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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Green Rewind By Marty Schupak October 25, 2015

Anyone see this movie before against the Patriots?
1.  Your starting punter comes to your facility on Saturday with a swollen calf or shin and your team contacts a former punter turned radio talk show host and signs him. He goes out on your team’s biggest game of the year and punts 4 times for a 30-yard net average.
  1. First play of the game goes for minus 4 yards and your best running back tweaks his hamstring or he wasn’t loose or whatever.
  2. Second play of the game your quarterback tries to run with the ball and it gets stripped and Pats recover (Brady’s strip bounced right in his hands later in the game).
  3. Your best receiver drops a sure 12-yard touchdown. The Jets could've taken an eight-point lead with 12:50 remaining in the game.
    Welcome to the world of the New York Jets. This was a winnable game. The Jets were out coached and outplayed at quarterback. Even though the Jets took a lead into the 4th quarter, the Patriots made all the necessary adjustments to win this game. After Brady gets sacked a few times early on, even with a depleted offensive line, Brady lit it up passing on almost every play. He went 34-54 for 355 yards and this with some of his receivers dropping the ball all game. Where was our pass rush? I didn’t here Leonard Williams name mentioned the whole game. Wilkerson was active at the beginning of the game but very quiet in the second half. Sheldon Richardson played just okay and Damon Harrison the same.
    There were numerous key plays. The dropped TD pass by Marshall was huge. And having Ivory nicked up so early in the game really hurt. But the one play that will keep Todd Bowles up at night (besides Marshall’s drop) is the 3rd and 17 pass completion to Julian Edelman. Why we did not blitz one or even two players on that play is ridiculous. When you have a team in the hole and have the talent on defense the Jets have, you want to force the QB to hurry his throw. The 17 yards is a long way to go but it is incredible how short the Jets make it seem. That play really stung.
    What in the world is going on with Fitzpatrick and Devin Smith? As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t make sense anymore this year to have Smith on the field at a crucial time with Fitz at QB. We are better off with Jeremy Kerley in there.
      The pass coverage in the middle of the field was awful. I’m not sure what went on there but Brady was playing “pitch and catch” with every receiver (except LaFell) in the middle of the field especially when Gronk started to get hot.
      Folk made a great F/G at the end of the game and the onside kick worked! Besides those two plays, we must have the worst special teams in the league. Why in the world is Kerley calling for a “Fair Catch” inside the ten-yard line? He has got to move away from the ball to decoy the other team and let it go into the end zone.
    Todd Bowles made a real bone headed time management play letting the clock run for about 25 seconds right before the 2 minute warning. Those seconds plus the time out he had to use for the Mangold injury would have been great to have back. We actually would have had a fighter’s chance to tie up the game after the onside kick.
This was a tough one.

Green Tidbits:

Seeing Chris Ivory on the sidelines gave me visions of John Abraham puking on the sidelines and not playing in the biggest game of his Jet career.

Something is odd about the Quigley story but let’s hold judgement. Infections are becoming an issue in NFL locker rooms.

Cumberland must be more aggressive on catching the football on passes to him. He should have had a touchdown.

Didn’t we know Pats would double team Marshall? We had to.

Rob Ninkovich just tipped another Fitzpatrick pass.

Can you believe the Jets passed on the Pats Chandler Jones for Quinton Coples? Jones only has 5 ½ sacks, 3rd in the league.

“Hi Steve (Weatherford) this is Marty from Rockland County. What do you think the Jets should do about their punting situation? “

At the end of first half, the Jets looked like they were playing not to lose. Should have been more aggressive. I thought this was a changed culture.

If that was Edelman instead of Kerley on that hit out of bounds, it would have been a penalty.

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  1. Pretty fair and even-handed analysis, Marty. Just a factual clarification that it was Edelman, not Amendola on that 3rd and 17. I'll just point out how the Patriots hung in there with an offensive line that was more than depleted. One more guy went down they would have had to head to UMass to look for Vlad Ducasse.

    1. Great pick up! I just made the correction.
      I had it right in my notes but was numb
      for the last 6 hours. Thx!


  2. Marty!! WOW, this game raises the SOJ ugly head - big time. For us old timers we know, right? I told my wife I would remain calm and not scream at the flat screen yesterday. I succeeded and kept it all inside but it hurt man, it really hurt big time. So here is my analysis.

    1. PASS RUSH. The biggest concern is that our pass rush may not be as stout as advertised. Brady bent us over yesterday with 54 pass attempts and only 9 rushing attempts and got 355 aerial yards. I am not sure what the scheme game plan was yesterday but it really didn't work.
    2. COACHING. Coaching gets a grade of F for that miserable performance yesterday. Failing to blitz Brady on a 3rd and 17 in that situation cannot be forgiven - ever. Let's face it Marty, we are getting a bit long in the tooth and how many more opportunities for greatness will fall by the waysides in our lifetime? Allowing nearly a full minute of clock to expire before the two minute warning and not taking a time out simply adds to a terrible coaching performance. If there was a grade lower than F then the Jets coaching staff definitely deserves it.
    3. Ivory may be the toughest runner in the league when he is healthy, but he folds like a cheap tent whenever he gets hurt, which may be too often. We experience two huge losses - when Ivory is out or hurting? Is that a sign? I hope not.
    4. TIGHT ENDS (Passing Game). What TEs? Guys like Cumberland are glorified run blockers - period. Major issue that needs to be resolved if we are going to make the transition to a championship caliber team.
    5. PUNTING. Need I say any more?
    6. BRANDON MARSHALL. Feast or famine. Mostly feast, but when famine strikes it is pretty critical.

    1. Fitz
    2. Decker
    3. Kerley

    1. Mangold
    2. Pryor
    3. Skrine
    4. Ivory
    5. Clock Management
    6. Pass rush talent and blitz packages

    My major takeaway from this game is that the team is much improved but still probably not even playoff caliber. The issues above need to be addressed before I am ready to say this team is playoff caliber.

  3. Rich-
    You are right on with your comments. One thing I didn't address was when we were down on their goal line down 3-0, we have to score a TD there! I am adamant about not settling for 3 points inside the 5 against the Pats. I would always make this 4 down territory inside the 5. If we match them fg for fg we lose. Gotta coach outside the box!

  4. Great article. As always, I enjoy reading your analysis of the Jet games. I did not watch the game but listened to all of the game on the radio.

    Better to grow up to be Jets fan than a Cowboys fan at this juncture.