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Friday, October 30, 2015

Green Rewind By Marty Schupak Oct. 30, 2015

Okay Jet fans. Who was the first wide receiver to go over 10,000 yards in receiving?
The answer is later on in this article.
Hint: It is not Jerry Rice

  The Jets go to Oakland. It seems we play a road game there every year! Coming off the Patriot game, the Jets are beginning to look banged up. Nick Mangold might play even though he hardly practiced all week. We’ll know more about Calvin Pryor’s ankle at game time but he looks doubtful. WR Chris Owusu got his 5th concussion. Not good!
  The Jets have a real good chance to go 5-2. The Raiders are a very formidable opponent with a good young quarterback in Derek Carr.  They have a real good rookie receiver in Amari Cooper who has 33 receptions and 3 touchdowns along with his 519 yards. Carr has 11 touchdown passes and 3 interceptions. He is getting better and better but he can be rattled with pressure. The Raiders love the screen pass-to the wide receivers and the running backs.
 The Raiders have the  worst pass defense statistically in the NFL. Their cornerbacks are about average. Our receivers match up well against them. Tight End Jeff Cumberland should get a few more chances in this game. Jeremy Kerley should also get some balls. We should target him more if they double Marshall. We should move the ball consistently this game. We need to get better field position on punts and punt returns.
  Stand up and cheer for Todd Bowles! Let me explain. Bowles is a rookie coach who sometimes comes across very soft-spoken. You’ll probably never get a Vince Lombardi or Bill Parcells type quote from him. You probably won’t see him chew guys out on the sidelines. What we Jet fans have here is an under control coach who hates to lose. Sure he mishandled the clock at the end of the Pats game. And he’ll probably make more mistakes as a rookie head coach. He has an excellent coaching resume as well as a Superbowl ring from his days playing with the Redskins and is truly the right coach at the right time. Make no mistakes that he came into a good situation with lots of cap money but he has the Jets in the thick of the playoff hunt and the players love playing for him. Penalties are down this year and he is making good adjustments throughout the game and will get even better at it. The other NY team’s old time owner once said to his coach “Just give me meaningful football games in December.” With Todd Bowles as coach, we will have meaningful games in December.
  I can’t understand why the Jets (or the Giants for that matter) have not signed Wes Welker. If he has been cleared to play, he would help out in the slot giving Jeremy Kerley a breather. It’s obvious Devin Smith’s progress this season has probably hit a wall. And now he injured his ankle in practice. Welker would give the Jets some added speed that will open up the passing game even more!

Green Tidbits:

Talk show host Steve Weatherford is one and done as a punter. In all fairness to him he had extremely short notice.

Please, More Reps: Trevor Reilly, Less Reps: Quinton Coples.

I don’t believe for a minute Fitzpatrick can only throw 40 yards in the air. Heck, I’ve seen Jeremy Kerley throw further.

If Calvin Pryor is out, I hope the Jets sign practice squad player  Rontenz Miles who also plays safety. I thought in pre-season he did some great things and was a lock to make roster.

Undefeated Temple plays Notre Dame Saturday night. Owl alums Todd Bowles, Muhammad Wilkerson and Jaiquawn Jarrett will probably take in a few plays together. Darrin Walls who played with the Irish might join them. Trick or treat!

The Pats have two offensive linemen on their practice squad. GM Mike Maccagnan should do some creative roster moves and swoop them up. Pats OL is vulnerable right now. Remember, think outside the box with the Pats.

I know Brandon Marshall is as talented as they come and will have a brain freeze at times but the way he pursued and recovered that onside kick was awesome.

Trivia answer:

Don Maynard. Country Don had 11,834 yards and was the first football player go over  10,000 receiving yards. Maynard became the first player to sign with the New York Titans in 1960. He is one of only 20 players who were in the AFL for its entire 10-year existence, Maynard was also one of only seven players who played their entire AFL careers with one team. In addition to his 633 receptions for 11,834 yards, he had 88 touchdowns. His 18.7 yards per catch is the highest for anyone with at least 600 receptions. A great Jet!

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