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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Green Rewind By Marty Schupak November 22, 2015

  Whether the name is Brian Sipe, Jim Zorn, David Craig, David Woodley or T.J. Yates,
the New York Jets have historically made quarterbacks look much better than they are.
At times T.J. Yates looked like Dan Marino. His 61-yard touchdown pass to DeAndre Hopkins was a great throw. Our great throw to Devin Smith was dropped. But more on him later.
  The Jets were out coached from beginning to end.  I know that we have sustained injuries the last few games and losing Nick Mangold was huge but we did not seem to have any plan to offset JJ Watt. And we were not prepared for the Wildcat. We are starting to see it happen over and over again, our coaching staff is looking more and more inept. Case in point is in the fourth quarter right after a time out we get called for 12 men on the field.  This is absurd at this point in the season. I had thought the 12 men on the field was a Rex thing the last few years but I guess it is a Jet thing!  The Cecil Shorts TD pass to Alfred Blue on the flea flicker was awful. I’m not sure, but it looked like Demario Davis is the guilty party there on coverage. If this is true, the Jets have got to bench him. He continues to give up huge plays every week. Devin Smith dropped a sure touchdown pass, he should be benched also. Why in the world would the Jets activate Devin Smith over Kendrall Thomkins? This is the second week in a row Smith is responsible for a lost 7 points! Disgraceful!  The Jets coaching staff has got to recognize that we need players on the field that are going to produce positive results.
  The last touchdown the Jets scored was all Fitzpatrick. His runs were gutsy. But let’s face it (and I love Fitz) his ability is limited. We need a quarterback. Fitz continues to force the ball into coverage and like in the Bills game; he throws an untimely interception to end the game. He is also getting way too many passes tipped or knocked down. He is a top-notch person who holds himself accountable but the championship talent for a starting quarterback is just not there.
  Execution and situational football! Execution and situational football! Todd Bowles is starting to sound like a broken record at his press conferences. Coach Bowles better learn that the honeymoon period for rookie coaches is short. He is making some half time adjustments but he needs to make in game adjustments. DeAndre Hopkins is the biggest threat on Houston and we did not do the job on him. It seemed like the safeties did not provide any help on both touchdown passes. We were not prepared for the Wildcat and did not making any on field adjustments to stop it.  On offense we have to have a sense of urgency much earlier. We were down by two scores and were still running our regular offense. We scored when we went to the hurry up and should have done it sooner. The Jets offense has no creativity! We need a reverse, flea flicker or anything! We finally threw a successful screen to Powell that went for yardage. Plays like this help offset JJ Watt.
  This loss was worse than the Raider loss only because it was a “must win” game. The Jets are fading fast. Every game they look out of shape. It is still possible to turn the season around but it looks like we are a lot closer to 5-11 than say 9-7. Every game plan and team preparation has to fall on Todd Bowles. Is he qualified to be a head coach? We’ll see!

Green Tidbits:
All of a sudden the Jets are looking very old.

Hope I’m wrong but Stevan Ridley looks done! My math has him at 7 rushes for -1 yards for the season so far. What about Ray Rice?

Eric Decker makes some great catches but that false start cannot happen.

With backup center Wesley Johnson’s pass reception off the tipped pass, maybe he should start at tight end.

And I was just starting to become a Kenbrell Thompkins fan.

Give Bill Belichick credit again. He’s the one who talked Bob Kraft out of resigning Revis.

If Mangold wasn’t hurt, against my better judgement I would start Bryce Petty next game.

I think Kristaps Porzingis is having a little better rookie season than Leonard Williams.

How many #2 draft picks are the Jets going to blow? Geno Smith, Stephen Hill, Vladimir Ducasse. Want more? Justin Miller, Victor Hobson, Jon McGraw. And more.  Dorian Boose, Rick Terry, Alex Van Dyke, Ryan Yarborough, Browning Nagle, Reggie Rembert, Terry Williams, Alex Gordon, Doug Williams, Lester Lyles. Ok enough!

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  1. Well Marty,

    If I was going to sum today it would be with an acronym - SOJ. Same Old Jets, nothing new to see here, move on to next season. All of the preseason and early season excitement has evaporated completely. Any chance of playoff hopes, while still mathematically possible, has evaporated with the fan excitement.

    Another appropriate acronym is JETS = Just End The Season. Another failed 4th quarter come back is so typical of the SOJ brand and this years edition has not disappointed us miserable old timers.

    I do not even know that analyzing this team is even worth the internet bandwidth. That is how disappointed I am in this team. I did not think that I would ever say this, but Todd Bowles is making me miss that Blustering Buffoon in Buffalo.

    Game preparation - F
    Clock management - F
    Decision making - F
    Situation game management - F

    Marshall and Ivory remain spotty feast or famine players.

    Still have no decision on punt and kick off return with the job being shuffled around. Just plain dumb.

    D. Smith - F
    Davis - F
    Cromartie - has been pretty much a big disappointment. He is a gambler and lately he hasn't been winning.

    Well, looking down the stretch and I think that maybe the Dolphins and Titans are wins for a season ending 7-9 record, still not too bad considering last years mark.

    I am pretty much done for the year right now. I invested in Direct TV and NFL Sunday Ticket in order to follow my team but I simply cannot take any more of this comedy show. I think I will be tuning in to watch other more interesting and meaningful games. I will be rooting for the Bills this week and any other team that is playing the PATS.

    But hey, we Jet fans are used to year in and year out misery, right? Suck it up Butter Cup.

  2. Hi Rich!
    Tough to stay enthusiastic with this team.
    Every game is becoming a water board torture.
    The Jets aren't set up to come back being down in the 4th quarter.
    I'm hoping our GM gets it. I'm not sure about our coach.
    Hang in there!