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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Green Rewind By Marty Schupak Oct. 5, 2015

I thought these three were key in the Jets 27-14 victory over the Miami Dolphins:

1. Chris Ivory
2. Buster Skrine
3. Brian Winters
    First off let’s give credit to guard Brian Winters and the rest of the Jets offensive line. Except for an untimely penalty by tackle Breno Giacomini, I thought the OL played great.  Ryan Fitzpatrick got the line off the hook on a few plays with some nifty running of his own. And what can you say about Chris Ivory! He gives 100% on every play. At times when he should go down to prevent injury, his feet never stop moving.
   The defense was awesome. The most effective offensive weapon for the Dolphins was pass interference called on the Jets. And a few of those were very questionable. Our secondary played consistent throughout the game and our front seven was excellent in the first half stopping the run and forcing the Dolphins to pass. They had 59 net rushing yards for the game. Here’s a stat for you, Miami was 0-12 on 3rd down efficiency. And for that matter they were 0-4 on fourth downs.  David Harris had an excellent blitz and Buster Skrine continues to impress with his quickness.
    Our quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is kind of an enigma. I actually felt better about him after the loss to the Eagles. Against the Dolphins he kept missing receivers but did hit them when it really counted like the Eric Decker touchdown pass. With that said, there is something radically wrong with Fitz and his chemistry with Devin Smith. If Fitz isn’t missing Smith long or short, then it is Smith who is turning around at the wrong time for the reception. Hopefully with a couple of more weeks of practice, they’ll straighten this out.
    Chan Gailey has got to put in some type of “hurry up” offense. As soon as Brent Grimes went out of the game, I would have gone “hurry up” and exploited Grimes’ replacement on every play. We had the receivers to do it.
    A tip of the hat to newly signed safety Dion Bailey. He did an admirable job when Pryor went out of the game. Speaking of Pryor, the injury bug hit us in the second half. David Harris (quadriceps), safety Calvin Pryor (bruised knee) and defensive end Leonard Williams (sprained ankle) all came out of the game. Hopefully with the bye they will all be ready in two weeks.
    Our punter Ryan Quigley is not getting the job done. Our opposition is starting their drives in very good field position. Quigley had five punts averaging 29 yards a punt. This is not acceptable.
    Bring on the Redskins!

Green Tidbits:

Marcus Williams keeps making plays and has a nose for the ball.

If I’m Mike Maccagnan, I’d tryout punters during the bye week. My first phone call is to Steve Weatherford.

Dolphin game was not only tough to watch but it went on forever!

It wouldn’t be shocking if Eric Mangini becomes the Dolphin head coach in 2016.

Nick Folk has got to make that FG.

I swear with that beard of his, Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like the same guy that delivers Pepsi to my convenient store where I get coffee in the morning.

Brandon Marshall can still do better than he is doing. I still say he should have caught that pass in the end zone for a TD. Even with the defenders hand near the ball.

We need to throw the ball to Jeremy Kerley more, like in the Eagle game.

I’ve been critical of Cromartie but give him credit on that hit that kept the Dolphins short of the first down on the play they challenged.

Jets had 207 yards rushing, 218 passing with 37:23 time of possession.
But if you are like me, this game was too close to being a loss.

Your comments are welcome below.

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