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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Second Thoughts

  I’m writing this extra article because I’m still venting. People my age should not let any game bother oneself like this one did. I always tell people that the song “Mamma Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys” should have the word “Cowboys” replaced with “Jet Fans”.  I listened to some of the talk radio shows but could not bring myself to buy a newspaper. At my local convenient store, owner Leo was shocked I bought only my morning coffee and no Post or News like I do every Monday following a Jet game. Here we go…….
1)    Jet coaches have to have a rule when playing the Patriots. When we have the ball inside their five-yard line, it is four down territory. No matching field goals. None of this “got to get points on the board.” I want the Jets to have the mind set that they have to score a TD. You have to coach out side the box against Brady. If I was coach Bowles, I call up to Gaily and tell him when we got the ball inside the five, “No field goal. Plan this drive with four downs.” Brady and coach BB know that if they play a team even till the fourth quarter it is almost a guaranteed win.
2)    I really thought there was a huge drop off when Calvin Pryor went out. Last year I thought he was playing out of control and almost always out of position. This year he is playing at a Pro Bowl level. It was obvious in the second half the Pats were staying away from Revis & Cro and throwing mostly to the middle of the field to exploit our linebackers and safety pass coverage. Why couldn’t we put Revis on Gronk?
3)    Brady is not fast but he is an underrated runner. He is very coy and smart. With that said, how can we let him run for 15 yards. Another killer.
4)    I am upset with our front four. After the first half they played like below average players. The Pats are experts at the hurry up offense and disrupting the defensive subs. Remember how many times the Pats caught the Jets with 12 men on the field when Rex was coach? Bad coaching by Todd here. And like I said Sunday, the Pats offensive line is a little above average at best. They really put it to our guys! They were gassed!  Gotta do some more wind sprints or something!
5)    I heard some people on talk radio say that Geno Smith should have come in to have a chance to throw it twice into the end zone, The figuring here is that he has a stronger arm than Fitzpatrick. You have got to be kiddin! Geno would have either fumbled the snap or thrown a pass in the flat to Tommy Bohanon.

What the Jet scribes are saying…….

Rich Cimini, ESPN

“The third-and-17 debacle: With 10:46 remaining, and the Jets holding a four-point lead, they decided to play a Cover 2 zone behind a four-man rush. Tom Brady had time to throw and rifled a pass over linebacker David Harris and between safeties Dion Bailey and Marcus Gilchrist for 27 yards to Julian Edelman. What they should've done: They should've put Darrelle Revis on Edelman -- best corner on best wide receiver. It was a money situation that called out for a money player.”

Manish Mehta, Daily News

“Tom Brady’s fourth-quarter eruption Sunday was the latest highlight of his nationwide F--- You Tour aimed at fools that believe deflated footballs inflated his greatness. The Jets were the latest ones to feel his wrath, but Todd Bowles can take solace in knowing that his team isn’t disappearing anytime soon.”

“It’s a process to make progress,” Bowles said Monday. “We made progress, but not enough. We got to turn those losses into wins.”

The Jets (4-2) are playoff contenders no matter how many people try to pop the balloon on this surprise success story. Although Bowles made it clear that “there are no statements when you lose,” it’s impossible to ignore some of the promising takeaways.


Steve Serby, NY Post

“The Jets, as long as Ryan Fitzpatrick plays like he did against the Pats, should be considered a favorite for a wild-card berth. Fitzpatrick would have beaten more than a few quarterbacks Sunday. Brady was not one of them.”


In closing……………….

I actually think the next time we meet the Pats in Met Life, we’ll win. It may be their only loss of the season.

Hat’s off to Jet fan “Jeff” who pointed out I mixed up my Patriots personnel on that 3rd and 17 pass completion.

Injury update: MRI on Mangold’s neck came back negative. Pryor has an ankle sprain.
Their status will be updated probably on Weds.

Let me take an Ambien and try to sleep!  On to Oakland................

….. Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be Jet fans
Don't let 'em pick guitars and drive them old trucks
Make 'em be doctors and lawyers and such
Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be Jet fans
'Cause they'll never stay home and they're always alone
Even with someone they love

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