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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Jets Season Out Of Control

  Make no mistake, this game was one of the toughest for all Jet fans. I know I waited a day before writing this article just so I wouldn’t stick my emotions all over it. What can you say about this 28-3 loss? This team continues to amaze me the way they approach anything including hiring a GM and a coach. Their approach to games is even more confusing. Right now six games into this season, what are the New York Jets football team? Are they a defensive team first? Are they a passing team? Are they a running team? Are they a team that capitalizes on turnovers (ok, quit laughing)? What is their identity? Who is the face of this franchise? The foundation (if there ever was one) is starting to come tumbling down.
  Our quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is what you have seen since he has been a Jet. He can make plays and looked like a real NFL quarterback last season but this season he has been one of the worse quarterbacks I have ever seen. His accuracy is so off that if this was a basketball game the fans would be yelling “air ball” on most of his passes. He is the master of missing receivers high, low, left, right but he never overthrows them. I know Brandon Marshall is a quality receiver but he is locking in on him all the time! Before you knew it, the Jets were losing 7-0 on a 58-yard run by David Johnson that Jet defenders looked like they wanted no part of him. The Jets cut the lead to 7-3 on a
39-yard field goal on a drive that stalled. This ended the scoring in the first quarter. Fans got a good hint of how this would go with yellow flags flying all over the place. The penalties were stunning. Some were bad calls (one pass interference on Revis and one on Skrine) though it didn’t really matter as the game went on. The Cardinals went on a 75-yard drive and were picking on Buster Skrine. David Johnson ran it in from 2-yards out to score his second TD. The Jets continue to make opposing quarterbacks look spectacular. Carson Palmer who didn’t even look sharp to me, was 23-34, 213 yards and 1TD for the night. The Jets defensive line could not develop any type of pass rush. And the Cardinals were playing with two back-up guards. Let me say this right here: though Sheldon Richardson was playing out of position the whole game dropping into coverage, he was one of the only Jets that played well. He was non-stop with his motor and he played with pride making numerous down field tackles. Leonard Williams continues to try hard and he also made plays.  With that said I really think the Muhammad Wilkerson is doing his NFL impression of Bernard Madoff. He took the Jets 80+ million dollars and the Jets have nothing to show for it. Talk about a Ponzi scheme!
  I would have benched Fitzpatrick at half time and started with Geno Smith. I’m not a Smith fan but if you look at Fitzpatrick’s second half stats, you’ll see that they are a low as stats can get for a quarterback. Sometimes a change for the sake of change can be good in football.
  The Cardinals scored a touchdown in the third and fourth quarters. Geno Smith ended up coming in but it was too little too late. There are a lot of obvious things going on. Let me point out just a few. The Jets offense is way too predictable. Every defense seems to know when a screen or draw play is coming. Our secondary looks as lost communicating with each other in game 6 as they did in game 1. They don’t look set and seem to be always out of position. Our offensive line is collapsing more and more as the game goes on. When the Jets have say a 3rd and 8, why are they running 4-yard patterns?  The Jets look unprepared each and every game and look undisciplined. Case in point was the illegal procedure 2 plays in a row that put the Jets at 1st and 20. There were a million more things wrong but what’s the point? The coach doesn’t address the issues and is sounding the same each and every week: “We have to move on and prepare for the Ravens.” Todd Bowles sounds like Rich Kotite 2.0 during his press conferences. We fans have not seen any accountability toward the players by him.
  The worse thing for football fans is when their team starts out bad before the season is half over. Woody Johnson listens to the fans and also listens to any so called football guru that has a name. Todd Bowles better make changes or he will end up back as someone's defensive coordinator next year.

Green Tidbits:

….Players like WR Robby Anderson have got to produce more when given the opportunity….I like Buster Skrine but his play was worse than Fitzpatrick’s….Please please make Darron Lee’s ankle injury minor…Ryan Quigley goes to Arizona and now he punts well….I had David Harris figured wrong. This guy when playing has to stay on the field on both running and passing plays….Have the Jets returned one punt for positive yardage?....Steve McLendon is no Snacks….Mike Glennon on the Tamps Bay bench is the free agent QB I want the Jets to pursue….If I was Woody, I’d make a call to Jim Harbaugh….Boy do I miss going to Jet games at Shea Stadium. Even losses….Next year, our first 2 draft picks have got to be offensive lineman….


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