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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Green Rewind December 13, 2015

  The Jets played their best half of the season and then coasted to a 30-8 victory over the Tennessee Titans. Ryan Fitzpatrick continues his excellent play and for the 3rd week in a row has not thrown an interception. He also had a meaningful run on 3rd down to continue a 1st quarter drive that resulted in a touchdown. Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker continue to perform like one of the best wide receiving tandems in the NFL. Chris Ivory and the Jets offensive line is back on track and Bilal Powell has all of a sudden become a scoring threat every time he catches the football out of the backfield.
  On defense Calvin Pryor was excellent except for tripping on the only Titan scoring play of the day. Leonard Williams is playing well and got his second sack in as many weeks. Buster Skrine had an excellent day leading the defense in tackles and intercepting a pass. As well as all the names mentioned above played, it was Muhammad Wilkerson who was the best player on the field today. Mo was all over the place making tackles up field, down field, tipping passes, forcing fumbles and recording 3 sacks for the first time in his career. When you have a player like Mo playing as well as he has been, it opens things up for the rest of the defense. Not only that but the opposing defensive coordinators will try to figure out how to contain him which will benefit players like Sheldon Richardson and Williams. I printed the stats last week but here’s the update, Mo has started 72 games for the Jets and has 36 ½ career sacks. He is beginning to approach Gastineau country. Please sign this guy!
  Let’s give the Jets offensive coordinator Chan Gaily credit. He has the Jets in the top 10 in the league in total offense. The last time the Jets were in the top 10 was in 1998. Gaily has been a master at recognizing what will work for his team and what won’t. He moved Eric Decker to the slot, which was a snart move. We all know he is not a tight end happy coordinator but so what?  The Jets offense is getting the job done. Gaily's game preparation has been excellent! His in game adjustments have been very good! He is putting the Jets offense is a position to succeed. They are playing smart and are communicating well. Notice how fast they got off that play to Marshall when no one was on him. It was Marshall, Fitzpatrick and Mangold (Fitz gave him credit) and their communication that got that play off quickly which resulted in a touchdown.
  Penalties (3 for 21), dropped passes and fumbles weren’t a factor in today’s game. On offense they looked as balanced as a team could be in the first half integrating passing plays with running plays. Even Stevan Ridley had positive yardage today. During the week, the Jets hinted that they would make changes on their Special Teams. They did just that and the coverage was as good as it’s been all year. Hopefully Kerely who went out of the game is not seriously injured.

Green Tidbits:

All of a sudden the Jets don’t look as old as they did 4 weeks ago and in fact they look refreshed.

Give Calvin Pryor credit for that sack by Demario Davis. Pryor came up the middle like a freight train and Mariotta had to step to the side and Davis nailed him.

During this current 3-game winning streak, Fitzpatrick has 9 touchdowns and no interceptions.

Revis looked good today! He is ready for Dez!

Give DE Jurell Casey (#99) credit. He was the only Titan to recognize what was happening on that Brandon Marshall 69 yard TD reception.

Though not his best day, Mariota will be a star in this league. He has great down field vision.

Jets left guard James Carpenter should get Pro Bowl consideration.

How good has Bilal Powell looked the last 2 weeks. And he blocks!

Jets/Pats in two weeks. I don’t know which I want to see first, that game or the new Star Wars movie.

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