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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Green Rewind By Marty Schupak Oct. 22, 2015

Okay Jet fans, it’s trivia time!

Chris Ivory has been lighting it up the last couple of weeks with his bruising rushing style. He has not come close to the 200-yard threshold yet. There have been three Jets in the history of the franchise to rush for over 200 yards in one game. Who are they?
The answer is later on in this article.

    This week it will all be Tom Brady. He will do everything to disrupt the Jets defense. If I was the defensive coordinator I would work on these things:
1)    The cadence count. Brady will try to draw off a talented yet anxious front four (or three) on every play and the Jets must stay disciplined not going off sides.
2)    Misdirection plays. I’d watch for the Pats to put in a few misdirection plays to take advantage of any over pursuing by the Jets. Everyone on the defense will be keying on Brady so watch for a direct snap to a running back.
3)    Screen pass. Brady will also try to screen pass the Jets to death. The linebackers have got to anticipate it.
4)    Slow down the hurry up offense. I am predicting the Patriots will come out strong with the hurry up offense trying to “gas" our defensive line. We must slow them down.
5)    The slot receiver and tight end. I’d put Revis on Edelman in the slot. As far as Gronkowski, Skrine might not play so the Jets have to hit him off the line by one of our linebackers then have Calvin Pryor cover him. The Jets cannot let Gronk go off the line of scrimmage untouched. I’d prefer Pryor on Gronk and Gilchrist on Dion Lewis.

    There are plenty more but these five are key.  As far as penalties, the Jets must play like they did last Sunday. Only one penalty against them was excellent. They have to play smart and realize that Tom Brady gets calls the way Michael Jordan did when he played basketball. Any borderline play will favor the Patriots. I would continue the 4-3 defense and pick and chose a time to blitz. Coach Bowles loves to blitz but if we do it too much, we are playing right into Brady’s hand. Buster Skrine will be missed in a game like this if he is out.  Dexter McDougle will play a lot of nickel. He is not as good as Skrine but has got to be better than Kyle Wilson. Quincy Enunwa will begin serving a four game suspension. Jeremy Kerley will be fine as a receiver but cannot block as well as Enunwa. I’d love to see Devin Smith get a few catches this game.
    On offense I’d expect the Patriots to move 7 or 8 players up in the box daring Fitzpatrick to throw. The play of Fitzpatrick is incredibly important. Historically he has not done well against the Patriots. Belichick is the master at picking up opposing quarterback tendencies. I’d throw to Marshall anytime he is matched up man to man. Our running game should do well but we cannot fumble or get stripped of the ball. Chris Ivory should have a good game though not as impressive as the last two weeks. I would also try a wrinkle such as show a naked backfield and run a quarterback draw or sneak. This will work against the Patriots.
    Our Special Teams have been dismal. We have to step it up. I’d love to see another return players on the kickoffs.
   Look, I know Brady and Belichick want to put up a 50 spot against the Jets to continue their assault on opponents as revenge for deflategate. I just don’t think it is going to happen for a few reasons. In the Eagle game I thought the Jets played a very good second half after getting blown out in the first half. This shows me the Jets can make adjustments and they don’t give up. The same thing in last week’s Redskin game. The Jets made great adjustments dominating the ‘Skins in the second half with their only major mistake a blocked punt. And the penalty situation. They have been going down with each game.  Also remember that the Patriots offensive line is a bit banged up and their defensive backfield lacks height. I may be wrong but the Jets will be in this game.

Trivia answer:

#1 Thomas Jones, 210 yards, 10/18/09 vs. Bills on 22 attempts with one TD.

#2 Curtis Martin, 203 yards, 12/3/00 vs. Colts on 30 attempts with one TD.

#3 Freeman McNeil, 202 yards, 1/9/83 vs. Bengals (playoff game) on 21 attempts with one TD.


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