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Monday, September 7, 2015

Green Rewind By Marty Schupak Sept. 7, 2015

    Every year during this time when final cuts are made, there seems to be a premium at a certain position that teams stack up on. This year it may be the offensive line that teams are collecting. Offensive linemen have become incredibly valuable the last ten years as the quarterback driven NFL wants to protect their stars. Teams would rather take up a roster spot than have offensive linemen with even questionable potential exposed on their practice squad so other teams can pick them up. The Jets offensive line looked surprisingly good in the pre-season. I’m not a D’Brickashaw Ferguson guy but as a unit, they looked solid. Keep in mind that three of them, Ferguson, Mangold and Colon are all over 30 (31,31,32). GM Mike Maccagnan surely has his eye on the age of this group.

    I really like the Jets running backs going into the season. Zac Stacy showed a lot of toughness and Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell are solid. Speaking on Ivory, two year ago I thought he was the best player on the Jets. He gave 100% effort on every run. In fact his tenacity to get extra yardage may eventually hurt him. He is one of those backs who refuses to go down when wrapped up below his knees. He’ll fight for every extra inch and this can be problematic when he becomes a sitting duck for other defensive players. 

    Our receivers are tall. This should help our passing game. I always thought Brandon Marshall was almost impossible to cover in the red zone. Speaking of receivers, tight end John Cumberland has never had over 29 receptions in a season. This year is probably his last opportunity to prove he is a legitimate NFL tight end.

Green Tidbits:
Shocking news! Dee (I can’t get on the field) Milliner was placed on the short term Injured Reserve list.
I’m not unhappy the Jets cut Matt Flynn. He just didn’t seem into it!
I hope Fitzpatrick’s healed leg holds up.
My reoccurring nightmare of Victor Cruz going 99 yards is happening again!
Can we somehow get Bilal Powell 10-12 touches per game? He is versatile and underrated.
Hated to see Safety Rontez Miles cut. Hopefully he’ll somehow get back on the team.
I was surprised Jets released Jason Babin. Probably an age thing. But at 35 years old, I still think he has some football left in him.
Offensive Lineman Colon, Giacomini and Freguson have to cut down on penalties this year.
All of Jets Nation should become big Lorenzo Mauldin fans. This rookie linebacker has had the hardest of hard lives getting to this point.
This is Quinton Coples third straight “break out” year.
GM Mike Maccagnan interviews are getting on my nerves. He always uses the term “At the end of the day.” It’s nauseating after he says it 30 times in 5 minutes.
Don’t be surprised if Damon Harrison is our best defensive lineman this year.
Just think, about 372 more days till the Bryce Petty era begins!

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