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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Jet Podcast

On this Podcast discussed is Jamal Adams contract situation, the draft and the possible new on side kick replacement rule. Click on the link below.

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Monday, May 25, 2020

Jets Sign Joe Flacco

Green Rewind is making some major changes. As we cover the Jets like no other blog, we are adding Jet Podcasts. This is not a new venture but a something we did a few years ago. People have asked us for the past couple of years to bring back the Jet Podcasts so we have. Click on the link below and just click the arrow on that page. Now you can hear us anywhere and eventually we will be on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more! Stay tuned as more changes are coming leading up to the 2020 Jet season.

Podcast Link:Joe Flacco, Logan Ryan, un-drafted free agents

Joe Flacco
Brought up in Audobon New Jersey, going to the University of Delaware and playing for the Baltimore Ravens, Joe Flacco is a very logical choice for the Jets to sign as a back-up for Sam Darnold. Even though he is coming off neck surgery and won't be able to have contact until late August or early September, Flacco brings some veteran experience to the Jets that was badly missed when Sam went out with Mono. All I know is we cannot go through another season with a Luke Falk type situation and watch defeat on Adam Gase's face on the sideline for four quarters three games in a row. Is Joe Flacco the same quarterback today that he was back in 2012? Probably not but he brings a lifetime 61.9 pass completion percentage along with 218 career touchdowns. Hopefully Flacco never sees the field but it is a breath of fresh air knowing the Jets have competence and depth at the quarterback position......BTW The originator of "social distancing" was Trumaine Johnson playing 20+ yards off the line of scrimmage covering wide receivers. A true trend setter.....

What The Jets Scribes Are Saying
Rich Cimini, ESPN

Joe Flacco will be the fourth former Super Bowl MVP to play or coach with the Jets. Can you name the other three? Answer below.

 In addition to a revamped offensive line and a couple of new wide receivers, quarterback Sam Darnold received a new set of encyclopedias this offseason -- quarterback Joe Flacco  and running back Frank Gore . We're talking about a Super Bowl MVP (XLVII) and a (likely) future Pro Football Hall of Famer, respectively, who bring a combined 27 years of NFL experience to the Jets' backfield. Darnold, still a young pup (he turns 23 on June 5), will be surrounded by a wealth of knowledge for his all-important third season. Flacco and Gore can be stabilizing influences on an offense in transition, and the person who should benefit most is Darnold, who will be the second-youngest opening-day quarterback. (Cardinals QB Kyler Murray  is two months younger. This assumes the Chargers' Justin Herbert  and the DolphinsTua Tagovailoa  start the season on the bench.)
..........Flacco's uncertain timetable might result in roster gymnastics. If the Jets' season starts as scheduled on Sept. 13 at Buffalo, and he's still not cleared, it behooves the Jets to keepDavid Fales as insurance for the insurance, so to speak. Fales is their only other quarterback with experience, albeit minimal. RookieJames Morgan figures to stick as the clipboard carrier. The Jets could go into the season with four quarterbacks.  The expanded game-day roster and new practice-squad rules could come in handy.
Trivia answer: The other three Super Bowl MVPs are Joe Namath (Jets, Super Bowl III), offensive assistant Hines Ward Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XL) and Santonio Holmes (Steelers, Super Bowl XLIII). John Riggins also captured an MVP (Washington Redskins XVII), but that came after he played for the Jets.

Brian Costello, NY Post
When identifying weaknesses on the Jets, cornerback is near the top of the list. There a lot of unknowns with this group. It is even tough to figure out who might start at one of the outside spots. Gone are last year’s Week 1 starters — Trumaine Johnson and Darryl Roberts. The Jets cut both this offseason and moved on. Johnson — who lasted two seasons after signing a five-year, $72.5 million deal with $34 million guaranteed —was  one of the worst signings, if not the worst, in team history. Last season, the Jets made due with backups for most of the year who outperformed Johnson. It looks as of that convinced them they did not need to go out and spend big money again at the position. The biggest addition at the position was Pierre Desir and all he got was a one-year, $3.75 million deal. Desir played well for the Colts two years ago, but his play slipped last season. Desir slots in as the Jets’ No. 1 cornerback. He had a career-high three interceptions last season. Assistant general manager Rex Hogan came to the Jets from the Colts, so he was probably a driving force behind signing him. Another move the Jets made in free agency was bringing Brian Poole back, Poole had a strong season last year for the Jets, playing mainly slot corner. He had a Pick-6 and a forced fumble and was one of the Jets’ surest tacklers. Jets general manager Joe Douglas brought him back with a one-year, $5 million deal.
Manish Mehta, NY Daily News
The Jets’ roster-building plan comes into focus when cold hard cash becomes your compass. Shortly after general manager Joe Douglas completed his nine-man draft class, he signed nine more undrafted players. Some were familiar names, others were not, but a deep dive reveals which undrafted free agents are coveted the most by the organization…..Every undrafted free agent gets a three-year, $2.285 million contract, but what matters is the total guarantee comprised of signing bonus and a portion of the 2020 base salary. Those numbers provide clarity about which players were desired more by the organization. This year’s unusual offseason creates greater uncertainty for many undrafted players given that they’ll miss out on spring workouts to prove their value. However, an organization is likely to give more rope to players that it’s more financially invested in…..How many of the nine undrafted free agents make the 53-man roster or are brought back to the practice squad after cuts remains uncertain. But the Jets’ financial investments reveals the organization’s belief in each player. Here’s a look at the financial commitments of the nine undrafted players (starting with those that got the most guaranteed money).

  • Memphis LB Bryce Huff: Signing bonus: $15,000 Guaranteed base salary: $75,000 Total investment: $90,000
  • Alabama DB Shyheim Carter: Signing bonus: $12,000 Guaranteed base salary: $60,000 Total investment: $72,000
  • Washington OT Jared Hilbers: Signing bonus: $12,000 Guaranteed base salary: $50,000 Total investment: $62,000
  • Coastal Carolina DL Sterling Johnson: Signing bonus: $10,000 Guaranteed base salary: $50,000 Total Investment: $60,000
  • Georgia WR Lawrence Cager: Signing bonus: $7,500 Guaranteed base salary: $50,000 Total investment: $57,500
  • Utah CB Javelin Guidry: Signing bonus: $7,000 Guaranteed base salary: $40,000 Total investment: $47,000
  • Nebraska CB Lamar Jackson: Signing bonus: $7,500 Guaranteed base salary: $20,000 Total investment: $27,500
  • West Virginia WR George Campbell: Signing bonus: $2,500
  • UNC-Pembroke DL Domenique Davis: Total investment: $650

NFL News And Rumors
.....The rule allowing coaches to challenge pass interference calls or no-calls came and went after one season, and NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent didn't mince words when talking about the experiment. Vincent opened up about the pass-interference failure when discussing a Sky Judge proposal as part of Peter King's "Football Morning in America" column: "We cannot fail this year. We saw, a year ago, when [the pass-interference rule] played out, starting with myself, what we put in place last year ... Those outcomes were not good for professional football. Because we didn't do the proper due diligence, it played out publicly. The last thing people should be talking about is the way the game is officiated."......Jamal Adams is entering the fourth year of his rookie contract with the New York Jets. The Jets unsurprisingly picked up the fifth-year option on Adams' contract, but he's going to have to play this season being severely underpaid as a 24-year-old Pro Bowler and one of the best safeties in the NFL. So it's time to argue about money. While the Jets want to sign Adams to a longterm deal, they haven't done so yet, which means it's time to trade him or face a holdout when football season arrives. He wants to get paid now and if the Jets aren't going to do it, he's going to want to go somewhere he will be fairly compensated.....Another NFL rankings article, another slight for the Seattle Seahawks. This time it’s Pro Football Focus’ rankings of the wide receivers corps of each NFL team, and while the Seahawks coming in at No. 17 overall isn’t all that bad, there’s some context that makes it look a whole lot worse. Ahead of Seattle are the other three teams in the NFC West – Arizona is No. 12, the Rams are 15th and the 49ers are 16th. Seahawks insider Stacy Rost, co-host of 710 ESPN Seattle’s Tom, Jake and Stacy, acknowledged that the website did get one thing right with these particular rankings.....The Saints have built a talented roster, and it skews older. That’s not just at quarterback, where 41-year-old Drew Brees is back for another push, but across the board. And all that experience, coupled with the obvious restraints created by the coronavirus pandemic have led coach Sean Payton (who knows about the virus too well, as the league’s first known case) to deliberately pull back on what he’s trying to do with his team this offseason. They’re still having some degree of videoconferencing meetings with his players, but the sessions are designed for the rookies and younger players, as Payton made it clear to his veterans they’re free to work on their own.....Carson Palmer knows exactly what Joe Burrow is facing right now as he prepares to join the Bengals as the first overall pick in the NFL draft. And Palmer thinks Burrow is going to need some time to turn the franchise around. Palmer, who was drafted first overall by the Bengals in 2003, says Burrow has to be patient with himself and get patience from everyone else as he tries to help the worst team in the league last year rebuild.....The Bears are scheduled to play their first preseason game on August 15 against the Browns and head coach Matt Nagy is planning a different approach to that game than last year’s exhibition contests.Nagy rested first-team players during the preseason, but said during a recent appearance on The Waddle and Silvy Show that the team will do things differently this time around.....The Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback room has a new look with the signing of starter Phillip Rivers and the drafting of Jacob Eason in the fourth round. They join last year’s starter, Jacoby Brissett, and St. Joe’s prep product Chad Kelly. “I cannot tell you how happy we are with Chad,” Colts coach Frank Reich said on the Rich Eisen Show when asked about Kelly. “He’s progressed a lot as a quarterback. He really works hard at it.” Eisen said he would never hear the end of it from Chad’s uncle, Jim, if he didn’t ask about him. “I am as close to Jim as anybody and I know the Kelly clan really well and Chad is a true Kelly,” Reich said. “If you’re a Kelly, that’s a guy you want in the bunker with you. He knows how to fight. He’s a good teammate. He has worked with Phil Simms. He’s really worked hard at his craft and continuing to improve. We’ll have four (quarterbacks) in camp. It’s going to be really competitive. We like that.”....Michael Gallup is going nowhere. Despite their ever-present interest in acquiring New York Jets safety Jamal Adams, the Dallas Cowboys have not discussed a trade involving the stud wide receiver, Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson reported Saturday. “I know Michael Gallup is a name out there, but I’ve been told by multiple people the #Cowboys and #Jets haven’t spoken since last year’s trade deadline,” Robinson tweeted. “At the very least, Gallup couldn’t have come up in talks between the teams, because talks haven’t happened.” The Cowboys haven’t indicated — publicly or privately — that they’re looking to move Gallup. This only became a story after the New York Daily News’ Gary Myers floated his name in a potential deal for Adams.....

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Jets Draft Aftermath

Andy Dalton just signed a one-year contract with the Dallas Cowboys. Dalton is from Texas and went to TCU so it is a good move for him for a year. The Cowboys insist the signing has nothing to do with the Dak Prescott negotiations. We'll see! The Jets are still in the market for a seasoned veteran to back-up Sam Darnold. Right now on the depth chart the Jets list David Fales, James Morgan and Mike White behind Sam. Nothing that is going to make defensive coordinators tremble if Sam goes down. Make no mistake I know it has only been two years but Sam Darnold has missed 3 games in each of his first two years in the NFL so signing a veteran is important. We cannot go through another game or even a quarter with a Luke Falk type situation. Right now the following quarterbacks are available and all have had starting experience:

Joe Flacco, 35
Cam Newton, 30
Mike Glennon, 30
Matt Moore, 36
Blake Bortles, 28
Cody Kessler, 27
Brandon Allen, 27
Trevor Siemian, 28
Geno Smith, 29

I don't think Trevor Siemian or Geno Smith will be on the Jets roster and I can't envision Joe Flacco or Cam Newton wearing the green and white. I would look for a player such as Matt Moore. Cody Kessler or even Mike Glennon to get interest from the Jets. Don't under estimate the importance of the back-up. Earl Morrall came off the bench to lead two teams to the Super Bowl. Un-drafted free agent Kurt Warner got his chance when Trent Green went down with a devastating knee injury in preseason. Even when Drew Bledsoe was backing up Tom Brady, he came in when Brady went out in the 2002 AFC Championship game that the Patriots won 24-17. And in the Jets Super Bowl win over the Colts, back-up Babe Parilli came in for Joe Namath for a few plays after Namath went out after banging up his hand. No doubt the back-up QB is important and to me this and an edge pass rusher are the biggest holes on the Jets roster right now.

In or Out
Here are some of the Jets now on the roster that may or may not be on the roster when the season begins. I am playing GM and giving you my feelings on each player.

Quincy Enunwa,WR
The player we all love when he plays but those days were long long ago. The Jets cannot let him go while he is rehabbing an injury. Unless the Jets see something I don't. He is out.

Vyncint Smith,WR
Picked off the Texans practice squad Smith had 17 receptions for 225 yards last year. He is suppose to be a burner but he is the slowest speedster I have ever seen. Even with the Jets weak receiver stable, he is out.

Braxton Berrios, WR
The guy we plucked from BB when he tried to sneak him past the waiver wire. I have always liked his hands on punts and he has showed some giddy up as a receiver. He is in.

Jonotthan Harrison, C
Can't figure out why this overachiever is not thought of as high as I think of him. He is durable at center and can play guard. He did a much better job when he came in for Ryan Kalil last year. He is in.

Henry Anderson, DL
I thought he might have been out but even though he disappeared the last 8 games last year, if Quinnen Williams improves, Anderson will be the biggest benefactor. In 2018 Anderson was double teamed over 60% of the time he played. He is in.

Avery Williamson, LB
Even Adam Gase admits he was wrong to leave Williamson on the field when he got hurt in the pre-season. A great locker room presence who played great the short time he was on the field, his contract will determine his future not how healthy he is.  He is out.

Trenton Cannon, RB
I'm done trying to find sleepers in small schools. Cannon has shown me nothing and like Vyncint Smith, he is one of the slowest speedsters I have ever seen.  He is out.

Brian Winters, G
A combination of injuries and his contract will be the determining factor. He is scheduled to make 7.5 million this year but he probably will not start. This amount is too much for a back-up. I'm going out on a limb saying he will renegotiate and will sign for 3-4 million to be a back-up as he helps the Jets OL transition this year. A good deal for both the Jets and this 29 year old veteran. He is in.

Nate Hairston, DB
He came to the Jets on a conditional trade. As it turns out the conditions weren't met. Jets assistant GM Rex "Hogan's Heros" Hogan spent a couple of years with the Colts and likes to pick up DBs from them (see Quincy Wilson this year). Jets might have hit on Bless Austin last year and they have high hopes for 5th round pick Bryce Hall this year. Hairston showed some ability but it is a numbers game. He is out.

Frankie Luvu, LB
One of my favorites early in the 2018 season. He had zero improvement last year and the injury bug hit him. In a numbers game, I like Tarell Basham and even Harvey Langi better than Frankie.  He is out.

What The Jet Scribes Are Saying
Rich Cimini, ESPN
In a game last November, Louisville mammoth left tackle Mekhi Becton exploded out of his stance and staggered the man in front of him with a hand punch to his chest. One would have sufficed, but Becton stayed after him and delivered another blow. By now, the Syracuse defensive end -- Kingsley Jonathan -- was going backward as if on roller skates. Becton finished him with one last shove at the sideline (a possible late hit), launching him into the Louisville bench area -- and out of the screen shot. The one-man demolition, which occurred on a running play in Louisville's 56-34 victory, covered more than 15 yards, from first contact to last jolt.
"We have a monster," Louisville offensive line coach Dwayne Ledford told his wife on the field after the game. Now the 6-foot-7, 364-pound player is a green giant, drafted No. 11 overall by the New York Jets -- a big man with a larger-than-life reputation.....He weighed 364 at the scouting combine, where his drug test was flagged. That prompted a "deep dive" into his background, Douglas said. His vetting of Becton included a 45-minute conversation with Johnson, who vouched for his former player's character. For historical perspective, the heaviest player in Jets history is believed to be defensive tackle Chester McGlockton, the former Oakland Raiders star who finished his career with a listed weight of 371 pounds in 2003. Publicly, the Jets haven't assigned a position to Becton, but the expectation is he will start at left tackle, charged with protecting quarterback Sam Darnold's blind side. The Jets believe he will make an immediate impact as a run-blocker because he's nimble enough to excel on outside-zone plays and strong enough to win on gap (man-blocking) runs. They love the way he finishes, the way he tries to punish opponents.

Brian Costello, NY Post
The Jets exited the 2019 NFL Draft with just their own seven picks. Over the course of a year, the Jets, led by general manager Joe Douglas, would turn those seven picks, plus a 2021 pick, into 13 players through seven trades. Douglas (with an assist from head coach Adam Gase) managed to acquire more picks and address multiple needs for a roster with more questions than answers. The Jets traded two former first-round picks, acquired one pick that they then traded twice and even managed to get back a 2021 pick that was part of an earlier trade with their longtime rival.

“When we look at these draft picks as a whole, we hope this can be a draft that can springboard us,” Douglas said on “The Michael Kay Show.”

.....There is pressure on Darnold to make a big leap in Year 3 and pressure on Gase to bring that out of him. Darnold threw for 3,024 yards, 19 touchdowns and 13 interceptions last year. He missed three games with mono. The Jets need the yards and touchdowns to make a jump and the number of bad decisions to fall. Gase expects improvement from Darnold now that he is entering the second season in the same offensive system.

“I know that he kind of watches last year’s stuff and it gets him fired up because he knows, ‘I can do this better. I know how this is supposed to look,’ ” Gase said. “His brain is working so much faster when you go into Year 2 with these things. You know all the little, tiny details of what the offense is about. Now, it’s about playing faster, adjusting to things that maybe we didn’t talk about, adjusting to things you’ve never seen before and being able to do those little, tiny detailed things so much quicker just because of experience and studying the film and learning from your mistakes.”

Sam Darnold and Adam Gase's time for excuses is over. Gase said Darnold needs to “grab ahold of this offense,” something the coach feels Darnold can do despite possibly not being on the field together until August or later.

NFL News And Rumors
..... The Chicago Bears have declined the fifth-year option on quarterback Mitchell Trubisky for the 2021 season, a source told ESPN's Adam Schefter on Saturday. ..... Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster is in the final year of his current contract, and it might be his last season with the team. Ed Bouchette of The Athletic said the Steelers are “not likely” to      re-sign Smith-Schuster....It sounds like Jarrad Davis will be hitting free agency sooner than expected.’s Ian Rapoport reports (via Twitter) that the Lions won’t be picking up the linebacker’s fifth-year option. Davis will now become an unrestricted free agent....The Green Bay Packers surprisingly took Jordan Love with the No. 26 in the 2020 NFL Draft, causing many to scratch their heads on the decision. After some time has passed, an NFL executive claims that Green Bay believes Love is the next Patrick Mahomes.....Asante Samuel says playing for Bill Belichick and the Patriots was NOT fun ... and he tells TMZ Sports he believes the reason Tom Brady bolted was 'cause he just couldn't take it anymore. "He probably just got fed up with it at the end of the day," the former New England cornerback says. Samuel played with Brady and Belichick from 2003 to 2007 ... and he had a TON of success -- but he tells us he had ZERO fun along the way.....Ron Jaworski is going to bat for his Eagles … telling TMZ Sports Philly did NOT screw up the Jalen Hurts pick — saying the QB could be used like Lamar Jackson!.....Not everyone is a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys’ new signing of quarterback Andy Dalton. Dez Bryant, the team’s former star wide receiver, thinks the move is “out of line.” Bryant doesn’t like the optics of the team adding a big-name quarterback, without Dak getting his long-awaited extension. He thinks it signals that the team believes that it can plug in another quarterback, and isn’t actually committed to him as the franchise guy.....Bengals decline to pick up WR John Ross’ 5th-year option.........According to the Associated Press on Friday, the Green Bay Packers signed defensive tackle Treyvon Hester of  from the Washington Redskins to a contract. The length of the contract and the financial terms have not yet been disclosed, but the signing was confirmed on the Green Bay Packers Twitter account.