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Friday, November 13, 2015

Green Rewind November 13, 2015

   First things first! Brandon Marshall drops at least one big pass a game. Marcus Williams can’t tackle. Demario Davis is useless in pass coverage. The Jets offense was anemic for 2 ½ quarters. Again, on defense the Jets couldn’t make a big third down stop in the first half. At the end of the first half Muhammad Wilkerson who played an inspired game, had LeSean McCoy behind the line of scrimmage 3rd and 2 and let him get away and get the first down. The Jets only score in the first half came on a drive that ended in a field goal after a favorable spot that Rex Ryan challenged but didn’t get. You can talk about the Devin Smith fumble on the kick off or the Chris Ivory fumble on the Jets first possession in the second half, but it is pretty obvious to me that the Jets just are not as athletic as most of the teams they play. Even in their win against the Jaguars, the Jets did not seem as quick as them. The Bills were faster and quicker throughout the whole game. The quickness of the Bills offense and some of their secondary is impressive. Their linebackers fill holes quicker than the Jets linebackers.
  The Jets again settled for a field goal in the first quarter. Either Marshall and Decker are really hurt or the offense is not as good as we thought. The Jets must punch in the football for a touchdown. We have seen this over and over again. After a Bills field goal, Devin Smith made one of the dumbest decisions of the game. The kickoff went about 5 yards deep and to the far right side of the end zone. Smith has got to realize that when he is so far over to one side, half of the field is cut off. He tries to run it out anyway and fumbles it for a Bills touchdown.
  The third quarter looked like we were completely out of the game going down 22-10.
The offense began to pick it up. Fitzpatrick went through a real dry spell but began to get hot. I don’t understand why on a 3rd and 4, we try and throw a 2 yard pass. We did that at least three times this game. There were numerous lost opportunities. One was the third down drop by Eric Decker. Bad drop. A player like Decker has got to make that play. Marshall also dropped a pass he should have caught. I don’t want to leave Jeremy Kerley off the hook. He dropped a 3rd down pass in the first half. To be fair to Decker, that 4th down completion was a great pass and a great catch. Fitzpatrick can make some plays. But he missed Marshall long. Revis let up that 3rd down catch to Watkins late in the game. Revis played him well but Watkins had a few drops during the game.
  I can’t believe I hear Todd Bowles (in post game interview) say on that 4th down incompletion it was a broken play or miscommunication. Please help me on this. If it was a broken play, the biggest of the game, maybe of the season, what is our coaching staff doing? How in the world can we have a broken play in a situation like that? Why in the world did Davis pull up and stop running? Why are we even targeting Davis who has 1 catch this season. We get the ball on the Bills 13 and come away with no points.
  Todd Bowles made some more questionable decisions. With 3 minutes left and all 3 time outs remaining, he passed up a chance to go for a field goal from the 7 yard line. I’ve been on Leonard Williams lately but he made a terrific 3rd down stop late in the game. Wilkerson played great and Richardson was effective. I thought Rontez Miles bounced back from last week. He made some big tackles and even his holding penalty on the punt looked to be a good play preventing it from being blocked. Fitz hit Devin Smith for a nice 19 yard gain in the first half. We have to target him more. Also Chris Ivory has all of a sudden become a fumbler. Part of the problem is he is fighting for every inch. He has to go down a little sooner and protect the ball better.
  This was a game good teams have to win. The Bills kept giving us opportunities and we refused to capitalize on them. We look no better than a .500 team. I hope I’m wrong but that’s what we look like.

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