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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Green Rewind By Marty Schupak Sept. 27, 2015

The 3 Biggest Reasons The Jets Lost the Eagle Game

  1. Brandon Marshall
  2. Offensive Line
  3. Playing from behind
     We all know there are no moral victories in the NFL. Nothing really good came out of this game. Maybe Devin Smith showed some real upside and Jeremy Kerley made some plays but other than that the Jets looked bad.
Brandon Marshall can be a beast on offense. He is one of the most athletic players the Jets have had in a long time. With that said, something is missing in his game. He gets open a lot but does not catch as many passes as he should. The lateral play was beyond words. And as Marshall said himself, “It was the worse play in the history of the NFL.” As good as he has been, he has to step up and make more impact plays on offense. And he can!
    The offensive line is in a bit of disarray. I don’t buy the fact that with Chris Ivory the running game would have done a lot better. Bilal Powell and Zac Stacy are very capable backs. Too many times the OL wasn’t keeping the pocket long enough for Fitzpatrick.  They are not winning the point of attack. Mangold is getting pushed back like never before. When Willie Colon went down and Brian Winters took his place, I knew we were in trouble. Winters was responsible for being pushed back on one of the tipped passes.
    This Jets team does not have the make-up to come back from three touchdowns. If things click, we may get there but right now if the Jets go down by more than one touchdown, it is not good news.
    I didn’t think Fitzpatrick played as bad as everyone said he did. He was under too much pressure most of the game. And on one of the interceptions, Devin Smith should have fought it off. He is a rookie (and he looks real good) and like most rooks, hasn’t been schooled enough on his responsibility when he can’t make the catch.
    The defense played well enough to win but in the first half there were too many mistakes and not enough 3rd down stops. Darren Sproles hurt us!

Green Tidbits:

Jeremy Kerley has got to watch that old YouTube clip of Bill Parcells teaching Dedric Ward how to catch punts.

Number 47 Kellen Davis has got to protect sideline on punts. His miscue aloud Darren Sproles to get going.

Todd, you are 0-3 on challenges already!

Say what you want about Bilal Powell but he never gave up on that Sproles punt return. He was the same way on Geno’s “pick six(s).”
He is always the last guy hustling to the goal line trying to make the saving tackle.

We need to see more of Devin Smith.

Why was Chris Ivory activated?

For that matter why was Geno Smith sctivated?

Great to see #55 Lorenzo Mauldin back on the field!

All of a sudden if Colon is out, our OL looks weak.

Off to London! Tally-ho!

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