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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Green Rewind's Staff On The Draft

By Ralph Sharaga of Green Rewind

1-Darron Lee: ILB: Jets need  dynamic players and he is one. Interested to see how they use him. A-

2-Christian Hackenberg: QB; Reaching for QB's in the draft has become an epidemic. Fortunately, he's 'just' a second round pick. With his body of work, 20 years ago he might have gone undrafted. Gave this pick a D- until I watched this video. Now, it's a C-.

3-Jordan Jenkins:OLB If he is half as good as another linebacker from Georgia the Jets picked in the 3rd round 25 years ago, he'll be fine. B+

4-Justin Burris: CB Big corner. Could end up playing safety which would be fine. Maybe taken a round early. B

5-Brandon Shell:OT- Sooner or later they are going to hit on an offensive lineman. Like his footwork. B+

7-Lac Edwards:  Gotta be better than Shank Quigley. He set the bar lower than some of his punts. B

7-Charone Peake:  Early round measurables. Probably too good to be true, but could be the next Marques Colston. A-

Overall Grade  B
 By Ray Clifford of Green Rewind

The Jets 2016 draft wasn't flashy (Leonard Williams or Mark Sanchez) and it wasn't a disaster (Marino/O'Brien or Sapp/Brady), it was more yeoman like.  They needed LB's and Darron Lee out of OSU and Jordan Jenkins from Georgia fill that need well.  Lee will need to bulk up a bit but has the athleticism and ball hawking skills to be a difference maker.  Jenkins will be more the run stopper off the edge. The wild card of this draft is Christian Hackenberg.  Like others, I felt it was a reach grabbing him in the second round.  I think they were enamored with his size and big arm.  JaMarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf and Jeff George come to mind.  Hopefully the poor play his last two years at Penn State were more about a bad O-line and the Jets can coach him up. The mid-round picks were solid.  Juston Burris, db from NC State has real potential. The o-lineman, Brandon Shell out of South Carolina was a good developmental/depth pick and grabbing the Aussie punter out of Sam Houston State late was a better option than taking a flyer on someone that would more than likely get cut. Overall, I think this draft graded out as a straight B, going higher or lower depending on how Hackenberg pans out.

As a bonus, keep an eye on Jalin Marshall, one of the UFA's we signed after the draft.  He might stick around if he takes care of the ball.  He tends to carry it like a loaf of bread.

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