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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Jets QB May Have No One To Throw To

  With all the talk about the Jets trying to secure their franchise quarterback, it looks like it might be slim pickings as to who to target when throwing the football. The Jets best offensive threat, troubled Robby Anderson is sure to miss part if not at least half of the 2018 regular season games. His two incidents with the law
in Florida are sure to keep him on the bench and out of uniform for a yet to be determined number. Besides threatening the police officer’s wife and being arrested twice within a year, Anderson has been charged with traffic-related violations on 10 different occasions since 2014, including five speeding tickets (two in a 15-day period) last spring. Court records show Anderson has been charged with various infractions in Broward and Orange counties. So the Jets cannot count on Anderson to be on the field anytime soon.
  Quincy Enunwa is coming off a serious neck injury. He should be ready to go but no one knows for sure. I have not heard anything definitive that he will be ready. And when dealing with the neck, no one can be sure how effective Enunwa will be his first year back. Jermaine Kearse had a good year (65 rec. 810 yds. 5TDs) but he is a second receiver at best. And before the latest Robby Anderson incident, there was even talk of cutting Kearse. That will not happen now. Third round draft pick ArDarius Stewart was a disappointment catching only 6 passes. Fourth round draft pick Chad Hansen caught only 9 passes. I happen to think Hansen has potential if he is given the opportunity. Tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins is a free agent and if he leaves it creates a huge problem. As we see, the Jets receiving corps is very thin. With the Jets cap money, they should pick up at least one wide receiver. Here is a list of some of the top un-restricted free agents and their age:

Jarvis Landry, Miami 25
Josh Gordon, Cleveland 27
Allen Robinson, Jaguars 25
Sammy Watkins, Rams 25
Terrelle Pryor, Redskins 29
Marqise Lee, Jaguars 26
Donte Moncrief, Colts 25
Mike Wallace, Ravens 31
Paul Richardson, Seahawks 26
Eric Decker, Titans 31
Bruce Ellington, Texans 27
John Brown, Cardinals 28
Jordan Matthews, Bills 26
Danny Amendola, Patriots 32
Taylor Gabriel, Falcons 27

  Jarvis Landry jumps off the page with 400 pass receptions in his first four years playing. He said he wants to remain in Miami but he’ll go where the money is. I would stay away from him if I were the Jets. There is just too much baggage with him. He was an embarrassment on the field for Miami the last game of the season against the Bills getting tossed out. Josh Gordon is another incredibly talented player but he also has a multi page resume of trouble. I liked Terrell Pryor when he was with Cleveland but he dropped too many passes in Washington. The Jets should focus on receivers like Allen Robinson. He is coming off major ACL surgery but he would fit into Jeremy Bates offense and he would be playing for a big contract. The Jets should try and sign him to a one year incentive based contract. There is a chance the Jags franchise him. John Brown of the Cardinals would be interesting but he will probably retire after a bunch of injuries. Sammy Watkins is intriguing but he has only payed one full season (his rookie year) in four years as a pro. I loved Watkins coming out of college but the durability issue is huge. There is always a chance that the Rams franchise him also. I actually think the Jets would have a shot to bring back Eric Decker on the cheap. He is 31 years old and loves New York. He would be a good third receiver on a one year deal. He is a good locker room guy. Paul Richardson of the Seahawks is an interesting player. He is only 26 and started 13 games in 2017. He had 44 receptions for 703 yards and 6 TDs. But the stat with him that I really like is the 16 yard average per reception. He would be a good replacement for Robby Anderson. Mike Wallace is 31 years old and has a lot of tread on his tires. But he is only one season removed from a 1,000+ yards receiving season for the Ravens in 2016. He may be a stop gap player who will give some production. With free agents, even if a player is not franchised there is more of a chance today, then say ten years ago he resigns with the same club because the cap figure increases every year. 
  As far as the draft route for receivers, below are some of the receivers I like coming out of college. I’ll explore this in detail as we get closer to the draft. 

Courtland Sutton, SMU
DaeSean Hamilton, Penn State
Christian Kirk, Texas A&M
James Washington, Oklahoma State
Michael Gallup,Colorado State

Green Tidbits
......Jets should look into Bills free agent LB Preston Brown. He is getting better year in and year out and is a free agent and is young…..Jets may have to overspend and tag tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins. He just turned down a two year 8 million dollar contract…..Finally the announcement of Jeremy Bates as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach is official. Great move!…..As much as I love RB Sony Michel from Georgia, the Jets need a thumper who can move the pile. Fullback Dimitri Flowers of Oklahoma may be the guy. All 6’1” 253 pounds of him. And he is a good pass receiver….. Reviewing the past Super Bowl, Pats offensive tackle Nate Solder (a free agent) may have been the best player on the field…..For Jet fans who are in love with AJ McCarran, please see quarterbacks Clint Longley, Scott Mitchell, Matt Flynn and Elvis Grbac…..With all due respect to’s Bucky Brooks, not to mention Marcus Maye as one of the best rookies in the AFC East and gush about Jamaal Adams is insulting. Adams is by far the better athlete with more upside but Maye was the more consistent player in 2017…..I'll say it again that Brown’s QB DeShone Kizer may become a player. Jets should make a move for him if Browns draft a QB at #1 or #4…. When redefining what a catch is for 2018 how about taking the college rule with a reception being good with one foot in bounds? This would help with at least half of the calls…..Circle March 14. The league year begins. Kirk Cousins may be a Jet by March 15……Shhhh, I’m liking QB Kyle Lauletta of Richmond more and more. Keep it under your hat…..Speaking of offensive coordinator/qb coach Jeremy Bates, he has got to be involved in the drafting of one or two QBs…..We lost a big fan! Super Jet fan Gina Montalto, 14 years old passed away this past Wednesday in that horrific Florida shooting. Condolences from Green Rewind....

What The Jet Scribes Are Saying

Rich Cimini, ESPN
At the start of free agency last year, the Jets received a call from the Bengals, who offered McCarron in a trade. The Jets gave it some thought but nixed the proposal because they were focused on free agents and didn't want to surrender compensation in a trade. As everybody knows, they wound up signing Josh McCown -- a terrific free-agent move. New year, same outcome? This time, the circumstances are different because McCarron is a free man, no strings attached. Based on what we know from last year, I have to think he'd be a fallback option if the Jets fail to sign Kirk Cousins. I don't know where McCarron falls in the pecking order of Plan B candidates, but I can tell you one thing: Personally, I'd take McCown over McCarron. You know what you're getting with McCown; McCarron is a mystery man. McCarron showed promise in three 2015 starts (a 2-1 record, with four touchdown passes and no interceptions), but I think it's a stretch to say he's the next Jimmy Garoppolo. Heck, I'm not even sure Garoppolo deserves to be put on that kind of pedestal. After all, he has had only seven starts, the past five of which were meaningless games. At least McCarron has started a playoff game. Should've won it, too, except a couple of his numbskull teammates let him down. I talked to a scout who believes McCarron's ceiling is that of a solid game manager. (He has topped the 200-yard mark only once.) Is that worth a three-year, $45 million contract, including $18.5 million guaranteed? That's what Mike Glennon got last year as a free agent, and you can bet someone will pay McCarron at least that much. As for the Jets, it makes more financial sense to re-up with McCown, who probably will command less than $12 million on a one-year deal. Neither McCown nor McCarron is a surefire answer to the long-term quarterback problem. Obviously, McCarron has more growth potential because he'll be only 28, but his arrival wouldn't preclude the Jets from taking a quarterback with the sixth pick. Remember, the Chicago Bears drafted Mitchell Trubisky after paying Glennon. If you're going to go that route, you might as well stick with the grizzled vet. My hunch is the Jets feel that way, too.

Brian Costello, NY Post
Signing quarterback Kirk Cousins might not be as easy as expected for the Jets, or any other team. ESPN reported Sunday the Redskins are considering placing the franchise tag on Cousins, which would enable them to trade him and get something in return rather than letting him walk for nothing in free agency. It seems like an unlikely move, as it would be risky for Washington, but the ESPN report cited sources saying the Redskins are at least talking about it. Washington sent a third-round pick to the Chiefs as part of the trade for quarterback Alex Smith, so that is probably the starting point of what they would be looking for in a Cousins deal. The Jets or another team interested in acquiring Cousins would have to reach a contract agreement with him and then also be willing to give up the draft picks that the Redskins would want for Cousins. That could scare teams off, or teams could call the Redskins’ bluff, believing they would release him in the end and make him a free agent. If Cousins reaches free agency on March 14, as expected, the Jets are expected to be one of his top suitors. He is expected to get a contract that averages north of $27 million per year and possibly as high as $30 million per year.

Manish Mehta, NY Daily News
What better way for (Malcolm) Butler to exact revenge for his inexplicable Super Bowl benching than by sticking it to Bill Belichick twice a year as a member of the team that the Hoodie despises? It would be perfect.Oh, and it just so happens that Gang Green is looking to add two starting cornerbacks this offseason. The Jets would love to sign Mo Claiborne and add another piece in the secondary (via free agency or draft). Truth be told, the master plan would be to add a true No. 1 cornerback alongside Claiborne. Finances aside, Buster Skrine would be the ideal slot corner for them. Does Butler fit that No. 1 corner description? Well, he's only one of three players at his position with at least 10 pass breakups and two interceptions in each of the past three seasons, according to Pro Football Focus. Butler has 44 passes defensed and eight interceptions in his three seasons as a full-time starter. He's proven to be much more than a Super Bowl fluke. The 2015 Pro Bowler and 2016 second-team All-Pro had some lulls in his play this season, but there's a belief that he wasn't thrilled about not getting a long-term deal last offseason.The 5-11 Butler is not the longest corner out there, but he can play.Tom Brady gave Butler a matter-of-fact endorsement on social media after Belichick put the cornerback on ice in the biggest game of the season: "Love you Malcolm! You are and incredible teammate and player and friend. Always!"There are a few quality free-agent corners on the market. Will the Jets have interest in Butler? Come on. We all know the answer to that.

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Jets Will Pay Big For Cousins!

This cannot be great news for the Jets. The 49ers agreed to terms on a five-year contract with Jimmy Garoppolo worth $137.5 million. The deal is the largest in NFL history on an average-per-year basis. Matthew Stafford previously held the high-water mark at $27 million per year. Garoppolo's deal will average $27.5 million. Garoppolo's contract, after just seven pro starts raises the ante for Kirk Cousins. This is another reason the Jets should not enter any bidding war for him. They have an opportunity to build a solid foundation with all the cap money available that may never happen for a long time. That and having 3 picks in the first 49 of the draft put the Jets in a great position to build from within. If they take one or two rookie quarterbacks in the draft, those players are bound by financial parameters set forth by the NFL for rookie contracts. The total rookie contract pool for the Jets eight picks is $9,660,917. It would not be wise for the Jets to sign Kirk Cousins to an approximate $150 million dollar contract that will pay him around $28 million per year when the Jets can probably get 3-4 starters and reshape the roster. I know championships are not built on free agents alone but this year is an unusual year. Some of the free agent offensive linemen are younger than usual and the Jets should take advantage of this opportunity. If the Jets overpay for one or more offensive lineman, it is not the worst thing in the world. If Jet fans can remember going back to 1998, Bill Parcells signed free agent center Kevin Mawae after he played four seasons with the Seahawks. Many thought Parcells overpaid for Mawae and maybe he did. But look how that worked out?  Kevin Mawae had an excellent career and he should be in the Hall of Fame. There are enough offensive linemen this year available and the Jets have enough money to really make a statement. Andrew Norwell the guard for the Panthers is only 26. Ryan Jensen the center for the Ravens is only 27. Ja'Wuan James the tackle for the Miami Dolphins is only 26. Any two of these three will be an upgrade for the Jets. It doesn’t take a genius to see that in the Super Bowl, until the strip sack of Tom Brady (only sack in game) in the 4th quarter, both quarterbacks had great protection and produced a combined 1,151 yards of total offense. Yes Kirk Cousins is a nice quarterback but the Jets will be better off in the long term without him. Put the money into the offensive line.

The Jets And Malcolm Butler
Will the Malcolm Butler Super Bowl fiasco affect the Jets? Is it possible that this free agent DB will wear the green and white? Malcolm Butler, the hero of the Super Bowl XLIX was benched by BB last Sunday for a still unconfirmed reason. Already there have been rumored landing spots for this unrestricted free agent. The teams that have come up are the: Jets, Raiders, Texans, Titans and maybe Detroit. Malcolm Butler is a good defensive back who is a very good tackler. The Pats could have used him in the Super Bowl. But I’ve read stuff that makes him out to be much better than he is. He is a player who did not have a real good season but would be an improvement for the Jets if they did sign him and kept Morris Claiborne. March 12th is the date to keep an eye on for the start of free agency. Among the unrestricted free agent cornerbacks that are 28 years old and under are: E.J. Gaines, Rashaan Melvin, Trumaine Johnson,  Prince Amukamara, T.J. Carrie, Darqueze Dennard and Kyle Fuller.

Jets Should Land A Quality Running Back
There is a plethora of quality running backs in this year’s draft. Penn State’s Saquon Barkley is considered the best athlete overall by many NFL scouts. The Jets should land one of them. Here is a partial list of some of the other quality running backs that will be available in April’s draft, in no particular order:

Jaylen Samuels, N.C. State
Kerryon Johnson, Auburn
Derrius Guice, LSU
Ronald Jones II, USC
Rashaad Penny, San Diego State
Sony Michel, Georgia
Kalen Ballage, Arizona State
Nick Chubb, Georgia
Akrum Wadley, Iowa
Royce Freeman, Oregon

My favorites are Sony Michel of Georgia and Ronald Jones of USC. Michel (pronounced Michelle) would be my number one choice for the Jets outside of the first round. If he is there at the Jets first pick in the second round, they should pounce on him. Michel has an incredible burst of speed in addition to some great lateral movement and change of direction. Jet fans can only hope he will be available but scouts have said he is quickly moving toward the first round.

This Weeks Mock Draft Is Todd McShay’s 2.0 (from ESPN)

1. Cleveland Browns - Sam Darnold, QB, USC
2. New York Giants - Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA
3. Indianapolis Colts - Bradley Chubb, DE, NC State
4. Cleveland Browns (from Houston Texans) - Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State
5. Denver Broncos - Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma
6. New York Jets - Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB, Alabama
8. Chicago Bears - Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama
9. San Francisco 49ers - Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State
10. Oakland Raiders - Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech
11. Miami Dolphins - Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame
12. Cincinnati Bengals - Connor Williams, OT, Texas
13. Washington Redskins - Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia
14. Green Bay Packers - Marcus Davenport, DE, UTSA
15. Arizona Cardinals - Orlando Brown, OT, Oklahoma
16. Baltimore Ravens - Vita Vea, DT, Washington
17. Los Angeles Chargers - Derwin James, S, Florida State
18. Seattle Seahawks - Mike Hughes, CB, UCF
19. Dallas Cowboys - Mo Hurst, DT, Michigan
20. Detroit Lions - Isaiah Wynn, OG, Georgia
21. Buffalo Bills - Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama
22. Buffalo Bills (via Kansas City Chiefs) - Da'Ron Payne, DT, Alabama
23. Los Angeles Rams - Billy Price, G/C, Ohio State
24. Carolina Panthers - Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M
25. Tennessee Titans - Dallas Goedert, TE, South Dakota State
26. Atlanta Falcons - James Daniels, G/C, Iowa
27. New Orleans Saints - Harold Landry, OLB, Boston College
28. Pittsburgh Steelers - Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa
29. Jacksonville Jaguars - Hayden Hurst, TE, South Carolina
30. Minnesota Vikings - Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame
31. New England Patriots - M.J. Stewart, CB, North Carolina
32. Philadelphia Eagles - Taven Bryan, DT, Florida

What The Jet Scribes Are Saying
Rich Cimini, ESPN
(On Jarvis Landry and the wide receiver situation)
The Jets' top three players will be free agents after the 2018 season: Jermaine Kearse, Robby Anderson (restricted) and Quincy Enunwa (assuming he plays in '18 on a one-year RFA tender). For obvious reasons, Anderson won't get a long-term extension anytime soon, if ever. So you're looking at a receiving corps that lacks long-term stability. Sure, the Jets drafted ArDarius Stewart and Chad Hansen in 2017, but did anybody see signs of immense potential last season? Didn't think so. Is he worth it? Landry made 400 receptions in his first four seasons, the most for any player in NFL history. His numbers are crazy good, but he's basically a possession slot receiver: a 10.1-yard average for his career. Traditionally, teams don't pay top-of-the-market bucks for possession receivers, so I'd be surprised if Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan goes all-in on Landry, a player known to be high-maintenance. Why do you think the Miami Dolphins are having a hard time re-signing him? If we're talking receivers, I think Allen Robinson would be a better fit for the Jets. At 6-foot-3, he'd be ideal in their West Coast-style system. Yeah, I know, he's coming off ACL surgery, but it happened last September, so he should be good to go. If a team feels comfortable with the medicals, he'd be worth a long-term investment because he's only 24 and hasn't reached his ceiling in spending his first four seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars. If the Jets were to sign a top receiver, they'd probably look to unload Kearse, who is due to make $5 million. Will Maccagnan pull the trigger on an expensive wideout? Sure, they could use a No. 1, but they have other needs that are more pressing than receiver. And I don't think he wants to give up on his 2017 draft picks.

Brian Costello, NY Post
Former Jets center Nick Mangold did not play in 2017. He’s not sure about 2018.The Jets cut Mangold last February after 11 years with the team. His 2016 season ended after a foot injury that continued to bother him last year. “I don’t know yet,” Mangold said about his future. “I’m feeling better. I’m getting better. I’m not closing the door, but I’m not actively searching anything out.” Mangold, who is at the Super Bowl promoting Bernzomatic torches, said he received calls from teams last year during training camp, but did not feel healthy enough to play. “It still wasn’t right,” Mangold said. “It was one of those things where I probably could have gone out there and played, but I wouldn’t be playing to my standards. I wouldn’t want to be out there just stealing checks. That’s why I didn’t go for it. I wouldn’t have played at my level.” Mangold, 34, said it was strange watching football this past year, but he enjoyed being able to spend August at home with his family instead of at training camp. Mangold was upset the Jets cut him without even approaching him about a pay cut, but it sounds like those hurt feelings are starting to go away.“It’s difficult because my son would be a 7-year-old diehard Jets fan. He’s running around yelling ‘Jets, Jets, Jets,’ ” Mangold said. “It took some time. I’m kind of indifferent now. Hopefully as time goes on, I get back to being fully invested in what’s going on.”

Manish Mehta, NY Daily News
Let me tell you a story about freshly minted Super Bowl champion Doug Pederson. The Philly fan base was less than thrilled when the Eagles hired him two years ago. Heck, no other team wanted him. He wasn't a "hot candidate." In fact, the sports talk radio airwaves were lit up with ticked off followers who viewed Pederson as nothing more than Andy Reid Lite. Pederson was grilled for his questionable play-calling in the second half of Kansas City's playoff loss to the Patriots that season. Philly fans didn't have much belief in their new coach. Pederson went through some growing pains as a rookie coach with fans and media questioning his overly aggressive play-calling. Heck, Pederson single-handedly cost the Eagles a win in Dallas that first year with an ill-conceived pass play-call that took his team out of field goal range to ice that game. GM Howie Roseman radically re-shaped the roster over two years to help build a champion. Now, Pederson is a god in Philly.
The point is that you need talent to win. Bowles absolutely has the temperament to take the Jets to the Promised Land. Anyone who tells you otherwise has their mind made up that he will fail. Pro tip: Ignore those people. Bowles is a respected leader in that building. He has the command and smarts to take this franchise where it so desperately wants to go. Does that mean he will deliver the Lombardi Trophy? I don't know. Nobody does. But I know this: He needs more talent in his locker room … just like everyone else in his profession. Oh, and Carson Wentz wouldn't hurt.


                                         Sony Michel Georgia Running Back highlights

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Jets, Alex Smith And Kirk

All over the air waves this past week, the talk was the Alex Smith trade to Washington. The trade indicates the Redskins are parting ways with Kirk Cousins. The Jets and their soon to be large cap number will be in play for one of the most sought after free agents ever. Other active teams that have been mentioned to be in the “Cousins Hunt” will be: The Bills, Broncos, Browns, Cardinals, Dolphins and Vikings. There will be more. Trust me. And whoever gets Cousins will overpay for him. The former fourth round draft pick out of Michigan State has a life time quarterback rating of 93.7. He is not quite an elite quarterback but his last three years have been very good. It seems that Jet fans have been seeking that franchise quarterback forever. I’m not saying Kirk Cousins is not worth whatever price the Jets pay but signing him will use up a huge chunk of the Jets cap money. I would prefer the Jets draft and develop their own QB. Remember that Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles will have their jobs on the line in 2018 so the choice they make better work. Jet fans who want Kirk Cousins have to ask if he is the type of quarterback that can instantly make his teammates better. Look at what Jimmy Garoppolo did to the 49er team when he became the starting QB. Their level of play was instantly raised. I just don’t think Kirk Cousins is this type of quarterback.

For the last three years, Kirk Cousins has put up very good stats. Let’s look………

Year   Comp.%  TDs  INT     W-L               
2015    69.8         29   11        9-7                                           
2016    67.0         25   12        8-7-1               
2017    64.3         27   13        7-9               

Jets Cap Space
When the Jets cut Muhammad Wilkerson, they will have approximately 100 million dollars in cap money to spend. When you look closely at the Jet roster, there is a chance that Mike Maccagnan may convince the Johnson family to blow it all up and start almost from scratch.  With all the cap money available, the Jets can get younger and better at certain positions. They will save money if they cut guard James Carpenter as well as Buster Skrine-who put together 4 of his best games in a row in December. Ben Ijalana who didn’t start a single game on the offensive line would be a savings if the Jets cut him. I would also think that Matt Forte has played his last game as a Jet.  The QB situation reigns supreme even when figuring cap money. Is it worth it to keep Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg around when the Jets may be better served drafting a quarterback in the first and fourth rounds and pay them the established rookie contract? Can the combination of say quarterbacks Baker Mayfield with their first pick and Western Kentucky’s Mike White with their third or fourth pick playing behind Josh McCown for a year be any worse than the Petty/Hackenberg combo? I would rather save cap money and overpay for offensive lineman. 

The NFL salary cap right now is $178,000,000.
The top ten teams with the most to spend right now.
1. 49ers      $119,459,000. * Once they sign Jimmy G., the 49ers should move behind the Jets.
2. Browns  $111,646,000.
3. Colts      $ 84,294,000.
4. Jets         $ 79,554,000. * When Jets cut Wilkerson and others, they will have around $100 million.
5. Bucs       $ 64,564,000.
6. Texans    $ 57,971,000.
7. Vikings   $ 57,160,000.
8. Redskins $ 52,745,000.
9. Titans      $ 50,275,000.
10.Lions      $ 49,551,000.

Jets Should Build Offensive Lineman First
Speak to any NFL scout or coach and they will all tell you that any NFL receiver will eventually get open in a game if the quarterback has enough time. I have been preaching this for years that the Jets need to focus on the offensive line first. Running backs and wide receivers are available a lot more than lineman. The great former general manager of the NY Giants Ernie Accorsi used this theory to build up the Giants defensive line. It worked in beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl. The Jets need to do the same thing on the offensive side of the ball. The most obvious need is center. Wesley Johnson was one of the lowest if not the lowest rated center in the NFL. Here is what Pro Football Focus said after week seven:

“Johnson has graded out as the league’s worst center through the first seven weeks of the season, struggling in both the run game and the passing game, according to Pro Football Focus”.

Johnson is clearly not the answer. I actually thought that back up center Jonotthan Harrison looked good in pre-season and held his own in the small sample size we saw of him in the regular season. He is 26 and if the Jets think he has potential, this has to be an option.  Between draft picks and free agents the offensive line has to be a focus. Here is the present list of offensive lineman that will be free agents. This can change as franchise tags are given.

1. Matt Paradis (RFA), C, Broncos. Age: 28.   
Matt Paradis had a Pro Bowl-caliber 2016 campaign, but regressed this season, probably because he had a hip injury that he recovered from in the spring. Paradis should be able to rebound in 2018 and perform on a high level. Don’t know what the Jets would have to give up if they signed this restricted free agent. 
2. John Sullivan, C, Rams. Age: 33.   
John Sullivan was once a very skilled center for the Vikings. He was a backup for a while after that for some reason, but the Rams gave him a chance to start, and it paid off. Sullivan had a strong 2017 campaign, but he's 33 and bound to regress at some point in the next 2-3 years. If there is any hope for Harrison in the future, then the Jets should sign Sullivan for 2-3 years. 
3. Weston Richburg, C, Giants. Age: 27.   
Weston Richburg is a talented center, but it's scary that he missed most of 2017 with a concussion. He played in just four games with the head injury, which doesn't bode well for his future. 
The Jets should stay away from him. After the retirement of Eric Wood from the Bills, the concussion issue scares me.

1. Andrew Norwell, G, Panthers. Age: 26.   
Andrew Norwell is one of the top guards in the NFL. He is the cream of the crop and has improved every single season in the league. Right now and he is dominant in every regard. Norwell should continue to get better, as he won't even turn 27 until October. This is a player the Jets should over pay for.  Rumor is the Giants will make a big push for him.
2. Justin Pugh, G/OT, Giants. Age: 28.
Justin Pugh is one of the best guards in the NFL, but had to play out of his position at right tackle this year. He's a mediocre right tackle, but he needs to start in the interior to be most effective. Could be a good fit but only as a guard for the Jets. 
3. Jack Mewhort, G, Colts. Age: 27.
Jack Mewhort would be considered one of the top, young guards in the NFL if he could stay healthy. Unfortunately, he's been way too injury-prone. He played in only five games this past season, and he was out for six contests the year before. He's played just one full season in his career thus far. If the Jets could sign him to a one year contract with incentives, it may work.

1. Ja'Wuan James, OT, Dolphins. Age: 26.
Miami had a bad offensive line this past season, but don't blame Ja'Wuan James. He was one of the better right tackles in the NFL prior to landing on injured reserve with a groin injury. He was excellent in pass protection, and he's only going to be 26 in June. Good upside for this young player who may need a change of scenery. 
2. Nate Solder, OT, Patriots. Age: 30.
Nate Solder isn't coming off his best year, as he dealt with early leg injuries and never recovered. However, he gutted it out and didn't miss a game. Solder has struggled with health in recent years, and he'll turn 30 in April, so he isn't going to be rated nearly as highly as he once was. Jets should stay away. Great player when he is on but injuries and the medical condition of his son raise a few flags.
3. Cameron Fleming, OT, Patriots. Age: 25
The Patriots lost Marcus Cannon for the season, yet didn't skip a beat because Cameron Fleming did a good job as a replacement. Just 26 in September, Fleming has a bright future ahead of him.
I will be shocked is BB doesn’t lock this guy up for the long term. I never understood why when this Stanford 4th round pick was cut by the Pats in 2015, the Jets or any other team didn’t pick him up.

Jets Affected By Surprise Retirement of Bills Center Eric Wood
Eric Wood, the The Buffalo Bills fine starting center has abruptly retired at age 31 due to a neck injury. Wood has played his entire NFL career with the Bills. He started all 120 games he has played after being a first-round pick in the 2009 NFL draft. Wood initially played right guard in Buffalo but has been the team's center since the 2011 season, making the Pro Bowl in 2015. He saw his 2009 and 2016 seasons end early due to broken legs but has been a reliable player for the Bills, who signed him to a two-year extension through 2019 last August. What does this mean for the New York Jets? Buffalo has two first round picks (#21 and #22) and two second round picks. I predicted that the Bills would be one of the quarterback needy teams that had the ammunition to move up into the top five of the draft. With the Eric Wood injury, this may change things a bit but they still may try and take a leap into the top five packaging a future #1 pick to do so. Look for the Bills to pick Ohio State center Billy Price with one of their current first round picks. I was hoping Price would slip to the second round and the Jets would be able to snag him. He is a real good offensive lineman who like Eric Wood plays both center and guard.

This week’s mock draft comes from Connor Riley from an SEC web site called SEC Country ( 

1. Cleveland Browns: Sam Darnold, USC QB
2. New York Giants: Josh Rosen, UCLA QB:
3. Indianapolis Colts: Bradley Chubb DE
4. Cleveland Browns (via Houston)Minkah Fitzpatrick, Alabama DB
5. Denver Broncos: Josh Allen, Wyoming QB
6. New York Jets: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma QB
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Saquon Barkley
8. Chicago Bears: Christian Kirk, Texas A&M WR
9. San Francisco 49ers: Quenton Nelson, Notre Dame OG
10.Oakland Raiders: Roquan Smith, Georgia LB
11.Miami Dolphins: Arden Key, LSU DE/OLB
12.Cincinnati Bengals: Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame T
13.Washington Redskins: Derwin James, FSU DB
14.Green Bay Packers: Josh Jackson, Iowa CB
15.Arizona Cardinals: Connor Williams, Texas T
16.Baltimore Ravens: Calvin Ridley, Alabama WR
17.Los Angeles Chargers: Da’Ron Payne, Alabama DT
18.Seattle Seahawks: Derrius Guice, LSU RB
19.Dallas Cowboys: Maurice Hurst, Michigan DT
20.Detroit Lions: Tremaine Edmunds, Virginia Tech LB
21.Buffalo Bills: James Washington, Oklahoma State WR
22.Buffalo Bills (via Kansas City), Vita Vea, Washington DT:
23.Carolina Panthers: Marcus Davenport, DE UTSA
24.Los Angeles Rams: Orlando Brown, Oklahoma T
25.Tennessee Titans: Denzel Ward, Ohio State CB
26.Atlanta Falcons: Isaiah Wynn, Georgia OG
27.New Orleans Saints: Harold Landry, DE/OLB
28.Pittsburgh Steelers: Rashaan Evans, Alabama LB
29.Jacksonville Jaguars: Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State QB
30.Minnesota Vikings: Billy Price, Ohio State G/C
31.New England Patriots: Sam Hubbard, Ohio State DE/OLB
32.Philadelphia Eagles: Braden Smith, Auburn OG

What The Jet Scribes Are Saying
Rich Cimini, ESPN
Prospective free agent Kirk Cousins, appearing on ESPN's "NFL Live," gave his assessment of the Jets as a potential landing spot. "With the Jets, the first thing that stands out is Jeremy Bates has a connection to coach [Mike] Shanahan," he said. "Both Mike, Kyle [Shanahan], that whole system I played in. Sean McVay comes from that tree. I just think so highly of them as play callers, as offensive gurus if you will. Because Jeremy comes from that tree, it would be exciting to think about working with someone like that, knowing how important Xs and Os and game planning is and having the right play caller."

Brian Costello, NY Post
Any concerns about Kirk Cousins’ decision-making were eased on Wednesday afternoon when he walked past many of the other options in the Mall of America food court to stand on line at Shake Shack.Great choice, Kirk.In about six weeks, Cousins will face a much tougher decision. The quarterback is going to be the top free agent on the market after the Redskins made it clear they are not bringing him back by agreeing to a trade with the Chiefs to acquire Alex Smith. The Jets must decide between now and then if they are going to be one of the teams wooing him with bundles of cash and promises of playoff runs. For general manager Mike Maccagnan, make-or-break time has arrived, and the 2018 quarterback decision, which Cousins now moves to front and center in, could decide his fate with the organization. Maccagnan and coach Todd Bowles are entering their fourth season with the team. The honeymoon ended long ago.Maccagnan has not solved the franchise’s decades-long quarterback problem yet. He has drafted two quarterbacks that both look like they are not the answer. Christian Hackenberg, his second-round pick in 2016, has not taken a snap in his two seasons. Maccagnan has used veteran Band-Aids at the position with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh McCown. But it’s time to rip off the Band-Aid and find a long-term answer under center.
Is that Cousins? That is what Maccagnan must figure out. Cousins is a human Rorschach test — everyone sees something different. Some see a franchise quarterback who has played well on a bad team in Washington. Others see a solid quarterback who can win games with a good supporting cast around him, but one who will never be elite. Whatever the opinion is on Cousins, the price tag is going to be exorbitant. Cousins is expected to get the richest contract in NFL history. His contract could be five years, $150 million with around $90 million guaranteed.

Manesh Mehta, NY Daily News
Mike Shanahan believes that it might be time to visit your local optometrist if you don’t think that Kirk Cousins is the real deal.Less than two weeks after former Washington general manager Scot McCloughan said that he didn’t think the veteran quarterback was “special,” the coach who discovered Cousins made it crystal clear that the best is yet to come from the signal caller.
“There’s no question in my mind that he’s a special player,” Shanahan told the Daily News on Monday. “If you don’t think he’s a special player, that means you don’t watch him practice very often. You take a look at some of the games he’s played in. He hasn’t played with a good defense that’s been in the upper half of the league, I don’t think, since he’s been there. You can’t always do it by yourself. You got to have an offense and a defense for a quarterback to be really successful… especially when you get in the playoffs. But I guarantee you he’s a special guy.”
Shanahan, frankly, is right. Washington has had a subpar defense in Cousins’ three seasons as the full-time starter. The raw numbers: Washington has finished 28th, 28th and 21st in total defense and 17th, 19th and 27th in points allowed…..Cousins, who's 24-24-1 as the full-time starter, will hit the open market unless Washington slaps the franchise tag on him for a third consecutive season. A third franchise tag, however, would cost $34 million, prompting some quarterback-needy teams like the Jets to wonder about landing the plug-and-play quarterback.
Shanahan’s imprint seemingly will be all over the 2018 Jets with former pupil Jeremy Bates in line to take over the offense. It makes perfect sense for the Jets to go all-in for Cousins in free agency…..Shanahan doesn’t have a shadow of a doubt that Cousins, who will turn 30 this summer, will be a difference maker for years to come.
“So many times people talk about these quarterbacks, (but) until they get a good defense, the chances of winning a lot of playoff games aren’t very good,” Shanahan said. “You have to have personnel. It doesn’t have to be great personnel, but it has to be good personnel… You got to put these guys in position at least to have a chance. That’s why it’s so important to have the whole team together with your GM, your owner, your head coach, your coordinators.” The Jets need to all get on board with this truth: Kirk Cousins is the best solution to your biggest problem.

                Mike White interview, Quarterback Western KY.

                                    Mike White Highlights

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