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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Jets Unprepared in 23-0 Loss

 In professional sports team play will reflect the coaches. If the coach is flat, the team will come out flat. If the coach seems to give up at some point in the game, the team will give up. With that said if I was part of the Johnson family who own the Jets, there are three people I would do everything in my power not to pay them one more penny after the season. Morris Claiborne, Mo Wilkerson and Todd Bowles. 
  Some people think Morris Claiborne is having a good season. I was getting suckered into this thinking when he played well. Today against the Denver Broncos, this former first round pick from LSU ( 6th overall) showed no pride at all and did not come to play. If the Jets should ever make the playoffs with him on the roster, how can you count on him? In the first half, it seemed every big play happened in front or near Claiborne. This phony defensive back who is playing for a contract for next year could not cover a bed today. A turtle could have run a pass pattern and faked him out. He also missed tackle after tackle throughout the game. Pro athletes who possess incredible natural talent, who don’t come to play every week, have zero respect from me. Everyday you and I witness people breaking their backs trying to put food on the table for their family and Morris Claiborne plays like this? Give me a player with less talent who will give it his all. I’ll take him. In fact bring back the inept Marcus Williams who is slow but at least he gives an effort. The quicker the Jets rid themselves of Morris Claiborne the better.
  Muhammad Wilkerson who had 28 1/2 sacks from 2013-2015 is the epidemy of a loser. In team sports a loser puts himself ahead of the team. A loser misses or comes late to team meetings. A loser signs a huge contract and then coasts and just goes through the motions. A loser has no professional pride. A loser is Muhammad Wilkerson. He showed his true colors early in the game when the Broncos had a 3rd and 6 and Mo went offsides. The quicker the Jets get rid of Wilkerson also the better. And don’t let the door hit him on the way out.
  We have all been up and down with Todd Bowles this season. The soothsayers said the Jets were a 0-16 or a 1-15 team. But the Jets showed everyone they were wrong. The Jets went into this game with a very remote chance to make the playoffs. But still a chance. What in the name of Vince Lombardi was Todd Bowles doing running the clock out at the end of the first half and then just giving up in the fourth quarter showing no confidence in Bryce Petty to lead a come back? I have never seen a team with a slight playoff hope run the clock out with four minutes to go in the game. What is Todd Bowles doing? Also it is a bad break (no pun) but Josh McCown broke his hand. Before that, didn’t Bowles see that McCown was off his game? He was getting more and more hurt as the game kept going? Todd Bowles and the Jets staff must have zero confidence in Bryce Petty. Yes he was awful when he got in but then why is he on the roster? Surely you would have to expect with a roster like the Jets have and a 38 year old quarterback, the back-up would get in some time during the season? I have seen enough of Todd Bowles. It is time to move on and the Jets won’t do it because it is the gutsy thing to do. Now we are stuck with this stiff cardboard coach who cannot tell time and cannot make any in-game decisions for at least one year and maybe two. Jacksonville is lucky to get a coach like Doug Marrone.

Jets Play Joe Montana Every Week
  Leave it to the Jets. No matter what team they are playing the opposing quarterback will put up All-Pro numbers. Trevor Siemian the Denver quarterback looked excellent today. He was 19-31 for 200 yards and one touchdown and added 13 more yards rushing. What you had to like about Siemian today was his ability to see the field and extend plays. His 20 yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas in the right corner of the end zone was excellent. He was under pressure and to me it looked like he was trying to throw the ball away and Thomas came down with it. Right over Morris Claiborne who also interfered on the play. In the second quarter before a missed field goal by Denver, Siemian connected on one third down play and ran on another third down play both for first downs.
  In the third quarter Siemian led the Broncos on a 13 play 68 yard touchdown drive that took 6:19. On this drive there was no real long spectacular plays. Just constant forward movement with Siemian making plays whenever the Broncos needed them. Trevor Siemian was a seventh round draft pick in 2015. I could list the players the Jets drafted ahead of him but we are all sick enough.

Pro-Bowl Calling DeMario Davis?
  Call me a front runner. Call me a fair weather fan. Call me a typical Monday Morning Quarterback second guessing everything. I may be all of these but the one thing I never saw coming was the play of DeMario Davis. As stated more than once I thought it was a bad move bringing him back to the Jets after he has an unceremonious tenure his first time around. But the way he has been playing this year has been outstanding. He’ll never be a great pass cover linebacker but he has been playing beyond expectations. Again, except for a couple of bad pass coverages, Davis was a beast. On a team that has players like Devon Lee, Morris Claiborne and Buster Skrine playing inconsistently all year, Davis has had only a couple of bad games. Today he had ten tackles and assisted on two more. A reminder that the Jets got him back from the Browns even up for Calvin Pryor. A pretty good trade! DeMario Davis has shown leadership, professionalism and pride. Unlike some of his teammates on defense. 

Green Tidbits
….We all love Jamal Adams but I don’t want him turning into just a thug on the field. He has gotten away with a few too many penalties…..Give Buster Skrine credit. The much maligned defensive back has more than held his own the last two weeks…..Mike Pennel (#98) really does not belong on this roster. I know I’m a broken record but bring up Deon Simon from the practice squad…..Marcus Maye had a rough game against the Chiefs but right now he is the more polished safety between him and Jamal Adams…..Bad symbolism Todd Bowles taking his head phones off early. At least twice this season….Robby Anderson had a rough game but he can’t be fixing his dreadlocks in the middle of an NFL game.



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