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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Beyond The Numbers

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  If you look at Christian Hackenberg’s stats from the first half 11-15, with receiver’s dropping 3 passes, it looks good. He had a total of 70 yards which is a 6.3 average per pass completion which is not acceptable. For the game he was 18-25 for 127 yards, only 7 yards per completion.
 At the end of the third quarter, Hackenberg looked like he was getting into a rhythm completing three nice passes only to fumble a snap and lose possession. Out of all his pass plays, one play that did impress me the most was a meaningless short pass at the end of the half. The Jets were deep in their own territory and Hackenberg hung in the pocket till the last second and hit his running back for a short gain. The bottom line is the Jets did not score with Christian Hackenberg at quarterback. I know the new offense (West coast) is made up a lot of short quarterback 3-step drops getting rid of the football quickly but he has got to do better. I’m not optimistic. Here’s why! Hackenberg has what I call “static eyes.” I just don’t believe he has the down field vision necessary to be a franchise quarterback. He will lock onto his primary receiver and when he looks off him (coaches call this following his progressions), too much time has elapsed and he gets into trouble. The criticism he has received in training camp is he holds the ball too long. I believe this is from his lack of down field vision. I hope I’m wrong and he eventually lights it up but I just don’t see it at this point. Still too early to get a complete opinion of Hackenberg but at least the Jets coaching staff is giving him an opportunity with a lot of playing time.
  Josh McCown (Ryan Fitzpatrick 2.0) played a series and looked good. The highlight was his 53-yard pass completion to Robby Anderson. A beautiful throw and catch. A 4-yard touchdown pass to Charone Peake sealed the deal. You have to like McCown. He doesn’t stop cheerleading when he is not in the game. Again, this is a guy you wish had more talent. He loves football.
  Bryce Petty played garbage time with 3rd and 4th stringers so we still have no idea if Petty has any upside from last year. All I know is he was getting hit and hit hard.
  Interestingly rookie running back Elijah McGuire had awful numbers but he looked good on a couple of running plays that were called back for penalties early in the game. He might get more playing time than expected for a rookie. I predict the Dallas Cowboys may make a call to the Jets about the availability of running back Matt Forte to fill the hole made by the Ezekiel Elliott suspension.
  The Jets offensive line played okay. Their run blocking was not good but they gave both McCown and Hackenberg good pass protection.
  The Jets defense played well. Josh Martin the linebacker from Columbia was all over the field. Leonard Williams was himself and had an impressive sack. Darron Lee looked quick going sideline to sideline. One thing about Lee that Greg Buttle commented on. Buttle said when Lee is in pass coverage his eyes are still in the backfield. Great point! As we saw last year Lee got toasted on pass coverage. Demario Davis who I am not a big fan of played very well and showed quickness. The Jets have an undrafted linebacker, Connor Harris (#59). He is small but made a few impressive plays. Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye the Jets first and second picks were very quiet during the game. If the defense can play disciplined, keep the penalties down, the Jets will be in more games than expected. I love the depth of our defensive line!

Back to Hack: 
Moving forward what I’d like to see from Christian Hackenberg is:
        1. More pass completions over 15-yards
        2. Look off his primary receivers and complete passes over 10-yards
        3. Quicker getting plays off. He burnt two time outs as the time clock ran out
        4. Complete a nice long bomb. If Hack had made that same completion to Robby Anderson that McCown did, that’s all we’d be talking about

Green Tidbits: Lachlan Edwards had 14-yard punt in the 3rd quarter. He’s in mid-season form….This is the second year I’m pulling for tight end Jason Vander Laan a converted quarterback….I hope your pulling for DL Devon Still to make the squad. His daughter was fighting cancer. Devon got a sack so he started off on the right foot….Saw Joe Kelcko interview. If you saw what I saw one of his index fingers is shaped like the Delaware river going in a million different directions….I’m a huge Chad Pennington fan. If the Jets need a new GM, hopefully he will be under consideration……Don’t know what dropping faster this week. The NASDQ stocks in my 401K or Aaron Judge’s batting average….Good luck to Marty Lyons who is recovering from a stroke….Next up for the Jets, At Lions Saturday 8/19, 7:30pm on CBS TV.

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