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Monday, October 19, 2015

Green Rewind By Marty Schupak Oct. 18, 2015

    Throw out the script! We didn’t sign for 2-2 for the first quarter of the season!
We are sitting near the top of the AFC East. I don’t want hear anyone say if we lose to New England, we still have a shot at the playoffs. Hey Jet fans, in case you haven’t noticed, we are 4-1 and have the best chance in years to dethrone the Patriots. The team has at least four players (and maybe more) competing at a Pro-Bowl level. Revis, Pryor, Marshall and of course Ivory are all playing great! I don’t want to go up to Foxboro and not come back in first place. If we lose, I’ll be disappointed and you should be also. A huge part of the reason we are doing as well as we are is the play of Ryan Fitzpatrick. He is the best quarterback we’ve had since Vinnie Testaverde. Fitz will never be a top pick on anyone’s fantasy team but he is a leader and for all the throwing talent he lacks, he makes it up in grit. Look how he sells the screen pass. Look how he makes his teammates better around him. Look at how he refuses to slide feet first when he scrambles giving all Jet fans heart attacks. Enjoy the team you have this year. Things change fast in the NFL.
    Even though we shot ourselves in the foot a few times, I was confident we would beat the Redskins. When your team has only one penalty for 5 yards and the defense gives up only 34 net rushing yards, the team is in a great position to win. The Redskins were beating the Jets at their own game turning three turnovers into points. The Decker fumble was from a hard hit over the middle. The Marshall fumble was because he was trying to get extra yardage when he should have gone down but it was an aggressive play. The db made a great play on the INT thrown by Fitz.
    I noticed in the second quarter playing a 4-3 defense, the “D” line personnel was changing sides. This is a great strategy. Demario Davis continues to improve and he looked great on a toss play coming up quick to make the tackle in the second quarter.Calvin Pryor also came up quick on a nice run stop.
   The Jets came out came out in the second half like a different team. The Darrelle Revis interception was the turning point of the game. Later on, Fitz made a great check down pass to Ivory who turned it into a big gain. The offensive line is definitely upgraded when Willie Colon is in there. There was very little pressure up the middle by the Redskins. Even Zac Stacy began hitting the hole for the first time this season. And let’s give kudos to Kellen Davis who made a great screen block on the Fitzpatrick TD run and also recovered the onside kick following the Redskins blocked punt.
   Chris Ivory ran 20 times for 146 yards and a TD. Brandon Marshall had seven catches (one TD) for 111 yards and became the first Jet since Don Maynard in 1968 with four consecutive 100-yard receiving games.
   It was a total balanced effort by the Jets even with the three turnovers and let’s hope this will carry on through the rest of the season. They still have a lot of cleaning up to do (especially special teams) but Todd Bowles is creating something. On to New England!

Green Tidbits:

Our special teams are still lacking. Zac Stacy is not the guy to return kickoffs. I’d rather have Cro or how about Pryor.

Why is it that every punter and kicker against the Jets booms the ball.
Skins’ kicker hit the 54 yard f/g and their punter averaged 48 yards.

Still think we are relying on Marshall, Decker & Ivory too much.

Please somebody ask our coach what is going on with Devin Smith.

A quality tight end would look nice right now on our offense.

Redskins have something the Jets don’t have, speedy linebackers.

Brandon Marshall’s is the best talented wide receiver we’ve had since Keyshawn. And he’s better!

Nick Folk has got to get on track. He is becoming too much like a relief pitcher who is streaky.

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