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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Jets Coaching Staff Smells Of WWE Cage Match

Things were moving along smoothly. I was one of fans in the minority that wanted Adam Gase over Mike McCarthy. I was hoping that Gase would get Gregg Williams as defensive coordinator and he did. Then the Jets get offensive line coach Frank Pollack from the Bengals after one year who did a great job when he was with the Cowboys. Great pick-up. Some of the other hires has to make one scratch his head and ask, “Can this thing really work.” First off Gregg Williams was grandstanding for Gase to hire his son. Blake Williams is known to be rough (very rough) around the edges. As Rich Cimini reports later in this issue, he actually went crazy screaming at a draft prospect at the scouting combine once. He has also been reprimanded for sitting in the wrong seat on the team bus and not moving. Instead of hiring him as linebackers coach, Gase finally relented and compromised giving the young Williams the title of defensive assistant.  I love my kids like any dad but is this going to be a pot boiling before the season even starts? Then right out of the Weeb Ewbank-Charlie Winner fiasco, Gase hires his father in law Joe Vitt as senior defensive assistant/outside linebackers coach. For you young Jet fans Ewbank hired Charlie Winner as coach to take over for him. As it turns out Winner was Weeb’s son-in-law. Can’t make this stuff up even in Jets lore. There’s even more on Vitt. Apparently Joe Vitt was with the Saints during the “bounty gate” scandal. And Vitt not only testified that Gregg Williams was lying but he said that (again according to Rich Cimini) 

“the players didn't take Williams seriously because of his "false bravado" and "schtick."

On the surface this looks like a formula for failure just because of the pecking order. Does Blake Williams answer to Joe Vitt? Does Joe Vitt answer to Gregg Williams? Can’t wait to see what happens if Blake Williams sits in Jamal Adams or Leonard Williams seat on the bus. Stay tuned. But wait, this is the Jets and there’s more!
Also on the staff as running backs coach is Jim Bob Coote. A once up and coming young rising star in the NFL coaching ranks, Coote is trying to re-establish his resume after taking hits as the offensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions. But something else about Jim Bob Coote. According to Wikipedia:

“He was arrested for driving under the influence in June 2006, and was suspended (as a player) from the (Tennessee) Volunteers football team as a result. In 2009, he was charged with aggravated burglary after climbing into a window and getting into a woman's bed.The charges were later dropped.”

Wow! There are a lot of variables with this staff. No doubt the 2019 season will be interesting not only on the field but on the sidelines. This past season had leaks to certain Jet beat writers that ended up on the back pages of the tabloids pitting certain coaches against the personnel department including Mike Maccagnan. So the administration has seen this happen. Nepotism is common in the NFL coaching ranks. Steve Belichick is the Patriots safeties coach and names such as Kyle Shanahan, David Shula and Wade Phillips all got their starts because of their fathers. However, I’ve never seen a situation like the Jets have where the head coach has his father-in-law on the same staff after he testified for another coach on the staff that helped result in his suspension. I don’t care how many beers Gregg Williams has with Joe Vitt trying to patch things up. Gregg Williams has been drooling waiting for his chance at another NFL head coaching job (he was interim last year for the Browns and coached the Bills 2001-03). In a league where every coach remembers who ran the score up against him or who screwed him out of a job (see Doug Marrone) Gregg Williams has a mental list of people who have kept him from getting another NFL head coaching gig and I’m guessing Joe Vitt is high on that list. Good luck Sam!

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What The Jet Scribes Are Saying
Rich Cimini, ESPN

Adam Gase's new coaching staff with the New York Jets contains enough potential family drama for a reality TV show. The full staff, announced Friday by the Jets, includes longtime NFL assistant Joe Vitt, Gase's father-in-law, and Blake Williams, the son of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.This is where it gets interesting. Vitt and Gregg Williams were members of the New Orleans Saints coaching staff implicated in the 2012 BountyGate scandal. In the bounty hearings, conducted by former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, Vitt accused Williams of lying in his testimony. Vitt also said the players didn't take Williams seriously because of his "false bravado" and "schtick." Williams wound up being suspended indefinitely (then reinstated 11 months later), while Vitt received a six-game ban. And now they're together on Gase's first staff. Gase saw plenty of his father-in-law last season. Gase coached the Miami Dolphins while Vitt worked in the front office as the team's director of player development. Despite having no background with Williams, Gase hired him on Jan. 15 because he wanted someone who could be the "head coach" of the defense. Williams, known for his aggressive scheme and edgy coaching style, went 5-3 last season as the interim coach of the Cleveland Browns. Enter Blake Williams, who served as the Browns' linebackers coach and called the defensive plays over the second half of the season. Initially, Gase balked at the idea of adding Blake, according to a person familiar with the situation. Gregg Williams, who once called his son "the best young coach I've ever had on my staff," became frustrated with Gase, the person said. Eventually, Gase came around, making Blake Williams a defensive assistant, not a position coach. Blake Williams, 34, has a reputation for rubbing people the wrong way. As a St. Louis Rams assistant, he upset people in the organization by screaming at a draft prospect in a scouting-combine interview, a source said. He also was reprimanded multiple times for sitting in the wrong seat on the team bus; he kept sitting in a seat reserved for a senior member of the staff. The Rams fired him after the 2013 season. Williams has only worked for NFL teams in which his father was on the staff.The Jets also announced the hiring of 16 other assistants, most notably former Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter, who will coach the running backs.

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Around The NFL
…..It’s one of the craziest bits of trivia in the NFL: Over the past 60 years, no Detroit Lions head coach has ever gotten another NFL head coaching job after being fired by the Lions…..Patriots safety Patrick Chung is in good spirits after surgery to repair his badly broken arm…..Patriots defensive line coach Brendan Daly will join the Chiefs’ staff, the Boston Globe reports. Daly has been with the Patriots since 2014. Daly previously worked for new Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo when Spagnuolo was head coach of the Rams…..The Cardinals have signed former Falcons linebacker Brooks Reed to a one-year contract, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports. Reed was cut by the Falcons on Thursday…..Former Colts and Lions coach Jim Caldwell has been hired by new Dolphins coach Brian Flores as assistant head coach and quarterbacks coach…..The network said Friday that the New England Patriots 13-3 victory over the Los Angeles Rams on Feb. 3 now totals 112.7 million viewers. That's based on Nielsen's "Out of Home" viewing metric…..A suburban New Orleans sheriff's department says Saints defensive tackle David Onyemata has been cited for misdemeanor possession of marijuana….. The Indianapolis Colts have rehired Howard Mudd as a senior offensive assistant. Mudd spent 12 seasons as the Colts offensive line coach during the Peyton Manning era…..Suspended Patriots receiver Josh Gordon could be reinstated as soon as May, Matt Vautour of Masslive reports.  This according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network…..Miami Dolphins standout safety Reshad Jones says he underwent successful right shoulder surgery this week to repair an injury he played with for much of last season, Safid Deen of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports.

NFL Calendar:
Feb. 26-March 4 -- NFL combine, Indianapolis. 
March 13 -- League year and free agency begin. 
March 24-27 -- Annual owners meeting, Phoenix. 
April 25-27 -- NFL draft, Nashville, Tenn.

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