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Green Rewind Personalities

Marty Schupak

Marty Schupak is the host and creator of Green Rewind. He has been a New York Jets football fan since 1963. To say he lives and dies with the Jets every game and every season is an understatement. He started Green Rewind as a chance to vent his feelings about his team each week. He originally wanted to make his Podcast shows seasonal but he was surprised at how many Jet fans wanted information all year round. Marty is a sports video producer by profession and has authored a book on baseball called “Youth Baseball Drills”.

Ray Clifford

Grew up in various parts of New York State (Plattsburgh, Ithaca and finally Hamilton). He became a lifelong Jets fan because his mother got a copy of the Daily News every day, and being the late 60’s the Jets and particularly Joe Namath was the team and player to watch (similarly for his other favorite teams, the Mets and Knicks). Unfortunately, by the time he realized being a Jets fan was at times much like having a colonoscopy it was too late. So now 40 some years later he waits impatiently for another Super Bowl and drowns his sorrows and shares his joys with Marty doing podcasts and talking Jets football year round…

Ralph Sharaga

He and Marty met when they were nine years old and have been annoying each other ever since. Ralph has been unhappily married for over 40 years - to the Jets, that is. Yet, he continues to bleed Green and White (which baffles his hematologist). Ralph can sum up the reason for his enduring enthusiasm for the Jets in one word - Prozac. He is currently in the Witness Protection Program so no photos are available.

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