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Friday, December 18, 2015

Green Rewind December 18, 2015

  It’s fun when your team is in the playoff hunt on December 18th. There are a number of scenarios that will get the Jets into the playoffs. To simplify the situation, we want the Jets to win out (if they lose one game, make it be Dallas) and Kansas City or Pittsburgh to lose one. The Jets are at Dallas, have the Patriots at home and then finish the season at Buffalo. Kansas City is at Baltimore, then have the Browns and the Raiders at home. Pittsburgh has Denver at home, at the Ravens and at the Browns. There is another scenario if Denver loses two games but I would say our best chance is if the Steelers or Chiefs lose a game. And I think one of them will.  For all you negative Jet fans, it is possible they can finish 11-5 and not make the playoffs. This will not happen!
  Ryan Fitzpatrick was the AFC offensive player of the week. This follows Brandon Marshall winning the same honor the week before. Wow! What a difference a year makes! We finished 4-12 last year and the coach and general manager situation was in turmoil. We were watching Geno Smith struggle each and every week (except the last game of the season) with an offense that was awful. Now our offense has been clicking on all cylinders (except tight end) and the Jets are in the top 10 in the league.
  The Jets are a better team than the Cowboys. The offensive line of Dallas is real good but if they try to generate a running game, this falls into the strength of the Jets. Matt Cassel is not the same player who played against the Jets on a Thursday night for the Patriots a number of years ago. That night he was 30-51 passing for 400 yards and 3 TDs losing to the Jets in OT. He cannot make the throws he used to make. He plays like he is worn down and is just playing out the schedule. In fact, the whole Dallas team looks beaten up. As long as the Jets don’t commit multiple turnovers and their “special teams” don’t give up a “home run” the Jets should win. May the force be with us!

It’s in the mail….some e-mails I received lately…..

Marty, how is it you keep contradicting yourself on the play of Nick Mangold. First he was too old and slow. Then, when he was out, you said the Jets missed him badly. You can’t have it both ways talking from two sides of your mouth. Which is it?
                                                                                                       Stu from Reading PA.

Hi Stu!
I least I know there is someone reading my articles. You are correct with my flip-flopping. There were a few games when Mangold just looked like he was getting pushed back at the point of attack. Then when he was out, our offensive line was awful. When he came back, he and the rest of the line really picked it up. I’m only going by what my eyes see. But now I’m convinced that Nick Mangold is the cog that moves our offense and he looks like he can give us another solid two years. By the way, I have been known to talk out of three sides of my mouth. Ask any of my friends who have eaten with me at the Cheesecake Factory.

Marty, I enjoy reading your take on the Jets each week and in fact save your articles. You were right on the money early in the season when you said that:
                                          “I am predicting the Jets will go 10-6 this year.”
You also said Marshall will be a beast and Fitzpatrick will surprise people. Great insight for the season. If they make the playoffs, how do you think they will do?
                                                                                             Richard from White Plains, NY

Hi Richard!
Thanks for the compliments! As far as the playoffs go, if we make it, the Jets are peaking at the right time. Two of the three phases of the game (offense and defense) are looking better and better. Even our special teams looked better last week with different (and quicker) personnel playing. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but if the Jets make the playoffs, I really believe they can make some noise.

Marty, what would you do with the quarterback situation if you were GM?
                                                                                              Sue-Ellen from Bayside,NY

Hi Sue-Ellen!
I would let Geno Smith go. I don’t even think we can get a 7th round pick for him. I’d try to sign Fitzpatrick for two years, maybe three. This will be tough to do. He’s 33 and will want a big contract. I’d keep Bryce Petty as our back-up and draft another QB or sign a free agent.

PS You were great in Dallas!

What the Jet scribes are saying:

Rich Cimini, ESPN
 “Ryan Fitzpatrick has gone 123 consecutive passes without an interception, nine attempts shy of the longest streak of his career (2013). Now he will face the most benign defense in the league. The Cowboys have only eight takeaways, including six interceptions -- none of them by a cornerback. In fact, they've gone 536 passes without an interception by a corner. As if they didn't have enough problems, the Cowboys might not have starter Morris Claiborne (hamstring). In theory, Fitzpatrick should have his way. He needs five touchdown passes to break Vinny Testaverde's team record, 29 in 1998.”

Brian Costello, NY Post
“If the Jets win Saturday night, they will be able to watch the competition Sunday to see where they stand. The Steelers face the Broncos while the Chiefs play the Ravens. Bowles won’t be staring at his TV, though.”…….” The Jets are trying to win four games in a row for the first time since Nov. 2010. If the Jets win out, that would be a six-game winning streak, something they have not done during one season since 1998.”

Manesh Mehta, NY Daily News
“Ryan Fitzpatrick’s career revival has spread yuletide cheer and positioned the Jets to make a serious run to the postseason. He has stabilized a historically unstable position and given the new regime time to answer the most maddening question of all: How do we find a franchise quarterback? Patience is a four-letter word in a business where job security is a myth. Turnover is rampant. Golden parachutes don’t exist. Fitzpatrick, on pace to set a franchise record for touchdown passes this season, has been the elixir. Todd Bowles’ admission to the Daily News last week that he “definitely” wants to re-sign Fitzpatrick for 2016 was the latest evidence of his impact. The Jets should give the 33-year-old a multi-year contract extension for three very important reasons:
1) He’s injected a winning mindset by playing better than at any time in his 11-year career.
2) There are plenty of quarterback-needy teams currently slotted ahead of the Jets in the 2016 draft.
3) He can buy more time for Bryce Petty to develop

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