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Monday, November 9, 2015

Green Rewind November 9, 2015, Second Thoughts

  The Jacksonville game was costly. Nick Folk will be out 4-6 weeks. Folk was active for Sunday’s game against the Jaguars and was expected to kick. But he suffered a quad injury in warm-ups and held the ball for Ryan Quigley who kicked the extra points. What’s next, a Vinnie Testaverde type injury on a back peddle? Only in Jet land! Folk’s injury is being described as a Grade 1 quad strain. The Jets will sign another kicker for Thursday if they haven’t done so already. The Jets worked out Kyle Brindza, Garrett Hartley, Billy Cundiff and Randy Bullock. It is rumored that Folk may wind up on injured reserve due to injuries at other positions (oy vey, please help us God).
  I heard from a number of people who thought I gave too much praise to the Jets. Not once did I say the Jets played well. I thought the pressure they put on Bortles was very good. The Jets gave up way too many big plays and I’m worried about how easily teams are moving the ball. When our starters are out, the drop off is incredibly noticeable. I have said Nick Mangold is on his way down and I probably spoke too soon. When he is not on the field, the offensive line looks in disarray. When safety Calvin Pryor got hurt, the play of our safeties got incredibly weak and other teams notice and are throwing it more over the top. Even safety Rontez Miles who I have been touting came up way short on Sunday. The subs are just not doing the job. Our depth is not there. I would look for the Jets to do more scheming on defense.
  On offense we need to run some kind of scissors or reverse. The predictability of our play calling is incredible. The runs on every first down are just not working. Teams are loading 8-9 up in the box on every Jets first down. The drop off in our running game will eventually affect our passing game. Taking away the play-action pass will hurt us especially knowing Fitzpatrick cannot throw the real deep accurate pass. Speaking of Fitzpatrick statistically he is ranked 23rd in the league right now. I think this is deceptive and he is having a real good year. He has made some key 3rd down throws and had some key scrambles. Up to this point I would say he is playing better than I expected.

What the Jets scribes are saying:

Rich Cimini, ESPN
“The Jets have faced more empty formations (no one in the backfield) than any team in the league (65 snaps). The book is out on them: Spread the field with receivers and throw quick passes, neutralizing their talented defensive line.”

Manesh Mehta, NY Daily News
“Fitzpatrick said surgery "gets a lot more complicated the longer you wait" to have surgery. Says ligament could "shrink" over time.”

Chris Lopresti, WFAN
“If there was ever a game to start Rontez Miles at Safety, might be Thursday vs. run-heavy Bills. He's a thumper...not a coverage guy.”

Green Tidbits:

Cromartie allowed his sixth touchdown of the season on Sunday.

Against Jacksonville, the Jets allowed 10 pass plays of at least 20 yards.

When are we going to see Stevan Ridley play?

The Jets will decide about  Dee Milliner on Tuesday. I suspect with the injury bug hitting the Jets, they’ll activate him. Maybe he can kick field goals.

Wes Welker signs with the Rams. This is the guy I wanted the Jets to sign. If only for punt returns.

David Harris is quietly having one of his best seasons.

Everyone talks about Cromartie’s athleticism but Buster Skrine may be the best athlete on the Jets.

Speaking of Buster, I can’t wait till he breaks up a screen pass only to have the announcer say, ” Skrine breaks up the screen.”

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