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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Shot Themselves In The Foot Again And Again

There have been so many games this year that the Jets have shot themselves in the foot, it is becoming tiresome both writing and talking about it. You can pinpoint any number of plays that lost this game 35-27 to the Carolina Panthers but to me there were six plays that stood out:
1. Sefarian-Jenkins drops a first quarter TD pass.
2. Sefarian-Jenkins TD reception that was overturned.
3. Josh McCown’s fumble returned for a TD.
4. Panther Kaelin Clay TD punt return
5. Jordan Jenkins going offsides on fourth down.
6. Mike Pennel roughing Cam Newton

 Austin Seferian-Jenkins was showing indications of being a star after his two-game suspension but has looked bad the last four games. He is looking heavier and slower than he did the first five games he played. I was hoping the Jets could lock this player up long term but I have my doubts. In his defense the Jets got “jobbed” on his excellent touchdown catch that was overturned. Everyone said there was not enough evidence to change the call but the refs did just that. Todd Bowles has got to be more vocal on plays like this. And speaking of Bowles (who I will get to later) why is he dropping his headphones when the Jets still had two plays at the end of the game? This guy is not head coach material for many reasons.
 Josh McCown’s fumble was all on him. The Jets were ahead at that point. If he is feeling pressure and cannot throw it out of bounds, the play there is to take the sack as unpopular as that is. As good as he is playing overall, these things seem to always happen to McCown. Last year when the Jets played the Browns, McCown was the Browns QB and dove into the end zone on the Browns first drive and fumbled the ball and the Jets went on to win that game. Josh McCown is is exactly what we see. A great leader who lacks talent but plays his heart out. He under-threw Robby Anderson again and missed him long on another play despite throwing two beautiful touchdown passes to him. 
  The Jets cover and return game on special teams stink. Jo Jo Natson had one good punt return. On the others he turned the wrong way and ended up going backwards. The Kaelin Clay punt return for a touchdown was another horrible play. There was no containment on the edges. The return was probably symbolic because this past week former Jet ST coach Mike Westoff took a job with the New Orleans Saints to be a special teams consultant. I’ve been yelling all year for the Jets to hire him but staying pat is now costing them.
  The Jet penalties by linebacker Jordan Jenkins (offside on 4th down) and Mike Pennel (roughing Cam Newton) were both very costly. I know I put a lot on the Jets coaching but you don’t see plays like this happen to winning organizations. Pennel has got to use his head. He left his feet but on the way down pushing Newton to the ground was inexcusable. If he raises his hands like he is trying to avoid hitting Newton, that penalty is never called. Stupid football players make stupid mistakes.

Chris Spielman
I thought Chris Spielman did a wonderful job as the color commentator. He was on the money on most things. Every Jet should be required to watch the game film listening to the comments by Spielman. Especially Robby Anderson. I’ve been Anderson’s biggest fan this year writing about how he is a budding star. As good a game that Anderson was having, to start spouting into the camera that he should make the pro bowl is really unprofessional. If I was the coach, I bench him for the first quarter of the Chiefs game. BB would do it. It’s time that Jet fans see some kind of discipline and accountability from this coach.

Todd Bowles and Possible Replacements
Make no mistake, good NFL coaches are at their best in the fourth quarter and in close games. The Jets are at their worse in the fourth quarter. Even though the team is playing hard for Todd Bowles, I would replace him. His team burnt two time outs in the first half that they could have used to try and get the ball back before half time. This happens over and over. The Jets had seven penalties for sixty eight yards less than the Panthers ten for eighty four, but it is always the timing of the penalties. The timing is showing a lack of discipline. When Jordan Jenkins goes off side on a fourth down play that would have stopped a Panthers drive and Mike Pennel roughs Cam Newton, it is showing fans that this is not being addressed in practice. And getting that penalty for twelve men on the field giving yardage back to the Panthers after a penalty by them was bad. Going back to Rex Ryan, the Jets must have the NFL record for being penalized for twelve men on the field.
Who do I like as a new Jets head coach? Pete Carmichael Jr., the offensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints. His offense has been ranked first in the NFL in yardage in five of the last 10 seasons. During the period of Carmichael’s tenure on the New Orleans coaching staff, the club’s 10-year streak of finishing in the top 10 in offense is the third-longest since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger. Another name? Pat Shurmur who is the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings and is doing an incredible job. He was the coach of the Cleveland Browns for two years in a impossible situation and was handed Colt McCoy to be the starter. Shurmer knows how to coach and is a quarterback guru.

Jets Defense
Despite the two penalties mentioned and the weak play by DB Darryl Roberts, the Jets defense did play well and with a lot of heart. Demario Davis played really well despite having a couple of weak plays in pass coverage. Marcus Maye and Darron Lee also played well. Mo Wilkerson had a sack that was caused by a blitz by Jamaal Adams. Speaking of the blitz, I thought Bowles was getting a little too blitz happy especially with the problems Roberts was having covering receivers by himself. 

Green Tidbits
…..Offensive line continues to collapse at the most important times…..Robby Anderson continues to produce and produce big. If he can mature a little, and the Jets get a QB that can see the field, the sky is the limit…..Despite what you will hear from players and coaches this week, it is officially garbage time. Play Petty…..Former Jet Ray Lucas continues to tell it like it is. He also got on Robby Anderson for his sideline self promotion…..I still have a good feeling about rookie Elijah McGuire and the way he hits the hole…..Under the radar is Matt Forte who continues to be a real professional playing hard on every play in difficult circumstances…..With the Sefarian-Jenkins play in New England and today, he is a human test case for officials. Maybe the NFL booth crew should have a Sefarian-Jenkins highlight film as homework…..Nose Tackle Deon Simon is buried on the Jets practice squad. Liked him in 2016 pre-season. Good time to bring him up……Time of possession, Jets 28:10, Panthers 31:50…..When Jets are down by two scores in the fourth quarter, they have got to show more of a sense of urgency…..I still say the Jets need a thumper at fullback so defense knows when they hit something hard…..Revis bowl is next week at Met Life 1PM…..



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