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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Green Rewind By Marty Schupak Sept. 1, 2015

Ryan Fitzpatrick will never be mistaken for Vinny Tesaverde. Testaverde was the number one overall pick in 1987 and stood at 6’5”.  Fitzpatrick was a 7th round pick (250th overall) and stands at 6’2”. Fitzpatrick just does not have the arm of Testaverde. It is interesting to compare their team records at the same point in each career. Just so we are talking “apples to apples” let’s look at the first 91 games started for Testaverde (first 8 seasons) and the first 89 games Fitzpatrick started which brings us up to this year. Testaverde team record over that time was 36-55. Fitzpatrick team record is 33-55-1. On their throwing, Testaverde had 107 TD passes and 139 interceptions. Fitzpatrick’s numbers are 123 TD’s and 101 Int’s.  Looking beyond his first eight years Testaverde beats Fitzpatrick with their quarterback rating getting up to 101.6 in his first year with the Jets. Fitzpatrick best year was 95.3 last year. We all know that football teams go the way their quarterback goes. I’m not saying “playoffs” yet, but I’d look for Ryan Fitzpatrick to surprise fans.  I’ve watched him a lot and he is streaky. He’ll lead some wonderful drives but at times he’ll go into a funk and we’ll see him do stuff like just dropping the ball out of his hands while he is back peddling untouched. Nevertheless, if you are a believer in karma and that things happen for a reason (Mo Lewis’s hit on Bledsoe), “Jawgate” may be the best thing to happen to the Jets so far this year. We need some reassurance that Fitzpatrick’s broken leg from last year is 100% healed and some good play from the offensive line. If the stars line up correctly, this may become a fun year.

Green Tidbits:
Even with his pick 6 vs. Giants, I’m not convinced Antonio Cromartie
can do a good job at CB this year.
Let’s give LB Trevor Reilly more playing time especially in passing situations. Our LB pass coverage remains very weak.
D’Brickashaw Ferguson continues to be the most overrated player on the team and some may say in the league.
I still like CB Marcus Williams. With limited athletic skills, he plays smart and has a good nose for turnovers. Dee Milliner should take notice.
Jace Amaro is done for the year with injured shoulder.. Couldn’t help but think before injury, the new coaching staff was not in love with him.
The Leonard Williams era is here! This guy has it all!
Safety Rontez Miles deserves to make the team.
Is Calvin Pryor Missing In Action (or inaction)?
Call 911, Nick Folk missed an extra point.
Still love watching David Harris, a tackling machine.

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