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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Green Rewind By Marty Schupak November 29, 2015

  When your team holds the opposition to 12 yards rushing, 4-15 on third downs and wins the turnover stat, chances are your team will come out victorious. The defense set the tone for the Jets 38-20 victory over the Dolphins. The Jets secondary coverage was excellent for 3 1/2 quarters. Marcus Williams’ 5th interception of the season was a big turning point in the game. Unfortunately Williams went out with a sprained knee and hopefully he won’t miss much time. Darren Walls filled in and did okay. Williams who went undrafted from North Dakota State has now played in just 18 games as a Pro and has 6 interceptions, 1 recovered fumble and 1 1/2 sacks. This player is definitely talented and when he returns he should see more playing time even with Revis back.
  The Jets have a lot players that are as tough as they come; Ryan Fitzpatrick, Chris Ivory, Nick Mangold, Mo Wilkerson and Calvin Pryor stick out to me. They play with grit, perseverance and pride. The Jet linebackers looked as quick as they have been all year with Erin Henderson and Lorenzo Mauldin stepping it up. We need to see more of this the rest of the season. Demario Davis bounced back and he looked to be in the correct position in pass coverage.
  Brandon Marshall cannot be covered one on one. He is a beast when he plays calm and
is focused. He had Brent Grimes number all day. Fitzpatrick played smart and was on target all day. There were still a few dropped passes but it didn't matter. Torn thumb ligaments or not, Fitz is running when he thinks he can get positive yardage and help the team. He knows when to take off but he lays his body out too much. Still, Jets fans are beginning to really attach themselves to the "bearded wonder".
  Devin Smith made a real nice touchdown catch so hopefully he can contribute more the rest of the way. We really need him to play big with our lack of tight end participation. I also believe we have seen the last game that Marshall will be single teamed. This is a great opportunity for Smith.
 The touchdown run by Ivory should be the lead play when the Jets make their 2015 highlight film. I counted 5 Dolphins who had a shot at tackling Ivory but missed. This is a great effort!
  You know things are going well when the Jets have a positive special teams play. The return by Kerley was a welcomed sight. In fact Kerley played aggressive the whole game as a punt returner.
  Chan Gaily had a good game plan and it looked like Fitz and Marshall kept track of the safeties at the snap of the ball. This game was huge! Hopefully the Jets can carry the momentum into the Giants game. The Jets have their destiny in their own hands. All they have to do is win against the teams they face. 11-5 will get them into the playoffs. I know. Easier said then done but momentum is huge this time of year! Let’s do it Jets!

Green Tidbits

Still hard to imagine Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham as starting wide receivers for the same LSU team.

Jets telegraph their running plays. If  Ivory is about 8+ yards off the line of scrimmage, it's a run.

Why does D'Brickashaw Ferguson have penalties at the most inopportune times.

David Harris owes Nick Mangold and Devin Smith dinner after the Buckeyes convincing win over the Wolverines.

Thought a Fitz screen would have worked. Still waiting for a reverse.

This is the Brandon Marshall we want to see every game.

I didn't hear any fans calling for Geno today!

Quincy Enunwa looks like a keeper at WR if he can hold on to the ball. He is very explosive!

How valuable are centers in this league. How valuable is Nick Mangold.

My game plan for the week is to resign Muhammad Wilkerson.

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