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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Jets Are A Mess!

Some people take a mental health day. Me, after the Patriots game I took a mental health week. Now I don’t know what to do! Five minutes from where I live the new Tappan Zee Bridge outside of NYC has preventive measures stopping people from jumping over the edge. So that’s out of the question. Instead of the Unites States searching for ISIS terrorists, they should cram their airwaves with 2019 New York Jet football games. That will force them to come out of hiding and surrender. Losing 29-15 to the Jacksonville Jaguars was an embarrassment today. In following a regular pattern the Jets made the opposing quarterback Gardner Minshew (22/34 279 yds. 3 TDs, 28 yds. rushing) look like a combination of Johnny Unitas, Dan Marino and Fran Tarkenton. Our franchise quarterback Sam Darnold (21/30 218 2 TDs 3 INTs) threw 3 more interceptions and was sacked 8 more times. He has now been sacked 34 times. The most in the NFL. This game was awful on both sides of the football. The Jets offensive line cannot block a mannequin. The Jets defense cannot stop any big third down play when it counts. Without a running game, you will never be able to have a balanced attack. Give Le'Veon Bell (9 carries, 23 yards) who I never wanted credit. He plays hard on every play and even blocks. The Jets were down 19-7 at half time and the game was virtually over. I thought unless the Jets were able to score on the their opening second half drive, they were done. One of the biggest deficiencies of the Jets throughout the game was that their depleted linebacker corp could not cover the pass. Give the Jags credit, they saw a weakness and worked it. On defense kudos has got to go out to Darryl Roberts (#27) who had a few bad plays in the first half but was solid the second half and on the whole, had a very good game. The Jets cannot produce a pass rush. And when they had a chance like Jamal Adams he fanned on the play and let 6th round draft pick QB Gardner Minshew get out of trouble. Speaking of Jamal Adams, he did not have a good game. Both penalties (back to back) were questionable and should not have been called. In the first half Robby Anderson got hit further out of bounds than Adams' play and there was no whistle. The NFL has got to do something about the officials. These games are becoming unwatchable with the volume of penalties. On offense tight end Ryan Griffin was one of the lone bright lights today. He caught 2 TD passes and a two point conversion and he blocked well. Of everything that had me steaming today nothing got me angrier than the Jets running the ball on the last play of the game. I hate any type of defeatist or loser attitude and the chances were probably over a million to one that the Jets had a chance to tie it up but this is sports and we’ve all seen strange things happen. Throw it up for a Hail Mary and then onside kick. Would BB ever run the clock out?

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Jets Season Is Always Over Early
The NFL does a masterful marketing job! Think about it. The Super Bowl is played the first or second week of February. The college scouting combine starts the end of February and goes into the first week of March. Then there is free agency. The schedule (see below) continues with various windows to sign free agents, the draft, mini camps and training camp. This build up is around 6 months give or take. And fans are salivating waiting for the season to begin. The problem with Jet fans is that it ends before it really begins. September 9th was the first Jet game. They lost their first four games with the fourth being on October 6th against the Eagles which came right after a bye. Did the Jets season end on October 6th? It is beginning to look like that. I’ve lived through painful Jet seasons but for some reason this is stinging more. Last Monday was about the 3rd Jet game in my life since 1964 that I did not watch or listen to it from beginning to end turning it off with 4 minutes to go in the first half. I want to be encouraging to fellow fans but I don’t know what we can look forward to. When we got Sam Darnold I was sure he would be the savior for the franchise. Doubt has seeped into my mind the last couple of weeks. I hope somehow they can turn this thing around and soon. I’m 66 and want to win now! Like most of you I am a sucker and will be in front of the TV for every game left on the schedule at least for the beginning. Please someone somewhere give us some meaningful games in November and December. 

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NFL Important Dates 2020
February 2nd: Super Bowl
February 24-March 2nd: NFL Scouting Combine
March 16-18: Free Agency Starts
April 17: Deadline for restricted free agents to sign offer sheets
April 20: Clubs with returning head coaches may begin offseason workout programs.
April 23-25: NFL Draft
May: Rookie Mini Camp
June: Team Mini Camp
July: Training Camp Starts

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Green Tidbits
…..3rd down efficiency: Jets 2-9, Jags 8-17…..Got to love Jamal Adams and his honesty. He had a bad game. He didn’t make excuses on TD coverage after game…..Penalties Jets 10-83. Not acceptable!…..Jags Josh Allen, 2 sacks is the real deal…..Has anyone seen or heard from Quinnen Williams?…..Sam Darnold became the first QB this season to throw at least three interceptions in back-to-back games…..Un-drafted free agent Kyle Phillips continues to show promise. He had a half a sack and 3 tackles for loss yardage…..Reporter asked Adam Gase why Robby Anderson doesn’t come back and fight for under thrown passes? Especially INTs. Great question. Gase dodged it knowing they’ll try to get a 3rd rounder for Anderson tomorrow…..Trumaine Johnson got hurt again and was taken out early in game. No wonder we lost…..Jets at Miami next Sunday in the “Gase Bowl.” Should be a nail biter…..I am no Adam Gase fan but I still think Mike Macaggnan set this franchise back 2-3 years with his drafting…..The Kelechi Osemele episode is a head scratcher. Sounds like there is something we don’t know about. Downside is free agents will look at how Jets handled the situation…..After game Le'Veon Bell didn't speak with the media. He appeared to be gone before reporters arrived……QB Gardner Minshew drafted in the 6th round may have been the best pick of the draft…..Demaryius Thomas made a real nice catch leading up to the Jets 2nd TD…..At the two-minute warning, the stadium played the "Ghostbusters" theme song — an obvious reference to Sam Darnold's "seeing ghosts" moment from last week…..Good chance Robby Anderson and Leonard Williams are gone this week.

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What The Jet Scribes Are Saying
Manish Mehta, NY Daily News
The Jets need a lot more than three weird parapsychologists in the ghost-catching business to cure their problems right now. Adam Gase’s stumbling, bumbling team dropped to 1-6 after their latest sloppy performance that has many wondering how much worse things will get during this miserable season. Gang Green’s 29-15 loss to the Jaguars Sunday prompted more questions for a ghastly football team. Sam Darnold followed his five-turnover nightmare by getting smacked around during a three-interception performance against a marginal defense missing three starters. Darnold’s seven picks in the past two weeks should be cause for concern for the NFL’s worst offense.
“It’s not fun,” said Gase, who has 1-9 in his last 10 games as a head coach dating back to his forgettable month in Miami last season. “I wish I could say absolutely, 100 percent that we should be executing at a higher level, but we’re not right now…. Nobody’s pulling us out of this. We have to go back to practice. We have to go in our meetings. We have to make sure that we’re getting better every day. We have to do it. Nobody else is coming to save us.”
Based on what we’ve seen, who would want to rescue this unsightly squad? The Jets have lost by 20, 16, 25, 33 and 14 points in their first seven games, failing to score more than 16 points on offense in all but one game.
That’s more than horrific. That’s inexcusable. It’s the worst start since the Jets started 1-8 in Rex Ryan’s final season in 2014. The Jets have turned into a punchline by every objective measure, a lost bunch searching for something — anything — to give them a glimmer of hope moving forward. Alas, there are no signs at the moment that this team will reverse course.
“We’re 1-6, man,” a dejected Jamal Adams said. “I can’t even count how many times… It’s been three years, man. Frustrating. I just want to win…. I don’t come from losing.”
……The blame hardly stops with the quarterback though. The offensive line was revolving door for Jaguars pass rushers for much of the afternoon. Darnold was sacked eight times and hit 13 times, never truly looking comfortable outside of two drives. Gase & Co. fell behind in the first three minutes thanks to Leonard Fournette’s 66-yard run on the second play from scrimmage before Darnold engineered a terrific 12-play, 93-yard drive that took nearly eight minutes to give Gang Green their only lead of the game. The offense went into a deep freeze for the next six drives spanning 2.5 quarters before Darnold led a touchdown drive to make it a one-score game a couple minutes into the fourth quarter.
However, his pair of fourth-quarter picks sealed the Jets’ fate. Next up: Avoiding the indignity of losing to the winless Dolphins in the Gase Bowl. The coach’s message after this latest loss was clear.

“He just said that this is not the time to quit,” Leonard Williams said. “The league is not going to give us the rest of the season off.”

The Jets don’t seem to need any help in that area. They’re doing a fine job not showing up on most Sundays.

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Al Iannazzone, Newsday
Sam Darnold saw plenty of ghosts on Sunday. The Jaguars’ mascot wore a white sheet. Some fans donned them as well, or they held up ghost cut-ups. A plane flying over the Jaguars’ stadium before the game had a banner that read, “Gardner Minshew Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts.” Late in the game, the theme from “Ghostbusters” blared. All of this was expected after Darnold said “I’m seeing ghosts” during Monday’s horrific loss to the Patriots. It will continue as long as Darnold and the Jets continue to show no improvement or resistance. Adam Gase’s team put forth another mistake-filled performance. Darnold threw three interceptions and was sacked eight times in the Jets’ 29-15 loss to Jacksonville that dropped them to 1-6.
“We hurt ourselves,” Gase said. “We didn’t do really anything we talked about in all three phases. We were poor, made a lot of mistakes.”

Darnold and the offensive line weren’t the only culprits. The defense also underperformed, giving up too many big plays and third-down conversions to the Jaguars (4-4)……“
Nobody is pulling us out of this,” said Gase, who faces his old team next Sunday in Miami. “We have to do it. No one else is coming to save us.”

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Jets Get On Right Track

What a difference a week makes. Last week I could not even go in front of my computer to write a Green Rewind article after the Eagle loss and this week Sam Darnold is named offensive player of the week and I’m calling my son to get the odds today for the Jets to make and win the Super Bowl. Anyone who may have doubted the star power of Sam Darnold should now be convinced he makes everyone from the water boy to the usher in section 311 better when he is playing for the Jets. I hate to knock Luke Falk but I never thought I’d see a Jet quarterback who would make Geno Smith look like Dan Marino. Really Luke Falk has no business being in the NFL. If you think I am overrating Darnold, look at a replay of the game if it appears on the NFL Network again. He made some excellent throws. His stats (23-32 338yds. 2 TDs 1 INT) were impressive for a 22 year-old quarterback coming off mononucleosis. An offensive line that looked awful the first four weeks all of a sudden looked good. Still the running game is far from being there but moving forward Adam Gase may have the Jets develop their passing game first and this will open up the running game. For all you Le'Veon Bell fans or those who have him in fantasy, hang in. He will begin to look like the player he is. I promise. As good as Sam played in the first half, I thought he ran out of gas a little bit in the second half. The good news is he did not let his mono affect his play. He took hits, stepped up in the pocked and even ran a quarterback sneak. Sam is back! Whether it is too late for the season, we will know in a couple of weeks. Bring on the Pats! And by the way, in case you are wondering, the best odds my son found for the Jets were 250-1 to make the Super Bowl, 350-1 to win it!

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The Jets Have Weapons
Believe it or not there are weapons on this team. And it will get better! With receivers Robby Anderson, Jamison Crowder and Demaryius Thomas, defensive coordinators may not lose sleep over these wideouts but they are all very good. Ryan Griffin showed he can play the game at tight end and Chris Herndon should be back this week. Offensive lineman Kelechi Osemele is now out for the year but replacement Alex Lewis has looked better. Center Ryan Kalil has been playing better. Chuma Edoga replaced Brandon Shell and is having growing pains but the OL is looking better. When we begin to see the Jets running backs break runs for long gains, we’ll know they are coming together. One thing is certain that GM Joe Douglas has to address the offensive line in the off-season. Manish Mehta of the Daily News is reporting the Jets had centers James Murry (Chiefs) and Ryan Crozier (Broncos) in for a look so GM Joe is working! One player who I think has huge potential is wide receiver Braxton Barrios who is returning punts. This guy is oozing with talent and should see more time than wide receiver Josh Bellamy and should return kickoffs instead of Trenton Cannon.

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Green Tidbits
…..Greg Dortch (my guy) was just signed by the Panthers off the Jets Practice Squad…..Linebacker Neville Hewitt continues to shine. A little weak on pass coverage, he has compensated with his aggressive play…..Give the Jets DBs credit, I think they stink but they tackled great vs. the Cowboys….Pats cut back-up QB Cody Kessler within the last 24 hours. Joe Douglas should jump on him. His 2,215 lifetime passing yards with 8 TD passes will dwarf anything Luke Falk or any other QB (not named Sam) on the roster can do…..In case you forgot, Baker Mayfield is 24 years old and Sam Darnold is 22…..So far un-drafted free agent DE Kyle Phillips has 11 tackles in 4 games. Not bad…..For that matter 5th round pick, LB Blake Cashman has 26 combined tackles and assists and 1/2sack…..No knock on C J Mosley, but if Sam was healthy in
week one, we beat Buffalo.....

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What The Jet Scribes Are Saying
Rich Cimini, ESPN
New York Jets guard Kelechi Osemele, one of the team's key offseason acquisitions, is having season-ending shoulder surgery, a source confirmed Tuesday. Osemele, 30, whom the Jets acquired in a March trade with the Oakland Raiders, was injured in a full-pads practice during the run-up to their Week 5 game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Coach Adam Gase noted at the time that the injury was potentially serious. Alex Lewis has started the past two games at left guard, and has received high marks from the coaches. He likely would've replaced the struggling Osemele at some point anyway. The Jets traded a fifth-round pick for Osemele and a sixth-rounder, thinking the two-time Pro Bowl selection would upgrade their line. Now it appears he will be one-and-done. He's signed for 2020, but it's highly unlikely he will return. He's due to make $11.4 million in base salary, none of which is guaranteed. Gase hinted last week that Osemele was starting to break down physically. He also had been dealing with a knee issue.

"When you get a veteran offensive lineman and they get banged up a little bit, it's not easy to come back and stay on the field," Gase said. "He has played a lot of football."

Osemele has played 96 games -- four seasons with the Baltimore Ravens, followed by three in Oakland, where he made the Pro Bowl in 2016 and 2017. The NFL Network first reported the surgery. In another roster move, the Jets signed free-agent safety Blake Countess, a source said. The former Philadelphia Eagles draft pick played with the Los Angeles Rams (2016-2018) and returned to the Eagles this season before being released in the preseason.

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Manish Mehta, Daily News
Sam Darnold’s terrific performance in his first game back Sunday from a spleen-enlarging illness typically reserved for curious teenagers has prompted this fair question: Who exactly is whispering to whom on One Jets Drive?For all the chatter about Adam Gase’s ability to bring out the best in his young quarterback, perhaps we should view it this way: Darnold is the coach whisperer.There’s more evidence suggesting that Darnold makes subpar coaches look better than there is that Gase takes marginal quarterbacks to a higher plane. Make no mistake, Gase is a bright guy with smart ideas, but there’s a picture of Darnold crystallizing before our eyes. Consider the evidence. As a starter, Darnold went 20-4 with a Rose Bowl victory in two seasons for USC head coach Clay Helton and play caller Tee Martin. Helton is 8-10 since Darnold left. Helton took back play-calling duties last year before finishing with a losing record (5-7). He is likely a goner after this season.Darnold also made former Jets offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates look very good in the final month last season. He caught fire in three of his final four games to give everyone in the organization hope for the future. The second-year quarterback certainly made Gase look better Sunday. The Jets were a non-competitive, offensive mess without Darnold during a nightmarish, month-long span. While other coaches were turning quarterback nobodies into somebodies, Gase was out of answers. (The Steelers won a game with a third-string undrafted rookie quarterback from Samford on Sunday, in case you hadn’t noticed). Armed with a big arm and big brain, Darnold came to the rescue in Gang Green’s 24-22 win against the Cowboys. “All the throws that he made that were not necessarily the rhythm-type throws,” Gase said Monday. “He had to move in the pocket, slide, off-balance. The accuracy he threw with… I was very impressed by that. We’ve seen a lot in practice… For him to get into the game and just how calm he was is impressive.” Darnold has the pocket presence that coaches dream of. His knack for sensing pressure cannot be coached. He seems to know when and where the heat is coming from…..“He buys you that extra second you need sometimes,” Gase said. “Especially on the third and 6-9 area, third and 6-10. He slides in the pocket. He scrambles outside the pocket. He’ll do things like that to really help a receiver, tight end, running back… help an o-lineman to where it’s so subtle it’s hard to kind of see by the naked eye. But when you go back and watch it, you’re like, ‘Wow. That was really a good play by him to help extend that play.’” There’s no substitute for a coach whisperer.

Brian Costello, NY Post
Now that the Jets have Sam Darnold back under center, their offense looked like an actual, functioning NFL unit on Sunday. But there remains a big element of the offense that has not clicked yet — the running game. The Jets are averaging 64 rushing yards a game, which ranks 30th in the NFL. They have not rushed for 100 yards in a game yet and have only scored two rushing touchdowns — one by wide receiver Vyncint Smith on an end-around. All of this comes despite signing Le’Veon Bell to a four-year, $52.5 million contract this offseason. Coach Adam Gase has given Bell the ball quite often, but there have been no holes for him. Jets' excuses could make Leonard Williams trade appealing Bell’s 85 attempts are the 16th most in the NFL, but he is 27th with 256 rushing yards. His longest run is just 13 yards. Gase needs to find a way to get Bell going for the offense to realize its potential. Having Darnold back should help. The offense had not been hard to figure out prior to last week. Teams were focused on stopping No. 26. The Jets solved a lot of offensive issues in Sunday’s win over the Cowboys. Now, it’s time to figure out the running game.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Jets Playing In Bizarro World! Again!

In popular culture, "Bizarro World" has come to mean a situation or setting which is weirdly inverted or opposite to expectations. In the Bizarro world of "Htrae", society is ruled by the Bizarro Code which states "Us do opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness! Us love losing!" Let me repeat the last one: Us love losing! Jet players, fans and coaches are all living in the Bizarro World. With Jet season ticket holders paying overpriced PSLs at Met Life Stadium and Jet fans being inundated with those constant radio and television commercials for FanDuel and DraftKings we are now part of the Bizarro Jets World. What is the Bizarro Jets World? It’s a team that doesn’t block (Us hate blocking) on the offensive line and has a coach when his team is down 20-0 with under a minute to go in the first half and knowing he is kicking off in the second half refuses to get plays in and runs out the clock. The Bizarro World Jets also are playing a former 1st round draft pick-Leonard Williams who was considered the best player in the draft and cannot get a tackle in a game and he gets a ridiculous penalty. In the Bizarro Jets World we listen to the post game Jet announcers and they put a spin on what we all witnessed saying we should all look at how well the defense played. In the Bizarro Jets World the quarterback passes for 98 yards and the running backs run for 36 while the winless Miami Dolphins pass for 211 yards and rush for 72 yards.

Bad To Worse
Just when we all thought it could not get much worse, the Jets embarrassed themselves so bad I had to turn off the sound for the final three quarters of the game. Why is it the Patriots down 2 offensive linemen always seem like they have 15 players on the line of scrimmage protecting the quarterback? And the Jets offensive line always seem like they are blocking 15 defensive linemen? The season is going south so fast that when the Jets host Dallas October 13, the crowd will be 90% Cowboy fans. Sam Darnold can’t save the season, Le'Veon Bell can’t save the season and even Antonio Brown could not save the season. It is easy to blame Mike Macaggnan or mononucleosis for the season the Jets are having and give Adam Gase and Joe Douglas a pass. But the truth of the matter is there is absolutely no continuity on offense so far. To score only one offensive touchdown in three games is inexcusable. Yes the defense is giving an effort. Players such as Jamal Adams, Blake Cashman, Neville Hewitt and even Nate Hairston are giving it all they have but it is not enough. Even with their effort the Jets defense cannot stop a big third down play. On offense, how many negative plays are the Jets going to get? The two most disappointing things this year is the play of the offensive line and the plain vanilla offense Adam Gase is putting out there.

Changes To Make
Here are some changes I would make this week:
1. Get Ryan Kalil out as center. When Jonathan Harris went in at center for Spencer Long last year, the line played better. If you have to, put Kalil at guard.
2. Get Brandon Shell out of there at right tackle. He is plain awful. Put rookie Chuma Edoga in. He played well in pre-season and can’t play any worse than Shell.
3. Start Braxton Berrios at wide receiver. This guy shows spunk and speed. And putting him at WR means you can play Jamison Crowder in the slot.
4. Play Daniel Brown at tight end instead of Ryan Griffin. He cannot be worse and Chris Herndon will be back after the Eagle game.
5. Cut Demaryius Thomas. We wasted a 6th round pick but it seems like he will never play two games in a row. Use the roster spot on a young player from the practice squad. How about WR Jeff Smith.
6. Bring up DB Kyron Brown from the practice squad and start him. Everyone picks on Darryl Roberts when Trumaine Johnson isn’t playing.
7. Trade Leonard Williams before the trade deadline. Enough is enough!
8. Bring up WR/KR Greg Dortch from the practice squad. He has the potential to be a dynamic player. 

What The Jet Scribes Are Saying
Rich Cimini, ESPN
After watching his offense fail to score a touchdown for the second consecutive game, New York Jets coach Adam Gase didn't hold back with his frustration, calling it "brutal ... infuriating," among other things.
"Offensively, we were atrocious -- as bad as you can get," he said Sunday after a 30-14 loss to the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. "We've got a lot to fix going into the bye. We're going to have to address all of these issues that we are having right now."
Starting his third quarterback in three weeks, Gase saw Luke Falk orchestrate only two drives across midfield. He passed for only 98 yards and was sacked five times in his starting debut, as the Jets managed only 105 total yards, the third fewest in a game in team history, and went 0-for-12 on third down.
Jets' offense isn't just bad, it's historically bad in feeble loss Their only points came on touchdowns by the defense and special teams.

"Yeah, it's brutal," said Gase, who started Falk because Sam Darnold (mononucleosis) and Trevor Siemian (season-ending ankle surgery) were sidelined. "It's one of those things where it's infuriating because you're watching the defense and special teams play as hard as they can and executing what they're being asked to do, and they're doing it well a majority of the game and then we're not holding our end on offense."

Gase, hired because of his offensive background, already is facing criticism from fans and media. In three games, the offense has been outscored by the defense, 15-11. His playcalling against the Patriots was conservative, as Falk attempted only two passes that traveled more than 20 yards in the air….."We got to look at a lot of things over this bye week," Gase said. "I mean, I never thought I would say, 'Week 4 bye week, I'm glad it's here.' But, I mean, we got to address some things. We got to figure out what's going on. We're not in sync. We're not doing a good job of working together. We're kind of all over the place. So we got to get that fixed."

Manish Mehta, NY Daily News
It was nearly impossible to pinpoint the most annoying part of the Jets’ embarrassing 30-14 loss to the Patriots that dropped them into an 0-3 hole entering their bye week. Was it the lack of ingenuity from Adam Gase, whose offense generated a grand total of zero points? Maybe it was the early defensive dud that dug a hole too cavernous to climb out of less than two minutes into the second quarter? Perhaps it was Le’Veon Bell and Robby Anderson running into each other in the fourth quarter? Could it have been that the Jets averaged a laughable 2.2 yards per play and didn’t convert a third down (0 for 12)? Or was it that you wasted a sun-splashed Sunday afternoon watching a team that looked like it didn’t belong on the same field with their mortal enemies?…..CEO Christopher Johnson’s claim that Gase was “an innovator” who was “coaching football to where it’s going” upon making the hire looks, uh, a bit shaky at the moment…..All three Jets quarterbacks — Sam Darnold, Trevor Siemian and Luke Falk — have struggled under the supposed quarterback whisperer. The Jets have scored on two of 36 possessions this season. They have 11 points in 12 quarters. That’s beyond horrendous…..Gase’s offense generated just 2.2 yards per play and six first downs. There were way too many moments in the first half when Gase inexplicably dialed up a play that had little chance to succeed. It was a safe approach on a day that called for aggressiveness against the juggernaut Patriots, who improved to 3-0.
Gase called a couple give-up third-down draw plays to Le’Veon Bell, sprinkled in a failed screen pass to Robby Anderson on third and 9 and dialed up a backwards pass to Bell on third down that picked up a whole lot of nothing…..

Brian Costello, NY Post
Jets coach Adam Gase called the offensive performance “atrocious.” That might not be strong enough. Yes, they had third-string QB Luke Falk (12-of-22, 98 yards, 1 INT, 47.2 rating) starting. Still, this was not all quarterback problems. The offensive line stunk again. Falk was sacked five times and the Jets averaged 1.8 yards per rushing attempt. It’s going to take more than Sam Darnold to fix this…..The Jets were undermanned with eight projected starters out, including Darnold and linebacker C.J. Mosley, the quarterback of the defense. Still, the team played terribly and that reflects poorly on coach Adam Gase. He was very conservative on offense and could not find any in-game answers for what is ailing the Jets.