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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Jets Are A Mess!

Some people take a mental health day. Me, after the Patriots game I took a mental health week. Now I don’t know what to do! Five minutes from where I live the new Tappan Zee Bridge outside of NYC has preventive measures stopping people from jumping over the edge. So that’s out of the question. Instead of the Unites States searching for ISIS terrorists, they should cram their airwaves with 2019 New York Jet football games. That will force them to come out of hiding and surrender. Losing 29-15 to the Jacksonville Jaguars was an embarrassment today. In following a regular pattern the Jets made the opposing quarterback Gardner Minshew (22/34 279 yds. 3 TDs, 28 yds. rushing) look like a combination of Johnny Unitas, Dan Marino and Fran Tarkenton. Our franchise quarterback Sam Darnold (21/30 218 2 TDs 3 INTs) threw 3 more interceptions and was sacked 8 more times. He has now been sacked 34 times. The most in the NFL. This game was awful on both sides of the football. The Jets offensive line cannot block a mannequin. The Jets defense cannot stop any big third down play when it counts. Without a running game, you will never be able to have a balanced attack. Give Le'Veon Bell (9 carries, 23 yards) who I never wanted credit. He plays hard on every play and even blocks. The Jets were down 19-7 at half time and the game was virtually over. I thought unless the Jets were able to score on the their opening second half drive, they were done. One of the biggest deficiencies of the Jets throughout the game was that their depleted linebacker corp could not cover the pass. Give the Jags credit, they saw a weakness and worked it. On defense kudos has got to go out to Darryl Roberts (#27) who had a few bad plays in the first half but was solid the second half and on the whole, had a very good game. The Jets cannot produce a pass rush. And when they had a chance like Jamal Adams he fanned on the play and let 6th round draft pick QB Gardner Minshew get out of trouble. Speaking of Jamal Adams, he did not have a good game. Both penalties (back to back) were questionable and should not have been called. In the first half Robby Anderson got hit further out of bounds than Adams' play and there was no whistle. The NFL has got to do something about the officials. These games are becoming unwatchable with the volume of penalties. On offense tight end Ryan Griffin was one of the lone bright lights today. He caught 2 TD passes and a two point conversion and he blocked well. Of everything that had me steaming today nothing got me angrier than the Jets running the ball on the last play of the game. I hate any type of defeatist or loser attitude and the chances were probably over a million to one that the Jets had a chance to tie it up but this is sports and we’ve all seen strange things happen. Throw it up for a Hail Mary and then onside kick. Would BB ever run the clock out?

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Jets Season Is Always Over Early
The NFL does a masterful marketing job! Think about it. The Super Bowl is played the first or second week of February. The college scouting combine starts the end of February and goes into the first week of March. Then there is free agency. The schedule (see below) continues with various windows to sign free agents, the draft, mini camps and training camp. This build up is around 6 months give or take. And fans are salivating waiting for the season to begin. The problem with Jet fans is that it ends before it really begins. September 9th was the first Jet game. They lost their first four games with the fourth being on October 6th against the Eagles which came right after a bye. Did the Jets season end on October 6th? It is beginning to look like that. I’ve lived through painful Jet seasons but for some reason this is stinging more. Last Monday was about the 3rd Jet game in my life since 1964 that I did not watch or listen to it from beginning to end turning it off with 4 minutes to go in the first half. I want to be encouraging to fellow fans but I don’t know what we can look forward to. When we got Sam Darnold I was sure he would be the savior for the franchise. Doubt has seeped into my mind the last couple of weeks. I hope somehow they can turn this thing around and soon. I’m 66 and want to win now! Like most of you I am a sucker and will be in front of the TV for every game left on the schedule at least for the beginning. Please someone somewhere give us some meaningful games in November and December. 

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NFL Important Dates 2020
February 2nd: Super Bowl
February 24-March 2nd: NFL Scouting Combine
March 16-18: Free Agency Starts
April 17: Deadline for restricted free agents to sign offer sheets
April 20: Clubs with returning head coaches may begin offseason workout programs.
April 23-25: NFL Draft
May: Rookie Mini Camp
June: Team Mini Camp
July: Training Camp Starts

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Green Tidbits
…..3rd down efficiency: Jets 2-9, Jags 8-17…..Got to love Jamal Adams and his honesty. He had a bad game. He didn’t make excuses on TD coverage after game…..Penalties Jets 10-83. Not acceptable!…..Jags Josh Allen, 2 sacks is the real deal…..Has anyone seen or heard from Quinnen Williams?…..Sam Darnold became the first QB this season to throw at least three interceptions in back-to-back games…..Un-drafted free agent Kyle Phillips continues to show promise. He had a half a sack and 3 tackles for loss yardage…..Reporter asked Adam Gase why Robby Anderson doesn’t come back and fight for under thrown passes? Especially INTs. Great question. Gase dodged it knowing they’ll try to get a 3rd rounder for Anderson tomorrow…..Trumaine Johnson got hurt again and was taken out early in game. No wonder we lost…..Jets at Miami next Sunday in the “Gase Bowl.” Should be a nail biter…..I am no Adam Gase fan but I still think Mike Macaggnan set this franchise back 2-3 years with his drafting…..The Kelechi Osemele episode is a head scratcher. Sounds like there is something we don’t know about. Downside is free agents will look at how Jets handled the situation…..After game Le'Veon Bell didn't speak with the media. He appeared to be gone before reporters arrived……QB Gardner Minshew drafted in the 6th round may have been the best pick of the draft…..Demaryius Thomas made a real nice catch leading up to the Jets 2nd TD…..At the two-minute warning, the stadium played the "Ghostbusters" theme song — an obvious reference to Sam Darnold's "seeing ghosts" moment from last week…..Good chance Robby Anderson and Leonard Williams are gone this week.

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What The Jet Scribes Are Saying
Manish Mehta, NY Daily News
The Jets need a lot more than three weird parapsychologists in the ghost-catching business to cure their problems right now. Adam Gase’s stumbling, bumbling team dropped to 1-6 after their latest sloppy performance that has many wondering how much worse things will get during this miserable season. Gang Green’s 29-15 loss to the Jaguars Sunday prompted more questions for a ghastly football team. Sam Darnold followed his five-turnover nightmare by getting smacked around during a three-interception performance against a marginal defense missing three starters. Darnold’s seven picks in the past two weeks should be cause for concern for the NFL’s worst offense.
“It’s not fun,” said Gase, who has 1-9 in his last 10 games as a head coach dating back to his forgettable month in Miami last season. “I wish I could say absolutely, 100 percent that we should be executing at a higher level, but we’re not right now…. Nobody’s pulling us out of this. We have to go back to practice. We have to go in our meetings. We have to make sure that we’re getting better every day. We have to do it. Nobody else is coming to save us.”
Based on what we’ve seen, who would want to rescue this unsightly squad? The Jets have lost by 20, 16, 25, 33 and 14 points in their first seven games, failing to score more than 16 points on offense in all but one game.
That’s more than horrific. That’s inexcusable. It’s the worst start since the Jets started 1-8 in Rex Ryan’s final season in 2014. The Jets have turned into a punchline by every objective measure, a lost bunch searching for something — anything — to give them a glimmer of hope moving forward. Alas, there are no signs at the moment that this team will reverse course.
“We’re 1-6, man,” a dejected Jamal Adams said. “I can’t even count how many times… It’s been three years, man. Frustrating. I just want to win…. I don’t come from losing.”
……The blame hardly stops with the quarterback though. The offensive line was revolving door for Jaguars pass rushers for much of the afternoon. Darnold was sacked eight times and hit 13 times, never truly looking comfortable outside of two drives. Gase & Co. fell behind in the first three minutes thanks to Leonard Fournette’s 66-yard run on the second play from scrimmage before Darnold engineered a terrific 12-play, 93-yard drive that took nearly eight minutes to give Gang Green their only lead of the game. The offense went into a deep freeze for the next six drives spanning 2.5 quarters before Darnold led a touchdown drive to make it a one-score game a couple minutes into the fourth quarter.
However, his pair of fourth-quarter picks sealed the Jets’ fate. Next up: Avoiding the indignity of losing to the winless Dolphins in the Gase Bowl. The coach’s message after this latest loss was clear.

“He just said that this is not the time to quit,” Leonard Williams said. “The league is not going to give us the rest of the season off.”

The Jets don’t seem to need any help in that area. They’re doing a fine job not showing up on most Sundays.

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Al Iannazzone, Newsday
Sam Darnold saw plenty of ghosts on Sunday. The Jaguars’ mascot wore a white sheet. Some fans donned them as well, or they held up ghost cut-ups. A plane flying over the Jaguars’ stadium before the game had a banner that read, “Gardner Minshew Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts.” Late in the game, the theme from “Ghostbusters” blared. All of this was expected after Darnold said “I’m seeing ghosts” during Monday’s horrific loss to the Patriots. It will continue as long as Darnold and the Jets continue to show no improvement or resistance. Adam Gase’s team put forth another mistake-filled performance. Darnold threw three interceptions and was sacked eight times in the Jets’ 29-15 loss to Jacksonville that dropped them to 1-6.
“We hurt ourselves,” Gase said. “We didn’t do really anything we talked about in all three phases. We were poor, made a lot of mistakes.”

Darnold and the offensive line weren’t the only culprits. The defense also underperformed, giving up too many big plays and third-down conversions to the Jaguars (4-4)……“
Nobody is pulling us out of this,” said Gase, who faces his old team next Sunday in Miami. “We have to do it. No one else is coming to save us.”

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