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Sunday, January 3, 2016

It's not that easy being green;
Having to spend each day the color of the leaves.
When I think it could be nicer being red, or yellow or gold-
or something much more colorful like that.
                                          -Kermit The Frog

Dan Fouts said it at the end of the game; the Jets are not worthy of being a playoff team. There is so much to discuss in this game but there are a few glaring questions:
      1) How does Stevan Ridley start in the backfield over Ivory in the biggest game of the season?
2) It was obvious Revis couldn’t cover Watkins alone. Why couldn’t we adjust and double-team him?
3)    With our defensive line, how do we not get pressure on the QB?
4)    Why can’t we stop this banged up offensive team on 3rd and 4th down all game?
5)    Are there any unsigned punters sitting in their living room that can punt better than Ryan Quigley?

  The whole first quarter, the Jets field position was pathetic. The Jets offense was so flat, it was horrid. The only score in the first quarter was a Bills TD on a run by QB Tyrod Taylor who killed the Jets (along with Sammy Watkins) all day.
  In the second quarter score, Karlos Williams scored on a 2 yard run. The extra point was missed. The Jets scored on a 17-yard pass to Brandon Marshall and the Bills scored on a field goal. In between all this Quigley had a punt so bad, if we had someone else who could punt I’d have cut Quigley right there on the field. There were a few dropped passes in the first half including Marshall. One play overlooked was a pass knocked down by Calvin Pace. If he was alert, he might have realized it was behind the receiver and considered a lateral and he could have scooped it up. Players have to play hard and smart for 60 minutes. I still can’t figure out why the Jets came out so flat on offense and why they couldn’t stop the Bills on any big 3rd or 4th down play.
  In the first half it was obvious Sammy Watkins was a major factor. The Jets have got to adjust! Revis is not the same player he once was so he needs help. Also why is Stevan Ridley playing more than Chris Ivory? The Jets should have passed on first down more in the first half. This was a huge mistake.
  In third quarter Bullock (can’t cut this guy soon enough for me) hit a field goal and Carpenter matched. When Decker caught a 21-yard TD pass, all Jet fans thought we were on the way. But the Bills kept controlling the ball for long periods of time. Carpenter hit a field goal in the 4th quarter.
  The Jets had such a wonderful drive going but Fitz threw an awful INT trying to force the ball into Decker and should have thrown the ball away. In my mind, that play sealed it! The Jets got themselves in a position to win and did not perform when it counted. The clock management was terrible. Doesn’t Todd Bowles realize you can call time out and don’t have to run the clock down to the 2-minute warning? The Jets should have gotten at least one and maybe two more plays off before the 2-minute warning.
  I still can’t figure out why the Jets came out so flat on offense and why they couldn’t stop the Bills on any big 3rd or 4th down play.   Thomkins almost pulled the game out with tough reception on the sideline but could not control the ball. This would have been a miracle win if he controlled the ball and went in for a TD. I don’t know what happened to Quincy Enunwa. He dropped two balls in a row that if he held on to them he could have broken it for a TD or at least a big gain.
  There was an obvious administrative error not having an extra running back available in case someone went done a la Bilal Powell. Should have had a back ready on the practice squad. At this point the Jets have gotten as much as they can out of Ivory. He always gets banged up which we all know but the biggest game of the season? It was like the Jets were protecting him for the next game. Except for that great 58 yard run by Ivory, our running game was weak. I still can’t figure out why the Jets came out so flat on offense and why they couldn’t stop the Bills on any big 3rd or 4th down play.

Green Tidbits:

The Bills 2nd quarter field goal drive lasted 9:16 minutes.

After that drop in the 1st quarter, Brandon Marshall was great!

David Harris had 10 tackles. Erin Henderson had 7.

Our special teams need a complete make over.

I still want to know what was the strategy using Ivory and Ridley?

Mo Wilkerson broke his leg but should be back 100% next year.

Would love to know the coin toss stats for the year. Did the Jets win any?

Rex out coached Bowles.

Hey Chan, we are still waiting for a reverse.

He didn’t look as bad as Willie Mays did for the Mets in the ’73 series but Revis was manhandled all game!

Time of possession: Bills 39:13, Jets 20:47. That tells the whole story.

In the sports world of “ifs.” The Jet win today and Marshall holds on to that TD pass in 1st Pats game, guess who wins division?

Jets brass will have lot of decisions to make. Offensive line, Cro, Damon Harrison, Bilal Powell, Chris Ivory, tight end, contract for Fitz, etc. 


  1. Been rooting for the Jets since 1964 when I was 10 years old. I have learned that you have to be a true fan if you love your team as I have for the past 51 years. Yep, 51 years is a long long time but I still have that one Super Bowl memory. One Super Bowl memory and decades of misery that have earned my team the "Same Old" label. Old timers like myself are true masochists who especially have come to know the sharp dagger straight through the hear when the Jets give us another holiday basket of coal as a present to enjoy. Another year gone by, and this one is just as bad - if not worse than the 1981 blunder in Buffalo when Richard Todd threw the last second interception in the Bills end zone and we lost a great comeback bid 31-27. Yes, to all you young Jet fans. Toughen up. You love your Green and White because you are a TRUE FAN and you gladly suffer through the misery and bitch about the team's lack of success! YOU ARE A TRUE FAN. Would you rather be like the millions of other fans throughout the country who jumped on the Patriot bandwagon? Hell no, not me. So many of my friends in Jersey were Packer fans, or fans of America's Damn Team in Dallas, or jumped on the Steeler band wagon in the 70s. I say screw those people, they are not real fans. Own your team, win or lose and be proud to call yourself a Jet fan. After all, it was the Jets who gave credibility to the old AFL and forced the league merger. We old timers still remember the tears of joy when Namath ran off the field holding his finger high in the air after guaranteeing a win over the Colts.
    So Suck It Up People - There is always next year. If you want to double your pain click on the link below and read about the disaster in 1981 at Buffalo - just for fun.

  2. As painful as it is right now, I am more confident in our coach and brass to keep this team moving in the right direction than I ever have been. I know Bowles made mistakes but tell me a first year head coach who doesn't? And if Macagnan can replicate his off season moves of a year ago there is no reason to believe that this team won't be even better next year. That being said, the biggest question mark remains and it will be the hardest to fill. We need a franchise qb to lead this team for the next 10+ years. I am not sure Ryan Fitzpatrick can repeat what he did this year and even if he can come close it doesn't give this team a long term answer. I think if they aren't sure Petty will pan out then they should draft a qb. One to keep an eye on is Cardale Jones from OSU, he is more suited to the NFL game than college. He his big, athletic enough and has a huge arm. The question, as it is with all these guys coming out of college, is can he read defenses and see the whole field? Also the offensive line is a concern moving forward as well as our LB's. And one area I would most like to see improved is the special teams. This team could have made noise in the playoffs, but more importantly, I want to see them lets see them add to the talent they have now and become a team that challenges for the title for years to come! Go Jets!!

  3. This new Jet team is competitive. The Jets were in every single game with the exception of getting blown out by the Raiders this year. Clock management remains a huge issue for the Jets. Despite the stinging pain of this loss, Fitz has earned the starting QB role. I am totally confused as to the running strategy. I do not think that Ivory was reported as even Probable with any injury today. Why was Ridley the featured back? Very unfortunate to see Powell sidelined once again in such a critical game. It might just be me but a lot of running backs have gone down this year to injury across the entire league. There isn't a single Jet fan out there predicting a 10-6 season out there? Not seriously anyway. Most were hoping for an 8-8 season or 9-7. What surprises me the most is that the Jets were within striking distance of a W in 15 of the 16 games this year. That is huge! I feel for Fitz and Marshall having never been to the post season.

    Biggest concerns for next season?
    1. Will we have stability at QB or make a change? I vote for stability at this point unless we pick up a QB like Brees. Let Petty continue to sit and learn. Cut Geno Smith and get a viable proven back up or have Petty be the #2 if they feel he is ready for that role.
    2. Ivory, is he the #1 or isn't he? Make a damn decision. I am a Stacy fan, would like to see him back on the roster along with Powell. I am not so sure about Ridley.
    3. Mo - pay the man if you can. The defensive line and linebackers are the strength of this defense. Must keep them together. We may need some more speed at linebacker.
    4. Must have a quality pass catching Tight End.
    6. Nick Folk - is he returning? Dump Bullock regardless.
    7. Fresh young beef on the O-LINE (might be our #1 need).
    8. Revis may be losing a step and Cromartie is a gambler out there. Might be a need here especially with the pass friendly NFL rules.
    9. Clock Management remains an issue and something that should never happen. Should have gotten off another play before the 2 minute warning today. We had the same issues with clock management and mistakes in going for it on 4th down or not this year. This is a coaching problem that I expect to see corrected next year.

    As far as Game 16 goes,
    1. The first Buffalo score was off a 20 yard shanked Quigley punt. CUT HIM BEFORE THE END OF THE DAY.
    2. The Jets came out asleep in the first half like they did in every other loss this season. Too tight? Not confident?
    3. Too many penalties. The PF on Williams was a retaliation penalty. He's young and needs more discipline out there. Pretty ridiculous when you get more penalties than a Rex Ryan coached team.
    4. Corners playing too soft on Watkins. I realize you don't want the guy to blow buy you, but why not play zone then and drop linebackers to defend the 1st down to make instead of blitzing? How many sacks did we get on a very mobile Taylor today? Not nearly enough. We would have been much better off playing zone on 3rd down and protecting the 1st down line.
    5. Allowing nearly a 3 to 1 time of possession is awful. Why wasn't Ivory used more in the running game? I think he is great when he is 100%. When he is 99% he sucks.
    6. Too many dropped passes. (1) Perfectly thrown TD pass from Fitz to Marshall and he didn't even try to reach out and snag it. He simply wasn't ready for it - period. It's not the first time Marshall has failed in a big moment this year. I am not saying he isn't great - but that was a HUGE missed opportunity.
    7. The low pass to Decker was catchable but everyone is putting that on Fitz. The pass was designed to be low. Go ahead and rewind and look at it again. It was catchable.
    8. Randy Bullock? Missed field goal? Another one. CUT HIM BEFORE THE END OF THE DAY.
    9. Not getting another play off before the 2 minute warning in the 4th quarter? Terrible clock management by Fitz and the Coach.