maccagnan is two weeks away from making the most important choice of his tenure as Jets general manager.On April 26, he will make the selection at No. 3 in this year’s draft that can change the course of the franchise. No pressure, Mike. But should Jets fans feel good about Maccagnan being the man in the big chair making that decision?
Should his selection of quarterbacks Bryce Petty in 2015 or Christian Hackenberg in 2016 give fans pause that Maccagnan will stumble when it comes to selecting the right quarterback to end the Jets’ four-decade search for one?

“I’m very confident from that standpoint,” Maccagnan said two weeks ago at the NFL league meetings. “That doesn’t faze me. It’s the college draft. Guys you’ll hit on. Guys that don’t pan out, that’s part of the process. But we feel pretty good about this year’s group and where we’re situated.”

…..Maccagnan is a lifelong scout and you have to trust he and trusted lieutenant Brian Heimerdinger know what they are looking at when evaluating these quarterbacks. They have traveled thousands of miles to work out the top quarterbacks in this draft — Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield. They have gone to their pro days and have several of them coming to New Jersey this week for pre-draft visits. Mayfield arrived in Florham Park on Monday night. Rosen is also expected there this week. The Petty/Hackenberg argument also loses steam because of where they were picked. Todd Bowles recently called the draft “an educated crapshoot.” It is a perfect description, but the odds in that crapshoot get worse the later you get in the draft. Hackenberg was the 51st pick overall. Petty was the 103rd. The Jets viewed both Petty and Hackenberg as projects. You are not taking a project at No. 3 overall. This player won’t necessarily have to play right away, but will have to show the ability to play this season if needed. Maccagnan is 0-for-2 drafting quarterbacks. But no one remembers the first two at-bats if he hits a home run in two weeks.

Manish Mehta, NY Daily News
Forget the whispers that have trailed Josh Rosen during this particularly annoying time on the NFL calendar when nobody seems to know anything even though everybody pretends to know everything. Rosen might be the best pure quarterback in this draft, the smartest processor in the pocket and the most inquisitive and cerebral player in his position group, but rumblings of his lack of passion for the game and leadership have occupied too much space in our heads. Rosen’s intellect and background — Gasp! His family is rich! — have somehow become character flaws.The NFL sometimes mirrors junior high with whisper-down-the-lane rumors that take on a life of their own. The notion that Rosen doesn’t love football is so mind-numbingly stupid that I won’t dignify that beyond this sentence.


                                    What Mike Maccagnan may sound like if the Jets QB is a bust!


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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Jets Scavenger Hunt In Scrapheap

  Say what you want about General Manager Mike Maccagnan but he should get an A for effort signing players who are deemed low risk, high reward. What some may view as a MASH unit of concussed football players, the Jets have made some interesting subtle moves. The one common denominator for the new free agents signings (not Josh McCown for example) is that the age of the players are mostly below 28 years old with wide receiver/kick returner Andre Roberts being 30 years old. Of course the “big splash” signing was CB Trumaine Johnson who will make Morris Claiborne and the whole secondary better. Running back Isaiah Crowell is a fine pick-up but it is former Seahawks back Thomas Rawls who to me is one of the more interesting signings. After an outstanding rookie year, Rawls has been hurt with a severe ankle injury hampering his return to his former self. The Jets got him on the cheap and it shouldn’t take the coaching staff long in training camp, maybe a week to see if he is worth carrying on the roster. Expect Teddy Bridgewater to start training camp on the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) list while his bad knee continues to heal. In fact I’d be surprised if Bridgewater practices on back to back days during the whole season. 
  Terrelle Pryor is my favorite signing. Two years ago I convinced my son to take him on his fantasy team even though he was on the Cleveland Browns. Pryor had an incredible first half of the season making the adjustment from quarterback to wide receiver. He had 77 receptions for 1,007 yards and 5 TDS (1 rushing) on the winless Browns. Pryor will stretch the field and can run with the ball. Look for him in the Wildcat and he may throw a pass or two.
  Replacing center Wes Johnson with Spencer Long and Travis Swanson was not the Jets first choice. Both have a history of injuries but it is still an improvement over Johnson. With improvement play from the center position, the Jets guards Brian Winters and James Carpenter (if still on the team) will be more effective. 
  The tight ends picked up this week Clive Warford (Raiders) and Bucky Hodges (Vikings) have a good chance to stick. Warford has a better chance. He has 70 career receptions for 768 yards in 44 games. Not Gronk numbers but this is a good pick up. 
  The Jets were active but not headliners and will be rolling over money into the 2019 season. As of this writing Johnathan Hankins the former Giant who played one year with the Colts and was cut visited the Jets a couple of days ago. There is a need on the defensive line and this would be a good signing.

Jets Free Agent Signings
QB Josh McCown: One year, $10 million
QB Teddy Bridgewater: One year, $5 million
RB Isaiah Crowell: Three years, $12 million
RB Thomas Rawls: Agrees to deal
WR Terrelle Pryor: Agrees to deal
WR Andre Roberts: Agrees to deal
TE Clive Warford: Claimed off waivers
TE Bucky Hodges: Agrees to deal
OT Ben Ijalana: One year
G Spencer Long: Agrees to deal
C Travis Swanson: Agrees to deal
C Jonotthan Harrison: One year
DE Xavier Cooper: One year
DT Mike Pennel: Three years, $12 million max
OLB Kevin Pierre-Louis: Two years, $6 million
OLB Brandon Copeland: Agrees to deal
ILB Avery Williamson: Three years, $22.5 million
ILB Neville Hewitt: Agrees to deal
CB Trumaine Johnson: Five years, $72.5 million
CB Morris Claiborne: One year, $7 million
S Terrence Brooks: Two years
K Cairo Santos: One year, $2 million

Jets Mock Draft 2.0

1. Baker Mayfield, QB Oklahoma
I feel like Faye Dunaway in Chinatown when Jack Nicholson keeps slapping her and she keeps repeating …”she’s my sister, she’s my daughter, she’s my sister.” Green Rewind’s Ray Clifford and Ralph Sharaga are now slapping me and I keep repeating…..”Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen.” Josh Rosen’s concussion history keeps haunting me. I listened to Steve Palazzolo from Pro Football Focus on the radio this week and he made an incredible case for Mayfield. He had the stats to back it up even with Mayfield throwing into tight windows. So “today” he is my pick.

2. No pick

3. Kemoko Turay, Rutgers, Edge rusher, Rutgers
Jets luck out as Turay slips into the 3rd round because of his history of shoulder surgeries. The 6’5” Newark NJ product is the real deal.
Came back with a strong 2017 season. Had 16 sacks, 24 QB hits and 70 hurries in four years.

4. Braden Smith, Guard, Auburn
Jets smarten up continuing to get depth on the offensive line. Smith started 27 consecutive games and held his own when playing against projected first round picks. An NFL scout said he lacks stamina to complete a consistent season and plays better in the first part of the season. Other scouts say he is coachable and has the potential to be a solid starter.

5. Nathan Shepard, Defensive Tackle, Fort Hays St.
The Jets dip into Division 2 for this 6’5” 315 pound project. He has put on 100 pounds since high school moving from linebacker to the line. This native of Ontario, Canada has tremendous upside and improved every week of the season. 

6. Antonio Callaway, WR, Florida
Callaway didn't play in 2017 because of a suspension. NFL teams already had major off-the-field concerns about Callaway. While he loves football, he has a lot of issues in terms of hanging out with bad influences, and teams are concerned about him consistently failing drug tests in the NFL. I would still take a shot at this 1st round talent. I remember when the Jets were told to stay away from Laveranues Coles when he came out of Florida State and he straightened out his life. Room him with Josh Mccown, Bilal Powell or Jamaal Adams. Keep him away from Robby Anderson.

7. Tanner Lee, QB, Nebraska 
I’ve come 180 degrees on this player. I thought he looked horrible at the Senior Bowl. But watching him during the Combine (I know, I say the Combine is overrated) he threw two out passes with a flick of the wrist that I haven’t seen since Marino. Take a shot and carrying four QBs with the Jet’s situation for a year is not a felony.

JETLINERS By Green Rewind Contributor Ralph Sharaga

1:  The concussions and shoulder injury are a concern for Josh Rosen, but the other stuff is ridiculous. Can you imagine if Joe Namath was in this year’s draft. With all the vetting they do now, he’d have more red flags than the Indy 500 during an ice storm. I can just hear Mel Kiper. “Knee injury, cocky attitude, party guy…mid to late 4th round.”

2: Speaking of Rosen, I think he and Jeremy Bates could be a great marriage personality-wise and I’d be glad to officiate the wedding.

3:  Todd Bowles was playing with house money last year since no one thought the Jets would win a game. Yeah, he won 5 games and got them to play, but his game management must improve or he’ll send Marty to an early grave. This year, his 4th, he needs to get to .500 or better to keep his job. And don’t feel badly, should he be fired. There are always job openings in the Trump White House.

4:  Glad the Jets didn’t pursue Suh.  If Bowles game management doesn’t send Marty to an early grave, Suh’s cheap shot penalties would have.

5:  Doubly glad Kirk Cousins chose Minnesota. All throughout that process, a voice in my head kept repeating the same thing over and over…”Neil O’Donnell 2.0…Neil O’Donnell 2.0.”

6:    Can you believe that Devin Smith is still on the Jet’s roster. He must’ve filled the void left by Vern Gholston. Seems like Ohio St. has an arrangement with the Jets that a Buckeye must waste a space on the Jet roster until hell freezes over - or the Jets win their second Super Bowl….and you know which of those will come first.

7:   Jets should have been suspicious of Robbie Anderson at his pro day when his 40 time was announced as, 0-60 in 4.34 seconds.

8:  Still think the Jets offensive line needs to improve - something Marty has been shouting about for the past 7 drafts. In its present state, Josh Allen would be the best fit. He spent all last season at Wyoming running for his life.

9:  The over/under on how many passes Terrelle Pryor will attempt next season is 4. I’ll take the under after his first one turns into a pick six. Still like the signing, though.

10:  Recently met a USC professor and big Trojan fan who attended the USC-UCLA game this past season. And even he admitted that Rosen looked far more advanced than Darnold. But what impressed him most was that Rosen warmed up before the game by serving tennis balls – all aces.

11:  Time to go out on a limb. As far as whom the Jets draft, I can’t give you his last name, but his first name will be Josh.

12:    Off topic:  Anyone notice the average age of the Mets starting lineup. On road trips this year, instead of hotels, they’ll be staying at assisted living facilities.

13: Jet trivia time. The AFL awarded the Jets the first pick in 1965 draft and had them do whatever was necessary to sign Namath. They also had the fourth pick in the draft and chose the legendary Tom Nowatzke. Who did Kansas City choose with the 5th pick?  Hint: If he were in this year’s draft, he’d be rated on a par with Saquon Barkley. Answer below:

That’s right. Gale Sayers. And we thought passing up Marino for O’Brien was bad.

What the Jets scribes are saying…..
Rich Cimini, ESPN
Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay don't agree on everything -- that's for sure. But they have found common ground in regard to the New York Jets' pick in the upcoming draft:Josh Rosen.In their dueling mock drafts for ESPN, Kiper goes Josh Allen-Sam Darnold-Rosen in the first three picks, while McShay projects Darnold-Allen-Rosen. Picking second, the New York Giants could ruin the quarterback flow by picking running back Saquon Barkley, which is certainly feasible. But let's play along with Mel and Todd, analyzing their mocks from a Jets perspective.I believe the choice could be Baker Mayfield over Rosen in this scenario. Despite his size (a shade under 6 feet 1), lack of experience in a pro-style offense and minor character concerns, he's very much in play for the Jets, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. Surprised? Yeah, I am, too, but he has impressed the Jets during the pre-draft process. He's the most accurate passer in the draft and a winner. He has the "it" factor, something the Jets haven't had in a young quarterback in a long time. Frankly, I think he'd be a better choice than Rosen, whose own coach (Jim Mora) questioned his passion and commitment to football. You don't expect a prospect's college coach to be so brutally candid, but all Mora did was reinforce the perception that started to form when Rosen was a freshman at UCLA. The concerns go beyond his dorm-room hot tub and his outspoken personality; that stuff got blown out of proportion. What raises questions among some scouts is whether he loves football and whether his teammates love him. One AFC scout told me Rosen reminds him of the character Bo Callahan in the movie "Draft Day." If you need a refresher, Google it. As a passer, Rosen is the most polished of the top four quarterbacks. "Pro ready," is what the scouts say about him. He played 107 snaps from under center last season, the fifth most of any Power 5 quarterback. But here's the thing: The NFL isn't a 7-on-7 drill; there's more to playing quarterback than making pretty throws. Rosen can't play off-script as well as Darnold, Allen and Mayfield; he's a pure pocket passer with limited mobility. He has durability questions (a shoulder injury in 2016 and two concussions in 2017). And, come to think of it, what's he ever won? He was 17-13 as a starter at UCLA. Can he lift a franchise?

Brian Costello, NY Post
The Jets drafted running back Elijah McGuire last year, but they still might be in the market for another back in the middle rounds. Bilal Powell is in the final year of his contract and could be gone in 2019, so they may be looking to find a long-term back. A year after drafting wide receivers ArDarius Stewart and Chad Hansen, the Jets have a crowded receivers room. They signed Terrelle Pryor in free agency and are getting Quincy Enunwa back from injury. They have just six draft picks after moving up from No. 6 to 3 in the first round, so there are only so many areas they can address, and I don’t think receiver is one.
The Jets let Austin Seferian-Jenkins walk in free agency. They say they like Jordan Leggett, a fifth-round pick from a year ago, who missed his rookie season with a knee injury. Still, I think they could take a tight end in the middle rounds. Penn State’s Mike Gesicki is an athletic pass catcher who could be tempting if he lasts until the third round.

Manish Mehta, NY Daily News
The Jets quarterback decision is absolutely fascinating. My understanding is that it's a fluid and complicated situation. Shortly after Gang Green traded with the Colts to jump up to the No. 3 spot a couple weeks ago, I touched base with folks on One Jets Drive to get a better handle on the motivation behind the deal. The people in the organization that I spoke to loved Baker Mayfield's fire, competitiveness and leadership, but thought he was a tick below Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Josh Rosen at that time. However, they cautioned that there was still an important part of the evaluation process that included Pro Days — and more importantly — the impending private workouts and visits to Florham Park. Make no mistake: The Jets are currently divided on which quarterback to take at No. 3. Oh, sure. The team will invariably try to sell us that (INSERT DRAFTED QB HERE) was the top choice all along, but I've heard enough varying opinions about these four quarterbacks from inside the organization to know better. Let's get something clear: There isn't a civil war on One Jets Drive, but there are varying opinions and preferences. This regime has encouraged healthy debate through the years for all draft prospects, so I firmly believe that it's a good thing that there are differing positions on the top four signal callers. It shouldn't come as a surprise, after all. There are good and not-so-good traits for each of those players. Full disclosure: Rosen would be my choice if he's on the board. The former UCLA quarterback has drawn comparisons to Jay Cutler because of his intellect and relatively low tolerance for people who don't share his football I.Q. New offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates got the best out of Cutler in Denver and Chicago. I have confidence that Bates would help turn Rosen, a quiet leader, into a star for the next decade. It would be a perfect personality match.Rosen might not have the escapability to make plays off schedule like the other three guys, but he is the best in the pocket. When I see Rosen, I see Matt Ryan.

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Jet Fans Are Getting Anxious

This article is written by Green Rewind contributor Ralph Sharaga. 
I've known Ralph for over 50 years and he has been a Jet fan as long as me. Over the years he has had an incredible knack for picking college players that make it in the NFL.

The Allen/Mayfield Choice
Jet fans are getting anxious. As I read it, their main concern is that Mike Mac. will be  presented with the choice of Baker Mayfield or Josh Allen – and they assume he will chose Allen ( AKA the next Hackenberg). While all the prospects come with concerns, including Josh Allen, he is no Christian Hackenberg – not even close.  So, let’s take a  look at the main concern(s)  about Allen and Mayfield.

In the case of Josh Allen, most fans feel that his passing percentage, 56.2%, is the major red flag. “If he can’t hit 60% in college, how will he survive in the pros throwing into smaller windows with a more intense pressure.”  

The following is a list of good to great NFL QB’s, past and present, who completed under 60% in college and improved, (in some cases significantly) in the pros.

Mathew Stafford   Coll.57.1%   Pro 62.0%
Matt Ryan             Coll 59.9       Pro 64.9
Carson Palmer      Coll, 59.1      Pro 62.5
Drew Bledsoe       Coll 54.3       Pro 57.2
Brett Favre            Coll 52.4       Pro 62.0
Dan Marino           Coll 57.6       Pro  59.4
Joe Montana          Coll 52.0       Pro  63.2

There is no guarantee that Allen will achieve anything close to what these guys have done, but the 56.2% should not be a deal breaker considering his incredible physical tools.

In the case of Baker Mayfield,   I see two outstanding concerns– height and the system at Oklahoma.
Other than Russell Wilson and Drew Brees how many other good to great QB’s under 6 foot 1inch can you name in the last  30 years?

While more and more Qb’s are entering the NFL who played in a college spread offense,  how many good to great ones can you name? At the moment it’s just too early to tell. 

Don’t get me wrong, I like Baker Mayfield, but don’t be fooled by his gaudy stats.  A lot of those numbers are the result of the spread offense combined with playing in that ‘arena football’ Big 12 Conference.

For those who are blown away by Mayfield’s crazy stats:
68.5% 131 TDs 30 Ints.
I pose this sobering trivia question. 

The following are career college stats for four QB’s. Can you name them?
 1:  66.3%  39TDs 10 Ints
2:   67.4     98TDs  21 Ints
3:   66.4     88Tds  16 Ints
4:   62.7     62 Tds  10 Ints

Two hints. All four have played within the last 10 years -  and all four, at one time or another, wore the Green and White. Answer below.

1: Greg McElroy
2:  Geno Smith
3:  Tim Tebow
4:  Bryce Petty

You get the point-

Final note. Josh Rosen would be my first choice, but if he’s not there, I’m willing to roll the dice with Josh Allen. He has the highest upside and after half a century of being the official NFL punch line, I say, go for it. 

Green Tidbits:
Jets rescind offer to Suh. Big mistake. Should have gotten him for 2 years. ....WR Terrelle Pryor Sr. is a Jet. Great move. Throw last year away. Two years ago on Browns he had 77 rec. for 1,007 yds. and 4 TDs. Josh McCown threw some of those passes....WR-KR Andre Roberts is a good pick up. He is probably the best kick and punt returner for the Jets in years.....Quietly Mike Mac has done pretty good with free agents this year.....Won't be shocked if Bridgewater starts out on the PUP list this summer.....Johnathan Hankins, 26 years old would look good in the Green and White....Hey Mac, please resign backup center Jonotthan Harrison.....


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