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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Jets Free Fall Continues! Darnold Regresses!

When the Jets are on offense, the field seems 120 yards long, with a 10-percent incline. Is it playcalling? Talent? Rookie QB? All of the above.
           -Rich Cimini, ESPN, Tweet during game

Things may change by next Sunday but I will be wearing my Buffalo Bills jersey at game time. If the Bills pull out a win, hopefully Bowles will be gone. I’ve had it with this regime. I want to clean house. Say anything you want about playing hard, staying together etc. but the Jets stink! The personnel stinks! The coaching stinks! The play calling stinks! There is really nothing good about this Jet team. Or maybe a couple of things are good. Jamal Adams is a player and gives effort. Avery Williamson has pride. But the rest, especially on the offensive side of the ball is as bad as it comes. Maybe except for Quincy Enunwa who gives effort. And kicker Jason Meyers despite missing a field goal today has been consistent. But the rest are not worth a dime. Give me the University of Alabama offense and Nick Sabin coaching and I’ll take my chances. Since this regime has taken over I have yet to see any evidence of building a foundation for a team to compete. If you tell me they have a franchise quarterback I’ll over look his play today but then you have to convince me why has Sam Darnold all of a sudden does not see the field? Why are his throws just floating? I’m telling you what I would do if I was in charge. I would shut down Sam Darnold for the season and bring up Davis Webb to see what he can do. Maybe if somehow he gets some lightening in the bottle and Webb plays well then maybe you can squeeze out a draft pick for him though I’m not sure how his contract is structured. Sam Darnold is 21-years old and has a hit a rookie wall. I said last week if the Jets don’t change this regime, there is a chance they will ruin this player and that would be a shame. 

If I was not a Jet fan, I would have been out of my house by half time. At the beginning of the season we knew that starting Sam Darnold (21-39 229 yds. 4 INT) a 21-year old rookie was taking a chance. He has shown that he can be a franchise quarterback but he is showing some regression. A lot has to do with the way the offense is moving the ball. The Jets were 2-12 on 3rd down plays. The running game has disappeared. The play calling is becoming more and more predictable running on 1st down almost every series in the 1st half. To be fair the Jets offense field position was awful in the first half. The 3 and outs will end up gassing the defense.  Isaiah Crowell (13 carries, 49 yards) and Elijah McGuire (6 carries, 23 yards) never had a chance. The offensive line was consistently losing the point of attack. Brandon Shell reminded me of the old Jet tackle from the 1960’s, Sam Walton (I knew I’ve used this analogy before but if you are too young, you wouldn’t believe how bad an offensive lineman could be) getting beat the whole game and even getting a 15-yard penalty on one of Darnold’s interception. When Shell is playing good he looks great but there have been too many games like today when the pressure keeps getting in from his side. I run hot and cold on Jermaine Kearse but he should not be on the team next year. Besides a dropped pass, for him to run a pattern and end up out of bounds and then catch the football is inexcusable. On one of the most important drives of the year the Jets got 30 yards on 2 face mask penalties and proceeded to go backward via a sack and delay of game penalty. The Jets receivers coach is Karl Dorrell. I don’t see the Jet receivers finishing their patterns the way they should. This combined with the fact that there is very little separation from the defense needs to be addressed.

I’d love to ask two questions to Todd Bowles and Jeremy Bates. It was obvious center Spencer Long was having all sorts of issues with the snap, why not move Darnold over the center? Also if Sam Darnold plays effective in the last 2 minutes of the half, why not put the hurry up into the playbook? I don’t see the coaching staff doing what they are suppose to do. It is one thing not to throw your own players under the bus but you have to hold these overpaid bums accountable for their play. I see and hear the same old story that the fans take these losses harder than the players and this is true. Uh oh, the Jets just had another pre-snap penalty.

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There were some big plays the Jets gave up and they made Brock Osweiler (15-24, 139 yards) look better than he is. The Jets offense did not help out the defense at all today and even with the big plays given up, I’m going to give them a pass because many on the defensive side of the ball played with heart and pride. These players need to be recognized: Jordan Jenkins, Jamal Adams, Avery Williamson and Brandon Copeland. When a defense gives up only 6 points in an NFL game, the offense has got to do it’s job. Jamal Adams was phenomenal today as was Jordan Jenkins. Avery Williamson was in on 12 tackles (7 solo, 5 assists) and Brandon Copeland continues to do things that don’t turn up in the box score.  

Green Tidbits
…..Of course the Jet players love Todd Bowles. Because he is too nice to them and holds no one accountable….I know he was sick but since defensive coordinator Kacy Rodgers has been back, the turnovers have disappeared….Jeremy Bates star has dimmed by a lot in my eyes…..Announcer made a big faux pas announcing on a Dolphin punt that Lachlan Edwards was the punter…..uh oh! Sam Darnold was just sacked……How long would Spencer Long have lasted in the game if BB was the head coach?…..Jet need to clean house and are fortunate they have some assets to attract quality people. They have a franchise quarterback (I hope) and tons of money under the cap to spend…..I apologize for ever being negative to Jamal Adams. He is passionate and plays with heart and the Jets could use 22 like him…..Including losing that last game against Buffalo in Bowles 1st season, his record as head coach of the Jets is 13-28 with a 32% winning percentage. What in the name of Band Aids is Chris and Woody Johnson waiting for?…..Me? I’d put out feelers to Jim Harbaugh at Michigan or offensive coordinator for the Vikings John DeFilippo…..I refuse to buy anymore Johnson & Johnson products until a regime change is made. I suggest you do the same.....How many timeouts are the Jets going to burn unnecessarily?....

What The Jet Scribes Are Saying
Rich Cimini, ESPN
Jets coach Todd Bowles said the decision to replace center Spencer Long late in the game was due to an injury, not because of his many errant shotguns snaps. Inexplicably, Bowles said he didn’t consider a more before the injury (he aggravated his right middle finger/hand). “We were fine. We didn’t play well on offense, period, “Bowles Said. “It wasn’t the snapping thing. We didn’t execute anything.” He should have made the move earlier. Period.

Brian Costello, NY Post
Any notions of the Jets still having a glimmer of hope at making a playoff run melted in the South Florida heat Sunday.The Dolphins beat the Jets 13-6 in a game that set back offensive football about 80 years. No one told the Jets and Dolphins the NFL has become dominated by offense. This was a game dominated by punters as both offenses sputtered and slipped up all day long. The only touchdown in the game came on an interception return for a score by Miami linebacker Jerome Baker with 10:56 left to go in the fourth quarter. It was the second of four interceptions for rookie quarterback Sam Darnold, who played his worst game of the season. Nothing worked for the Jets on offense. They could not run the ball. They could not pass the ball. They could not even snap the ball.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Jets Play Like They Didn't Want To Be In Chicago

I want my team to play competitive football every week.
I want my team prepared and disciplined so they don’t make stupid pre-snap penalties.
I want my team to do something daring like fake a punt.
I want my team to play like they want to win every game no matter what the circumstances.
I want my team to have an offensive line that doesn’t lose the point of attack every 3 out of 4 plays with the defense hitting our running back behind the line of scrimmage.
I want my highly touted 1st round draft picks like Lee, Adams & Williams to make a game changing play just once!
I want my offensive coordinator to be unpredictable instead of running the ball on every first down in the 1st half.
I want my coach to have his players show there is a sense of urgency when down by two touchdowns and go to the hurry up offense earlier rather than later.
I want my coach to know how to use the clock, his timeouts and when to challenge a play.
I want my coach to hold players accountable and take them off the field if the same mistakes persist. Like Neal Sterling having 2 pre-snap penalties early in the 1st quarter.
I want my coach to show more anger not just on the sidelines but in his press conference instead of telling us how he is proud that the team continues to fight.

Despite the Jets playing with a lot of injuries and having a rookie quarterback they came out as flat as pancakes today and showed a lack of enthusiasm. All we are going to hear all week is how banged up the Jets are. Big news! Other teams and organizations don’t care! Todd Bowles is a defensive coordinator wearing head coach’s clothes. His locker room press conference was embarrassing. To quote him:

"I'm very proud of the way they fought and stayed together," he said, relaying his postgame message to the players. "This was one of the first games the entire year we stayed together as a team and fought, collectively."

Apparently Todd Bowles thinks there are moral victories in the NFL and believes highly in participation trophies. I got news for Woody & Chris Johnson. As long as Todd Bowles is the Jets head coach, there is a chance that the franchise quarterback we have waited decades for may get injured.

Again it was the opposing quarterback that the Jets made look better than he is. Whether it is Ryan Tannehill, Blake Bortles or Mitchell Trubisky, the 2018 New York Jets make them look like Johnny Unitas. But today it was more Mitchell Trubisky’s feet than his arm that did the job. He rushed 6 times for 51 yards at 8.5 yards per run that did the Jets in for most of the day especially on 3rd down plays. The Jets linebackers showed zero containment and let Trubisky easily turn the corner more times than Isaiah Crowell and Trenton Cannon did combined. Give Bears first year offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich credit. He was Bobby Fischer and the Jets were Boris Spassky. The Bears counter moves were excellent! Besides Trubisky running for first downs, the Jets called a blitz and the Bears run a screen to Tarik Cohen for 70 yards and a touchdown. And that was Cohen’s only reception of the game. Fans kept waiting for the Jets to get going but it was the pre-snap penalties, the first down runs for losses and the play calling by the Bears that did the Jets in.

The Jet offense seemed to be in neutral for most of the afternoon. A combination of Sam Darnold being under pressure and the Jets receivers not getting open hurt the team today. The running game was awful with Isaiah Crowell leading the Jets with 25 yards on 13 carries for an average of 1.9 yards. With Khalil Mack sitting out the game for the Bears the Jets should have moved the ball better. In the third quarter the Jets caught a break when Bear Eddie Jackson made a Jet like mistake getting an unnecessary roughness 15 yard penalty after the Jets were stopped cold. Darnold led them on their only touchdown drive on a 16 yard pass to tight end Chris Herndon, his only reception of the day. The real highlight of the drive was a 29 yard reception to Deontay Burnett who made a great play. I can’t understand why the Jets did not target Herndon more in the first half. I think he was their best receiver on the field and he was only targeted two times the whole day. Horrible play calling by Jeremy Bates. Green Rewind contributor Ray Clifford pointed out how Bate’s play calling only looks good when the Jets running game is working. He has not shown he is capable of making the necessary adjustments.

Tough to criticize this crew who was on the field too long. For the second week in a row the defense did not get a turnover. Marcus Maye playing hurt led the Jets with 7 tackles. Brandon Copeland was active and had another sack which makes 3 so far this year. After Darron Lee started the season playing well he is reverting back to his old self being out of position. He got pinched on two of the runs by Trubisky. DB Darryl Roberts makes mistakes but he has played well overall. He is having a surprisingly very good season and gives effort. Defensive lineman Mike Pennel made a couple of nice stuffs. Jamal Adams had 6 tackles but it was his missed tackles that were more noticeable. Week after week the defense is on the field way too long and plays well but keeps giving up the big 3rd down play. They looked gassed in the 4th quarter and Buster Skrine looked bad on the touchdown pass to Anthony Miller. The biggest “faux pas” by the defense was letting the Bears go 79 yards down the field after the Jets scored their only touchdown. This is when the defense is suppose to step up but they did not.
Green Tidbits
….. Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles’teams have started 3-5 each of the past three years…..The Jets game plan seems to be win the game 13-10 or just come out without anymore injuries. How conservative can you be on offense….. Neal Sterling was forced to leave with an injury and it looks like his 2nd concussion of the year…..WR Deontay Burnett had 4 receptions for 61 yards being targeted 4 times. Play him!…..Kearse,  had two drops which is inexcusable. Hey Jets, help this rookie QB out! Too many dropped balls the last 2 weeks…..Hey Todd there are no such things as a competitive loss. You either win or lose a game…..Leonard Williams and Jamal Adams were both the 6th picks in the draft and many considered both the best player on the board. Truth be told they do not play at an All-Pro level…..Trenton Cannon plays at the level he played in college. Division two…..Rookie LB Frankie Luvu was credited with a sack. If it was up to me I sack Darron Lee and start Luvu…..Jason Myers continues his great kicking….. Marquise Brown wide receiver, Oklahoma is the guy I want Sam to Throw to…. 

What The Jet Scribes Are Saying
Rich Cimini, ESPN
When a rookie free agent named Deontay Burnett (four catches for 61 yards) is your leading receiver, you have a world of problems. The receiving corps, sans Robby Anderson and Quincy Enunwa, gained no separation against a Chicago defense that was missing star pass-rusher Khalil Mack. Quarterback Sam Darnold, who mastered the art of the throwaway, miraculously played turnover-free football.
"We had a lot of new people in there," Bowles said. "They fought hard, and they played hard. I'm not going to use injuries as an excuse. We just have to make more plays."
Bowles is in a tough spot. With a formidable schedule and a roster picked apart by injuries, the Jets could be headed for another double-digit-loss season. Bowles doesn't have a playoff mandate, per Johnson, but that doesn't mean he gets a free pass. His charge is to show progress, to prove to ownership that he is building something special with Darnold, but it could be difficult to manufacture the necessary evidence.Will ownership be sympathetic to Bowles because of the injuries and the rookie-quarterback factor? Don't bet on it. Another 5-11 season, no matter how it happens, would be difficult to sell to the fan base. That would mean three straight five-win seasons, and there's no way to spin 15-33 into a happy story.

Manish Mehta,NY Daily News
It takes much more than fighting to be winners, let alone champions. With Quincy Enunwa, Robby Anderson and Bilal Powell out, the talent void was obvious. We’re not talking about Rice, Taylor and Craig here, but anyone with a modicum of football knowledge knows that there was a tangible talent drop-off on Sunday. So, put that aside for a second. Now, brace yourself for the truth: Talent had nothing to do with the five false start penalties from five different players that basically screwed Gang Green. You could hear it in Darnold’s voice. He might be the most respectful 21-year-old I’ve ever come across, but he was clearly pissed off by the pre-snap nonsense…..The fallout: Darnold was either running for his life or trying to find blanketed receivers when they were behind the sticks. The ground game disappeared with Isaiah Crowell and rookie Trenton Cannon combining for a grand total of 30 yards on 17 carries. The Jets didn’t plan on the Bears playing base defense against their nickel runs, Beachum said.
The penalties on first and second downs made life harder on the money down. Jeremy Bates’ group converted just 3 of 14 third downs one week after going 2 for 13. The Jets managed just 98 total yards – and 2.6 yards per play – through three quarters before winding up with 217 total yards (3.8 yards per play).Bowles’ team trailed 7-3 at halftime thanks to one blown assignment from a blitzing Avery Williamson, who let speedy running back Tarik Cohen leak out for the easiest 70-yard screen pass for a touchdown that you’ll ever see.

“That was on me,” Williamson said. “I had to hug (Cohen) up. I just swam (and ran past him) and I realized when it was too late.”

The Jets offense couldn’t generate much of anything outside of two drives despite not having to face all-world outside linebacker Khalil Mack, who was out with an ankle injury. They went three-and-out on four of six drives in the first half and 6 of 11 for the game. Darnold’s 16-yard touchdown pass to Chris Herndon early in the fourth quarter cut the deficit to 17-10 before Bowles’ defense cracked.Mitchell Trubisky engineered a 79-yard scoring drive capped by Jordan Howard’s 2-yard touchdown run to put the Jets in a 14-point hole again and effectively end any chances of avoiding a second consecutive loss.

“That hurt,” Williams said. “The offense finally started helping us out… but (we) couldn’t do that…. That’s back breaking…. Those are the moments when we need to close. It’s those big defining moments like that when we have to step up.” But they didn’t.It’s unclear if they ever will.The belief is there. The desire to be great is too.But it’s about more than that at this point.

Brian Costello,NY Post
Offense:Grade: D
The Jets barely had a pulse on offense for most of the day. They went three-and-out on six of their first eight possessions and only crossed the 50-yard line twice in the game. Injuries left rookie QB Sam Darnold (14-of-29, 153 yards, 1 TD, 75.8 rating) without many options to throw to. The rushing game was nonexistent, averaging 2.4 yards per carry. Isaiah Crowell (13 rushes, 25 yards) got stopped at the line of scrimmage repeatedly.

Defense:Grade: C-
The defense had long stretches of good play. It was just a 7-3 game at halftime. But when the Jets most needed a stop, after the offense made it a seven-point game in the fourth quarter, the defense caved and gave up a 79-yard touchdown drive. Bears RB Tarik Cohen turned a screen pass into a 70-yard score in the first half on a blown assignment by Jets LB Avery Williamson. Bears QB Mitch Trubisky (16-of-29, 220 yards, 2 TDs, 102.7 rating) killed the Jets with some timely runs (6 rushes, 51 yards).

Special teams:Grade: C+
The Jets did a good job of not letting Tarik Cohen (4 punt returns, 36 yards) kill them. Kicker Jason Myers had a 42-yard field goal on a tough day to kick at Soldier Field because of the rain. Punter Lachlan Edwards averaged 42.1 yards per punt. The return game was a non-factor.

Coaching:Grade F
The Jets continue to take dumb penalties. That is on the coach. Seven pre-snap penalties, including five false starts by the offense, is unacceptable. Jets coach Todd Bowles seems at a loss on how to stop the penalties. He also made some questionable decisions, like punting late in the fourth quarter down two scores and declining a penalty in the third quarter. Jeremy Bates was handcuffed by his personnel, but he could have shown more imagination early.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Jets Lose 37-17

"Shallow men believe in luck or in circumstance. Strong men believe in cause and effect." 
                                          ―Ralph Waldo Emerson

Many fans will blame the questionable officiating in the Jets loss today. If you look closer it was a combination of yes, the officiating, Sam Darnold’s poor play, dropped passes, stupid football (Darron Lee not knowing what a lateral is) and the Minnesota Vikings ability to capitalize on big plays-Cousins 4th & 8 TD pass to Aldrick Robinson. On the Jet side Sam Darnold missed Robby Anderson overthrowing him when he had 1-2 steps on the defensive back. Great quarterbacks make that throw. Was there a bright side today? If you want to find a silver lining maybe it was DB Darryl Roberts who despite being in the middle of two Vikings touchdowns played well. Morris Claiborne also continued his stellar play this season but he was also torched on that 4th down TD pass to Robinson. I cannot fathom why a player as athletic as Claiborne was not able to knock that ball down cleanly. Chris Herndon (4 rec. 42 yds. 1 TD) caught his second touchdown in as many weeks and just missed a third one. After a two week honeymoon, it is time Todd Bowles takes his knocks. Why in the name of instant replay did Todd Bowles not challenge that possible safety and that pass to Robby Anderson that was knocked away after I thought he had possession and came down with two feet before landing on the ground. Todd Bowles prepares the team well and he looks like a good coach when everything is going the Jets way (i.e. Lions & Broncos game). But when there are make or break plays on the field he cannot make the correct decision. I pray I am wrong about Bowles and hope he leads the Jets to 5 Superbowls but I have no confidence in him in a close game the last two minutes.

Sam Darnold (17-42, 206 yds. 1 TD,3 INT) never got into a rhythm today.  It was his worst game as a pro. He completed 4 straight passes in the first quarter touchdown drive. In the second and third quarters, Darnold was 2-of-13 for minus-1 yard. It did not help that many passes were dropped but he was off his game today. For Sam Darnold to be effective as a rookie, the Jets have to have an effective running game. Here’s a stat: The Jets are 0-4 when Sam attempts more than 30 passes in a game. Sam Darnold will be a very good if not great quarterback in this league. But it will not happen over night.

It is quite obvious that the offensive line has got to be a priority in the off season. Darnold is throwing under duress too many times and hurrying his passes.  Center Spencer Long’s blocking is getting worse and worse as the season goes on and it is affecting his hiking the football, especially when the Jets are in the shot gun. No doubt if Sheldon Richardson was breathing down my neck 10” away I’d snap the ball wrong but this is becoming a huge issue that is happening way too much this season. The Jets have got to either draft the best center available in next year’s draft with their first pick or sign the best free agent center available. I’d rather have Spencer Long play guard so the burden of the shotgun snaps are on someone else. Long is a decent blocker but he is not showing it.

Robby Anderson (3 receptions, 42 yds.) is getting frustrated and I don’t blame him. He was flagged for a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty and he has a history in his short career of being a hot head. Like last year when he threw his helmet. When he went through his off-season arrest ordeal I labeled him as a no good thug. But guess what? I’m on his side. Think about it. In today’s game Sam Darnold missed him long for a sure TD overthrowing him. He gets pummeled going down the left sideline and no pass interference is called and when they showed the replay it was obvious the pass was a catchable ball and there should have been a penalty. And lastly on that pass down the middle that he had then lost it when he and the defender hit the ground Todd Bowles refused to challenge it. I saw that as a catch. Who wouldn’t get frustrated? And this on top of last year’s debacle with McCown missing him long nine times. It is going to get tougher for Anderson as the wide receivers are going down like ducks but he has got to stay the course. He is still the Jets best long ball threat.

Terrelle Pryor got cut by the Jets yesterday. What in the world is Mike Mac thinking? We are told it was an injury settlement and he might resign with the Jets 2-3 weeks down the road. I don’t know what the real story is and we may never find out but Pryor was a weapon. He will be missed.

Why in the world of Burgess Owens was Perry Nickerson covering Adam Thielen on some plays one on one. Nickerson is quick but he is not ready for this task in his young career. As mentioned previously DBs Darryl Roberts and Morris Claiborne played well but were both involved in giving up 3 TDs. Jamal Adams was very active but this player has got to make sure he doesn’t play out of control. He was very close to a couple of penalties. Running back Latavius Murray only had 69 yards rushing for the Vikings but he scored two TDs and looked like an All-Pro on a few of his rushes. Brandon Copeland had an active game and Henry Anderson made a couple of nice plays.

Then there was the throw into the ground by Cousins that looked to be behind the receiver and is a fumble. My son sent me a text and could not believe Darron Lee stood and watched the ball. His remark is that this happens once a week in the NFL and teams don’t even practice it. I bet there is one team that does practice it. Nevertheless, bad coaching.

Green Tidbits
…..Pro Football Focus ranked the top 3 offensive lines to date as: Rams, Eagles, Packers. Jets were 21st…..After he dropped a sure 1st down pass, I've seen enough of TE Eric Tomlinson. Let’s go with Herndon & Sterling with Leggett on deck….If I’m the Jets I give Dez Bryant a call……At one point in game Jets were 0-7 on 3rd downs…..Michael Strahan was an embarrassment at half time saying Sam Darnold was playing great. He obviously was not the watching game…..Why do I even torture myself watching Pats highlights…..Elgton Jenkins Mississippi State, Tyler Biadasz Wisconsin,  Michael Jordan Ohio State are the three top ranked centers in college via Walter Football…..Ryan Kalil, Brett Jones, Nick Easton are top ranked NFL unrestricted free agent centers available in 2019. I like KC Chief center Mitch Morse who is only 27 and has upside….Welcome new Green Rewind reader Steve from Haverstraw NY and close friend of Rob August.....  

What The Jet Scribes Are Saying
Rich Cimini, ESPN
Some day, Sam Darnold might be a better quarterback than Kirk Cousins. Some day, the New York Jets may look back at their ill-fated pursuit of Cousins and call it the best rejection they've ever received. Some day. But not Sunday, which served as a reminder the two quarterbacks and their respective teams are in totally different places. Struggling with the blustery conditions at MetLife Stadium, Darnold was outplayed by the Minnesota Vikings' $84 million quarterback in a 37-17 loss that snapped the Jets' two-game winning streak. It was Darnold's worst game as a pro, as he completed only 17 of 42 passes for 206 yards, with three interceptions and a touchdown for a 34.4 passer rating.....Darnold, coming off his best game, learned a hard lesson in NFL quarterbacking. He had no answers for the Vikings (4-2-1), a formidable defensive team with the ability to pressure and lock down wide receivers with man-to-man coverage. It can be a deadly combination for an inexperienced quarterback. He completed only two passes to his wide receivers through three quarters, rather stunning in today's NFL. Jermaine Kearse, who had nine receptions last week, was held without a catch. Now the front office must consider this question: Should it acquire a wide receiver before next Tuesday’s trading deadline? Without Quincy Enunwa (ankle) for a few weeks, and with the just-released Terrelle Pryor (groin) on an injury sabbatical, so to speak, the Jets are down to Kearse, Robby Anderson and a bunch of inexperienced tight ends. Amari Cooper and Demaryius Thomas are big-name receivers reportedly on the trading block. The Jets aren’t a win-now team, so it wouldn’t make sense to trade future assets for a playoff run that may not happen. But at the same time, they must consider Darnold’s development. Will they impede his growth by standing pat? “We’ll see if everyone is healthy,” said Bowles, responding to a question about a potential reinforcement at receiver. “I think we have enough capable bodies right now.”

Brian Costello, NY Post
The Jets believe they are going places this season. On Sunday, they saw just how far they still have to go. The Vikings came to MetLife Stadium and handed the Jets a 37-17 loss, ending their two-game winning streak and sending them to 3-4. The Jets showed that while they can beat up on teams like the Colts and Broncos at home, they are not ready to play with the league’s best. Rookie quarterback Sam Darnold had his worst day as pro, throwing three interceptions and completing only 40 percent of his passes. The Jets had four turnovers in all on offense and forced none on defense. They made mistakes on special teams, and the defense held strong for most of the game but folded in the fourth quarter.

“It’s nothing to hit the panic button about,” linebacker Darron Lee said. “They’re a good football team that capitalized on some stuff. We were right there the whole time.”

The Vikings (4-2-1) only led 10-7 at halftime. Kirk Cousins, the $84 million man, did not tear up the Jets defense, but he did enough to break the game open in the second half. Cousins went 25-for-40 for 241 yards with two touchdown passes. Star receiver Adam Thielen had nine catches for 110 yards and a touchdown, his seventh straight game with 100 yards receiving. The game was lost by a disappearing act from the offense in the middle of the game. After putting together an 86-yard drive in the first quarter that ended with Darnold finding fellow rookie Chris Herndon for a 12-yard touchdown, the offense vanished.....After the game, the talk in the Jets locker room was about avoiding a repeat of last year when they let a 3-3 start turn into a 5-11 season. Safety Jamal Adams spoke to the team about avoiding the same fate.
“We were in this situation,” Adams said. “Went down to Miami we were 3-3. Obviously, we ended up losing that game and then came back and lost the next game. You just got to stay positive, understand that we played a good football team and they made more plays than we did. We’ve just got to do the little things right at all times and always preach that.”The Jets head to Chicago to face a tough Bears team next week, trying to get their season back on track.“We’ve got to win,” Anderson said. “We’ve got to finish. How things go from here shows the growth of the team from last year to this year.”