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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Green Rewind By Marty Schupak  Sept. 24, 2015

    Hey Jet fans, enjoy the 2-0 record. Sure we can pick apart different parts of the game.
But let’s enjoy the breaks that are falling our way. For the second week in a row the opposition fumbled just before going into the end zone. For so long the breaks seemed to be going against us, it’s nice to catch a few “give me’s” for once. The defense looked good and it seemed every long running play by the Colts was called back because of penalties. Special kudos to David Harris, Demario Davis, Darelle Revis, Muhammad Wilkerson, Buster “I don’t miss Kyle Wilson” Skrine, and for the second week in a row, Calvin Pryor. Speaking of David Harris, he looked as quick as he has ever been. Even on pass coverage. He looks like he slimmed down 5-10 pounds and he has been good on pass coverage.
    On offense, what a great effort by Brandon Marshall dragging the Colts with him into the end zone on that TD pass. Eric Decker’s first half was outstanding and luckily his injury is nothing major. Still with him nicked up and Chris Owusu out for a game or two,
we will be thin at WR. Our tight ends are non-existence catching passes so next game Jeremy Kerely, Quincy Enunwa and rookie Delvin Smith will have to step up. Ryan Fitzpatrick is better than average though his long passes have got to get better. And they will! The Jets showed us something by answering the Colts TD with a TD of their own.
    Moving on I would be concerned about a few things, run blocking took a step back. I didn’t like seeing Nick Mangold being pushed back. Also the return game lacks something. The defensive line has got to watch the cadence of the opposing quarterbacks as they will try every game to draw the Jets linemen off sides.

Green Tidbits:

Nick Folk has spoiled all of us. He is human after all.

Waiting for the second ax to fall with Sheldon Richardson. I predict two more games will be added on to his suspension.

Be patient Jet fans. Ryan Fitzpatrick will eventually hit Brandon Marshall in stride for a 50+ yard TD play.

Like that offense went right back to Bilal Powell after an almost costly fumble.

The over/under for receptions for the Jets tight ends is………30.

I said it earlier, keep an eye on linebacker Trevor Riley.

Give Quinton Coples credit. He had only one tackle but did create havoc throughout the whole night.

Couldn’t believe it when I saw punter Ryan Quigley actually make a nice coffin corner kick.

Jets can do better than Greg Buttle in the booth. I like Chad Cascadden and Ray Lucas who do an excellent job on the SNY post game show.

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