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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Green Rewind By Marty Schupak Sunday Nov. 1, 2015

  Did the Jets defense realize they were playing tackle and not flag football or two handed touch?When Rex Ryan was the Jets coach, he prided himself on coaching defense. With that said, the Jets rarely made a big 3rd down stop in a close game. It looks like the same thing with the Todd Bowles regime. On paper one would think with the defensive front and the defensive backs the Jets have they would be able to make a stop. But whether it is 3rd and 17 against the Patriots or 3rd and 7 against the Raiders, the New York Jets defense cannot make a big stop. With 7:44 to go in the fourth quarter, the Oakland Raiders punted for the first time. I don’t know where to start on this 34-20 loss. I will say that Antonio Cromartie, Demario Davis, Marcus Williams and the invisible man Leonard Williams should be ashamed of themselves. To play like they did was atrocious. Cromartie (he should have been benched) and Davis missing the tackles they did was not even on par with a high school team. The other thing I have to touch upon is Geno Smith. I thought up to the middle of the fourth quarter he played okay but the two sacks he took at the end of the game were unexplainable. I don’t know if Geno doesn’t know the rules about the clock stopping or what, all I know is both sacks were ridiculous.

   It wasn’t suppose to be like this! After the Patriots loss we were suppose to go out to Oakland and show the rest of the league that the Jets are a legitimate playoff team. Well some things just don’t work out in Jet land.  Ryan Fitzpatrick goes down after a scramble and hurts his left hand on the sixth play of the game. Geno Smith comes in and he is ineffective at first but did make some strides and began getting a rhythm and was moving the team down the field. Our defense was pathetic. We had no sacks and very little pressure. We let a very good improving young quarterback in Derek Carr look much better than he is.  Carr was 23-36 for 333 yards and four touchdowns passes. In the first half alone Cromartie let Andre Holmes, an undrafted free agent wide receiver look like Raymond Berry. Except for some fourth quarter stops when it was too late, the Jets defense in general looks like it is tired and beat up. And worst of all they don’t seem to be playing with any individual or team pride. In the first half, the three Raider TDs were drives of 78, 76 and 78 yards. The Raiders just looked quicker than the Jets in all aspects of the game.

  As bad as our “Special Teams” are playing why oh why does Zac Stacy who is not the fastest guy, try to run the ball out 5 yards deep in the end zone on the opening kickoff? He never gets it out to the 20. Later in the game it was probably the highlight of the day for the defense when Sebastian Janikowski missed the 52 yard field goal.

  Our two minute drill or “hurry up” offense is lacking. Our sense of urgency in a game like this is also lacking.
  I thought at the end of the game both head coaches-Bowles and Del Rio were competing for the “Stupid Award.”  Bowles punts very late in the game down by two scores and Del Rio had the Raiders keep throwing the ball which made no sense at all. If they ran the football the game would have ended a lot earlier.

  Wide Receiver Kenbrell Thompkins (#10) played well. He had 6 catches for 41 yards.
Also Nick Mangold’s replacement Wesley Johnson played okay. It looked to me like guard Willie Colon was getting beat a lot. I really expect Brandon Marshall to make more catches in a game like this. He is being targeted a lot but he is letting too many "important" passes end up as incompletions.
I thought that late touchdown pass went right into his gut. He has to hold on to that!

  QB situation is getting thin with Geno looking beat up. Watch for Mike Maccagnan to
contact Ryan Mallet. Remember Maccagnan came from Houston spending 15 years there. Now we’ll have a QB on the roster who missed a plane to go along with a QB who missed a meeting last year in San Diego.  Maybe we should sign Thurmond Thomas and have a player who is missed a helmet.

  By the way, the Jet radio station 98.7 has got to fix their phones. No one could get through for about an 30 minutes when they were taking calls on their 5th quarter show. Maybe Greg Buttle will somehow blame the Patriots for sabotaging the phone lines.


  1. Jet fans did not get the treat that they were looking for this Halloween weekend. What we got instead was a lousy trick that felt like a Hulk gut punch to the stomach. The term "Same Old Jets (SOJ)" doesn't even begin to describe yesterday's terrible performance. So, let me go in to some general details. I would be more specific but there isn't enough internet bandwidth to go into the specific details of how badly this team played against the Raiders.

    There are three very disturbing trends beginning to develop.

    #1 The Jet defensive line simply got manhandled by the Raiders. They couldn't stop the run and they could not put enough pressure on Carr in the passing game. We've played pretty well against the scrum of the league but it is fairly obvious that this defense isn't tough enough to rush the passer on teams that have winning records. This trend has to be the most disturbing of them all because if you cannot pressure the quarterback under today's QB/WR friendly rules then you simply are not going to have a winner. Period, Season over and start looking to draft or trade for some quality pass rushers.

    #2 Coaching. Well, two weeks in a row and we have seen terrible sideline decisions. Last week it was failure to take time outs. This week it was failure to realize that you needed to go on 4th down being down 2 scores. Punting the ball away late in the game when you needed just 3 yards? That was ridiculous. If you do not think your offense can get 3 yards in that situation then why even play the game. Just forfeit.

    #3 Geno Smith is a bust. He is a serviceable emergency QB who can go in for a play or two when the starter gets banged up. Other than that he has no sense of the finer details of football like clock management, game savvy, etc. This is critical in any QB, even the #2 QB. He also threw the ball to the wrong shoulder on the pass to Marshall in the end zone. Big arm, lack of accuracy, no head for football. My vote is to trade him if you can find a buyer. Even a 6th round pick would be a win for the Jets. Get rid of him, he is a bum. Is Matt Flynn available? How about a Josh Johnson for Geno Smith trade straight up with the Bills? How about Matt Simms?

    To summarize, the high hopes we had for this team before the bye week have all but evaporated. The excitement of the Jet fan base has been squashed and we can now go back to talking about next years draft possibilities. Sad but true. JETS = Just End The Season. There are too many nagging issues and poor trends on this current edition of the NYJ. I love my Jets and will continue to root for them, but the season hopes have been thoroughly dashed for me.

    1. Rich-

      Great comments! You tend to be like me and panic a little too quickly.
      Jets still have a good core. The injuries are mounting up a bit.
      We can't throw in the towel yet. The next week and half will let us know where we stand playing the Jags & Bills.

      The two things I will say is that
      1) our linebackers never give us any added help in the passing game. And David Harris is my favorite Jet.
      2) Are the Jet coaches blind to our special teams? We are awful!