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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Jets Need To Blow It Up! Fire Coach & GM!

This is becoming an all too regular theme. Blowing up the Jets and starting again from scratch seems to be the team’s motto. In fact every NFL team puts out a highlight film. For 2018 and thereafter the Jets highlight film should be called “Blow It Up Again, Time For Another Change.” We have all seen this movie before and if you feel like the Bill Murray character in Groundhog Day, with the same scene repeating itself you are not alone. So anyone who is seeing a therapist, let the shrink know that you are part of a large group of misfits who keep rooting their hearts out but like going up a hill of ice we all keep sliding down to the bottom. The New York Jets have got to change both the coach and the General Manager. It is not even a choice. We cannot fire one without ridding ourselves of the other.

Todd Bowles
I’ve seen many successful offensive and defensive coordinators fail as a head coach. In the early 1970’s the Miami Dolphins had a brilliant defensive coordinator Bill Arnsparger who became coach of the New York Giants. He was a complete failure as head coach.  Norv Turner has a great football mind and was a great offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys in the early 1990’s. He was awful as a head coach for three teams (Washington, Oakland, San Diego) and had a lifetime record of 118-126-1 (.484). Closer to home the New York Jets hired Joe Walton as head coach in 1983 after being very successful as the offensive coordinator of the Washington Redskins and then the Jets. Walton ended up with a career record of 53-57-1 (.482). Todd Bowles is not a head coach. Never was head coaching material. I saw this his first two seasons when he managed the clock like a first grader and managed his 
timeouts like a second grader. In fact I think Stevie Wonder could have done a better job. Game after game he would waste timeouts, go into the locker room with some left or take a knee showing no confidence in his players. I remember one game against the Rex Ryan coached Buffalo Bills when the Jets scored a touchdown in the 4th quarter and went up by 12 points and then went for one point! Are you kidding me? And how many times did we see Todd Bowles on either 45 yard line with a 4th and 1 punt the ball. I don’t know about my fellow Jet fans but I want a coach who is aggressive on the offensive side of the ball and doesn’t coach “not to lose.” I want a coach and a team that act like sharks and are always moving forward. And how about holding individual players accountable for their actions. This crap I hear that these pre-snap penalties are not the coach's fault and the coach cannot play the game is making fools of us Jet fans. GET IN SOME PLAYER’S FACES ON THE SIDELINE AND SIT THEM DOWN! Todd Bowles coaching record with the Jets is 23-35 (.396). Take away his first year when the Jets were 10-6 and his record is 13-29 (.309). This is so unacceptable it is a joke. Take a look at your own job. Would your boss accept it if the tasks he assigned you had a success rate of 31%? And I hope none of you are surgeons. Fire Todd Bowles right now! Never mind having him finish the season. The ownership of the Jets should take steps to show the fans that they care. At this point does it really matter who interim head coach is?

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Mike Maccagnan
This decision was not as tough as I thought when you look at the facts. Before getting into the personnel decisions cleaning house is the only chance the Jets have. If they fire Bowles and keep Maccagnan the Jets are getting into a possible situation that they will keep changing one and not the other further down the road. This is not the way to run an NFL franchise. Maccagnan has made some good personnel decisions but his bad ones stand out like real stinkers. I really think NFL general managers should be judged on how they draft in rounds 2,3,4. Let’s look at how Maccagnan drafted. 

2015 Draft
1. Leonard Willams
2. Devin Smith
3. Lorenzo Mauldin
4. Bryce Petty
5. Jarvis Harrison
6. No pick
7. Deon Simon
Some of The Misses: Todd Gurley RB,David Johnson RB, Marcus Peters CB, Tyler Lockett WR, Trey Flowers DE, Stefon Diggs WR, Jay Ajayi RB, 

1.Darron Lee
2.Christian Hackenberg
3.Jordan Jenkins
4.Justin Burris
5.Brandon Shell
6.No pick
7.Lac Edwards
7.Charone Peake
Some of The Misses: Myles Jack LB, Sterling Shepard WR, Cody Whitehair G-C, Joe Thuney G, Isaac Seumalo G-C, Jacoby Brissett QB, Caleb Benenoch OT,

1.Jamal Adams
2.Marcus Maye
3.ArDarius Stewart
4.Chad Hansen
5.Jordan Leggett
5.Dylan Donahue
6.Elijah McGuire
6.Jeremy Clark
6.Derrick Jones
Some of The Misses: Patrick Mahomes QB, Marshon Lattimore DB, Deshaun Watson QB, T. J. Watt LB,JuJu Smith-Schuster WR, Cooper Kupp WR, Alvin Kamara RB, Kareem Hunt RB, Deatrich Wise Jr. LB, 

1.Sam Darnold
2.No pick
3.Nathan Shepard
4.Christopher Herndon
5.No pick
6.Parry Nickerson
6.Folorunso Fatukasi
6.Trenton Cannon
Some of The Misses: Michael Gallup WR,Arden Key DE, Chukwuma Okorafor OT, Antonio Callaway WR, John Franklin-Myers DE, 

Anyone can miss a draft pick. But with Mike Maccagnan’s there are too many of them like Devin Smith, Christian Hackenberg, ArDarius Stewart, Chad Hansen and not enough like Christopher Herndon or Lac Edwards.  Also I wanted the Jets to sign Snacks Harrison and let go of Muhammud Wilkerson at the time. This is not entirely Mac’s fault. No one knew that Mo would pack it in right after signing his contract. Picking up Henry Anderson from the Colts was a good pick up. And trading up and getting Sam Darnold is looking like a brilliant move. But the general manager’s job is to secure talent and depth and the Jets lack talent in too many places. Why he did not address the offensive line in the earlier rounds since becoming GM is a question I will never understand. His big free agent signing of Trumaine Johnson is looking like one of the worst free agent signings ever. Why in the world would Christopher Johnson give Mac the keys to the vault to spend the 100+ million that will be available with the Trumaine Johnson signing? And human nature being what it is Mac may look for the quick fix to save his job. There is no way I want Le'Veon Bell to wear a Jets uniform. If Mac remains and he signs Bell, this is a panic move that doesn’t have to be done. I just turned 65 years old and have been a Jet fan since 1964. I’d like to see a change and build a foundation. We have our franchise quarterback and now it is time to move on. 

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Jets Should Consider These People For The Organization
Now let’s go from pessimism to optimism for the New York Jets. When coaches and general managers are considering organizations to work for in the NFL there are many factors involved but two of the biggest are      1) Stable ownership 2) A franchise quarterback in place. Despite my feelings toward the Johnson family, the ownership is stable. And despite his play of late, Sam Darnold has a chance to be a great quarterback. With that said the Jets should be an attractive landing ground for quality people. Here we go…

John Harbaugh
His time with the Baltimore Ravens is coming to an end. With a 98-69 lifetime record and a 10-5 playoff record with one Super Bowl win he would be my number one choice. He is 56 years old and would probably want complete control which the Jets should give him. As a competitor I’m sure he would love to be in the same division as the Patriots. I know for a fact the Tom Brady line from that playoff game: “Our coaches know the rules” irks Harbaugh to no end and he would love a piece of BB. And if there is any chance of him talking Ozzie Newsome to come with him this would be a real coup.

Jim Harbaugh
A close second would be John’s brother Jim. Presently the coach at Michigan, this former NFL quarterback is the perfect person to develop Sam Darnold. An NFL quarterback himself (remember Captain Comeback) he coached Andrew Luck at Stanford and Colin Kaepernick and Alex Smith when he was head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. He became the first NFL head coach to have reached a conference championship game in each of his first three seasons. Again, he might demand full control with personnel decisions but the Jets should give it to him.

John DeFilippo
DeFilippo is the Vikings offensive coordinator. He was the quarterbacks coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and was a major part of the development of Carson Wentz. The Jets had tried to get him to be their offensive coordinator but he turned them down. He is from Ohio but has coached in New York for Columbia as their quarterbacks coach in 2003-04. The Giants then hired him as their offensive quality control coach in 2005-06. He was also the Jets quarterback coach in 2009. John DeFilippo will be the hot name in the off season and this is one of the reasons the Jets need to fire Todd Bowles now so they can put out feelers to him.

Eric Mangini
Before you leave this web site and have me committed, give me a chance to explain. Eric Mangini coached the Jets for 3 years when he was very young. He got caught up in the Brett Favre debacle but still finished with a 23-25 record. His second season the Jets were 4-12 in a year that was upside down from the beginning to the end with changes in the quarterback position going back and forth from Chad Pennington to Kellen Clemens. I can’t explain Mangini’s 10-22 record when he went to Cleveland. But I think he is a good coach and the Jets let go of him too soon. He is one coach who would have a chance to excel his next time time around. Besides the Jets-Pats rivalry would be more intense if that is possible.

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Green Tidbits
….Can the NFL institute a rule that if a team doesn’t make the playoffs 8 years straight, the owners have to sell the team….Todd Bowles can show some guts and start Darryl Roberts over Trumaine Johnson against the Pats….At this point I’d like to see the Jets give the ball more to Elijah McGuire than Isaiah Crowell….Picking punter Lachlan Edwards in the 7th round may be Maccagnan’s legacy along with trading up and landing Sam…..How in the world can any Green Rewind fan expect me to write an article covering the Buffalo game after that disaster…..Can’t get an update on the Jets practice squad but it is time to see what DB’s Jeremy Clark and Brandon Bryant can do…..Jets are 29th in team offense and I was gushing about OC Jeremy Bates in September. I learned my lesson…..I don’t know about you but I told my wife there are other options to buy at CVS instead of Johnson’s Baby Powder and Johnson’s Band Aids…Those 3 years of Bill Parcells as Jets head coach seem a lifetime away…..Hey Jets, how can we get Robby Anderson to run his short patterns like he cares…..In hindsight, I’m wondering if Sam Darnold’s ankle problem happened a few weeks ago. His passes seem to float and maybe he could not step into his throws with that bad ankle….Why can’t we see if QB Davis Webb has anything?…..My only fear moving forward is the Jets beat the Pats and will win their last 5 of 6 and Bowles comes back…..The new Netflix show “Medal of Honor” is must see TV….

What The Jet Scribes Are Saying
Manish Mehta, NY Daily News.
We’ve heard players from all corners of the locker room support their embattled head coach, but talk is cheap at this point. If they truly believe in Bowles, then actually play hard and give maximum effort. The Jets, frankly, gave minimal effort in their embarrassing 41-10 loss to the hot-garbage Bills before the bye. Days later, I still cannot fathom the pathetic team effort that we witnessed last Sunday. It was a flat-out disgrace. It’s ridiculous that these guys actually got game checks. That’s what you call good ol’ fashioned thievery right there, folks. Anyway, let’s move on. Nobody expects the Jets to beat the angry and well-rested Patriots next weekend, but is it too much to ask to play hard? Spoiler: No, it’s not. It certainly looks, feels and smells like the Jets will be searching for a new head coach in six weeks, but it’s never too late to be a professional and play with pride. Bowles and his staff at least deserve that from their players…..If the season ended today, the Jets would have the No. 5 pick in the 2019 draft. The smart money is that Mike Maccagnan will be picking in that neighborhood when the season actually does end. The rest of the schedule is, well, sort of brutal. The Jets will only face one team with a losing record: The Bills. And I don’t need to remind you what Buffalo did to Gang Green, do I? The Jets will face Tom Brady twice and Aaron Rodgers. They’ll have three road games. The Jets have proven that no road games are layups regardless of the opponent. It’ll be a minor miracle if they split the final six games.

Brian Costello, NY Post
A Jets season that started with promise just after Labor Day has fizzled out before Thanksgiving. The Jets are 3-7 at the bye — another lost season in a decade full of them. It appears they will be searching for a new head coach in just over a month, as Todd Bowles is likely in his final weeks as head coach.Not much has gone right for the Jets, who are riding a four-game losing streak into the bye. Rookie quarterback Sam Darnold has shown flashes of what he is capable of, but he has struggled in recent weeks before getting sidelined by a sprained foot last week.
The offense is terrible, ranked 29th at 299.4 yards per game. They have not scored more than 17 points in a game in over a month. The defense has shown some promise, but also suffered terrible letdowns in losses to the Browns, Bears and Bills. Bowles is maintaining the stance his team can still turn around its season, but those words seem empty. They have two games remaining with the Patriots — plus games with the Packers, Texans and Titans, who are all contenders.
“It’s not hard,” Bowles said of turning things around. “It’s football. We line up, we put on our pads and play. We coach the hell out of them, and we go out and try to win games. That’s real simple for us to do. We got to get it done.” That is something the Jets have been unable to do in the first two-plus months of the season. They have won just once on the road. They are tied for the worst red-zone offense in the league and in dead last in third-down conversions.
Darnold remains the hope for the future. And they have oodles of cap space this offseason to rebuild the team. The rookie quarterback from USC has shown potential that should excite fans (the win over the Colts) but also looked very much like a rookie at other times (the loss at Miami).If Darnold can return from the foot injury soon, as the Jets hope, the final six weeks of the season will mainly about seeing him develop.
This will be the Jets’ third straight losing season if they lose two more games. Bowles does not believe the locker room will splinter, but fans have seen that happen in the past.
“We got a good locker room,” Bowles said. “These guys understand that they’re good football players and they play hard as hell. And they are going to try like hell to win ball games. This is part of it. It’s up to us as coaches and up to them as players to do that and they’ve been doing a good job at that.”

Rich Cimini, ESPN
John Wolford was eating sushi with friends at a Japanese restaurant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, when he received an out-of-the-blue call from the green and white -- the New York Jets.
It was Aug. 24, three days before he would begin a new job at Teall Capital, a private equity firm in town. The Jets needed another quarterback for the final week of the preseason, and they saw some promise in Wolford, who had participated in their spring rookie camp as a non-roster player. The Jets offered a contract. He accepted. At dinner, Wolford & Co. celebrated with sake bombs. "My friends did the sake bombs," Wolford recalled with a laugh. "I had to leave to go pack."
Wolford's excellent adventure lasted 10 days, during which he experienced the best and the worst of the NFL. He participated in three practices, played against the Philadelphia Eagles and made forever memories. It ended abruptly -- he was informed of his release after getting pulled out of a quarterbacks meeting -- but, hey, at least he can say he wore an NFL uniform. This is a "whatever-happened-to" story about a fine college quarterback out of Wake Forest who put his career in finance on hold to take a shot at a dream. It didn't work out. Maybe it never will. But he has a bright future in investment banking and a hell of a story to share with friends and business clients.

"I know it was brief, but I'll look back and cherish that moment," Wolford said by phone. "Not a lot of people get to go out and play for the New York Jets. I'm working my ass off to get another shot to play for them, but that's the way it goes. I'll remember that time for the rest of my life."

Wolford drew a crowd of reporters at his locker after his first practice. With Sam Darnold, Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater dominating the headlines for weeks, Wolford represented a change of pace. He was a new curiosity, the Wake grad who walked out of the world of finance and into the coolest temp job ever. He got some serious ink in the New York tabloids. Three days later, Wolford got a firsthand glimpse of the NFL business machine. As the team was preparing to board buses to Philadelphia, the news broke that Bridgewater had been traded to the New Orleans Saints. Wolford knew what it meant for him: A lot of playing time against the Eagles. Nine months removed from his last college game, Wolford replaced McCown with 9 minutes, 35 seconds left in the second quarter and finished the game. His 15 minutes of fame lasted 39 minutes. At first, he was awed by the experience, but that quickly faded. He'll never forget his second play, an 18-yard completion to tight end Jordan Leggett. Three months later, he still considers it the highlight of the night…..And a terrific memory, along with practice and workout gear the Jets allowed him to bring home.

"It was pretty awesome," he said. "It was hectic, learning the playbook; but all things considered, I thought I was prepared when I got my chance. I feel like I can play, so I'm not giving up on it. I left the Jets more encouraged than discouraged."

Sounds like a sake bomb might be in order.

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