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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Jets, Jets, Jets! Same Garbage!

“Accountability is a statement of personal promise, both to yourself and to the people around you, to deliver specific defined results.”
- Brian Dive

The 2018-19 New York Jets have got to be the dumbest football team ever put together by any organization. If they were on Kids Jeopardy they would lose. I’ve been a fan since 1964 and the Jets invent new ways to blow games. The only silver lining today was that this game did not go into overtime and we were all spared and out of our misery 30 minutes sooner. What in the name of Darrol Ray is going on in Jet land? How can the ownership keep going on with this coach even though the season is lost? Why do the Jets ever not make half time adjustments? And why in the world was Robby Anderson still on the field for the rest of the game, yes the rest of the game when he got the dumbest penalty in the history of the NFL?  The penalties the Jets got today are an embarrassment to the whole Jet organization. They had eleven penalties today. Morris Claiborne makes $7 million dollars a year and today he played like his cleats were chained together. What a bum Claiborne has turned out to be. Besides the Anderson first half penalty, Kelvin Beachum had a horrible penalty wiping out a huge pass gain by Chris Herndon. On that last Titan scoring drive of the game, Claiborne, Jordan Jenkins and Trumaine Johnson had penalties that were inexcusable. And let me say this about Trumaine Johnson. He had a huge pick six in the first half but this free agent signing has to go down as one of the worst in NFL history. After his INT, he quit playing. What a loser he is.

There is nothing coming out of this season the way the Jets are coached. And then I have to hear Todd Bowles say at the post game press conference that he doesn’t know how to change things. Thank God Bowles is not a heart surgeon operating on someone you or I love. Losing begins at the top and Todd Bowles is one of the biggest losers as a head coach I have ever seen. He does not know what to do with any type of lead whether it is 16-0 or 22-13. And Jeremy Bates who I defended just does not know his offensive personnel and how to get the ball into the end zone. Jason Meyers the Jets kicker has had a great season but a lot of that is the result of the Jets inept offense. They are last in the NFL in the red zone and cannot score touchdowns.

A few things from the first half. The Jets blocked a punt and an extra point. Josh McCown (17/30 128yds. 1 INT) looked okay.  Frankie Luvu and Brandon Copeland and Jamal Adams were all over the place. Watching the first half you would swear there two or three Jets on defense wearing #33. On the negative I have about had it with Robby Anderson and his selfish antics. Henry Anderson had a sack that was wiped out because of a Jet penalty. It is so obvious to me the Jets defense cannot handle the opponents hurry up offense. The Titans went right down the field at the end of the second quarter.  The Jets went up 16-6 at half time and was getting the kickoff in the second half. Things seemed good.

In the second half the Jets got outscored 20-6 and did not have an offensive touchdown today. Andre Roberts had a real good game today returning kickoffs and had a nice pass reception. After Josh McCown played okay in the first half, he quit playing in the second half and cannot close the deal. He is a trooper but it is time to move on from him after the season. Josh McCown just does not see the field well. If the next coach the Jets hire is a defensive coach, it will be the dumbest thing they could do. Isaiah Crowell (21 carries, 98 yards, 4 receptions, 9 yards) played hard today and had some good runs. Chris Herndon always seems to be open.  In the third quarter McCown had a nice third down pass to Jordan Legget that was wiped out because of a penalty by Eric “penalty machine” Tomlinson. On the Titans winning touchdown drive they went 66 yards on 6 plays in 1:10 minutes. What disgrace.

A season of hope with a franchise quarterback that fell into the Jet’s lap is turning into another disaster. For Todd Bowles to coach the way he has and GM Mike Maccagnan to provide the personnel he has is an insult to any Jet fan who follows this team. I feel sorry for all those Jet fans who have season tickets and all those who go out of their way to attend road games. A complete house cleaning is in order. In a league where offense is the emphasis the Jets are going backwards. Look at the last five games-all losses.
    Game      Offensive TDs.
Titans 26-22           0
Pats   27-13            1
Bills  41-10             1
Dolphins 13-6         0
Bears 24-10           1

The Jets have scored three offensive touchdowns in 20 quarters of football. Teams that are coached well get better as the season goes on. Look at the Houston Texans. They were 0-3 and now they are 9-3. The Steelers started out 1-2-1 and now they are 7-3-1. Even the New England Patriots were 1-2 and now they are 9-3. Great organizations and great coaches figure it out. They are not immune to player injuries or other problems. The Jets don’t have an answer and I don’t trust Maccagnan with all that free agent money available. The Jets need a culture change in the worst way. All the Jets are playing for now is a high draft pick. I want to see Sam Darnold play again but it is probably in the organizations best interest to sit him. This GM and coaching staff will ruin this kid. Come on Johnson family, show some guts!

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Green Tidbits
…..I may be wrong but did CBS go to commercial in the second quarter in the middle of a live play?…..Brandon Copeland #51 plays with heart….. Jet tight ends Jordan Leggett and Chris Herndon were the most reliable Jets today along with Crowell, Meyers and Adams….Besides Jenkins bad penalty, he had a nice sack in the 4th quarter….On one McCown scramble, if he went straight instead of veering off, he gets a first down…..Robby Anderson wants a long term deal. Show us some discipline and we’ll show you the money…..If there is a fumble on the field, don’t hope, the Jets won’t recover…..As a team the KC Chiefs have 37 passing TDs so far. The Jets have 12…..Jets host the Texans December 15th and the Packers December 23. The over/under for people to show up is 25,000. If Sam doesn’t play it is 18,000. Mostly Texan and Packer fans…..I remember Leon Hess famous quote  “I am 80 years old and want to win now.” At 65 I’m beginning to know how he felt…..The Pats have had one coach for a long time. The Jets have gone through Herm Edwards, Eric Mangini, Rex Ryan and Todd Bowles....My wife's family is from Boston and things are so bad for me that on Mondays I refuse to answer my phone when I see a 617 area code on the other end....

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What The Jet Scribes Are Saying
Rich Cimini, ESPN
Each week, the New York Jets sink a little lower. Each week, their glaring warts are on full display. They can't score touchdowns, their defense crumbles in big spots and they commit dumb penalties. Worst of all? They've been infected by a losing mentality, the type of virus that can ruin teams and ruin seasons…..
It was on full display Sunday at Nissan Stadium, where the Jets came unglued in the second half and fell to the Tennessee Titans, 26-22 -- their sixth straight loss. This was brutal. The Jets led 16-0, but they played as if they expected something bad to happen. And it did. Over and over…..The Jets took a nine-point lead into the fourth quarter, but their offense played dead. Josh McCown, who started his third game for the injured Sam Darnold, failed to lead a single touchdown drive. McCown passed for 282 yards and threw a late interception to seal the defeat. Running back Isaiah Crowell, who complained last week about the play calling, was a bright spot with 98 rushing yards. Big deal. It didn't amount to anything.The Jets started with a 7-0 lead, thanks to a pick-six by Trumaine Johnson -- their first takeaway in six games. They blocked a punt and blocked a PAT, doing weird things to stay in the lead. You know things are bad when the best player on the team is the kicker -- Jason Myers, who kicked five field goals…..

Brian Costello, NY Post
The Jets season died weeks ago, but the Titans threw another shovel full of dirt on it for good measure. The Jets blew a 16-point lead and suffered another brutal loss in a brutal season, this one a 26-22 meltdown. It was their sixth straight loss, dropping their record to 3-9. The 6-6 Titans looked primed for an upset for most of the day, but the Jets wasted opportunities by settling for field goals, committing silly penalties and not being able to come up with one final stop…..

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