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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

5 Reasons Why We Should Feel Optimistic Week One Into Training Camp

Green Rewind is back! I’m just about over the Buffalo game and ready for football!
Here we go…….

5 Reasons Why We Should Feel Optimistic Week One Into Training Camp

  1. Ryan Fitzpatrick is signed.
I know all the negatives flying around about how Fitz was never in a playoff game and that he was awful the last game of the season against Buffalo. Let’s remember he had 31 touchdown passes (without a tight end). This guy runs hard and puts his head and body in danger almost every game he plays. The receivers love him and he has become one of the better leaders the Jets have had the last few years.

  1. Ryan Quigley is gone.
I have a five-year old dog named “Coach” who kicks a ball with better hang time than Quigley. Field position is crucial in the NFL and Quigley killed the Jets numerous times last year with his low, out of bound punts all season. Australian Lachlan Edwards (by way of Sam Houston State) has got to be better.

  1. Muhammad Wilkerson is signed.
I confess! Like many fellow Jet fans I had written Mo off the Jets roster. There was even talk of getting only a 2nd round pick for him. But you just don’t let a 26 year-old defensive lineman who has 36.5 lifetime sacks (12 last season) get away. The NFL is slanted for offenses but Jet fans should not forget how the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl. Almost all defense!

  1. Jace Amaro is back
Our tight ends were invisible last year. Amaro got hurt early. He’ll never be Gronk but many people in the “know” feel this player from Texas Tech can play. He does lack blocking skills and had a disappointing rookie season two years ago, but still had 38 receptions. I’m telling all you Jet fans, if this kid is the real deal, watch how the offense opens up.

  1.  Bowles & Maccagnan
We may take a step back this season like many are predicting but you have to feel confident with Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan running the show. Bowles comes across as an easy going guy but he holds players accountable and they love to play for him. Maccagnan got the Wilkerson deal done! He got Fitzpatrick signed. Our first round draft pick Darron Lee was considered a top 10 pick and Mac scooped him up in the 20th round. Both are doing a fine job but their “honeymoon period” will end soon.

What the Jet scribes are saying……….

Manesh Mehta, NY Daily News

After being disappointed with his offense’s “sluggish” performance Tuesday, Jets head coach Todd Bowles was more pleased with the group’s effort Wednesday……..
On the second play of the afternoon, Fitzpatrick dropped a finesse throw into Eric Decker on a deep out, fitting the pass into a tight window before

Decker dragged both his feet and stumbled out of bounds. Later in the same series, Fitzpatrick connected with Decker on a long touchdown down the left sideline.

In his second round, Fitzpatrick hooked up with tight end Kellen Davis for a nice gain over the middle, then beat the blitz by lofting a high-arcing pass into the hands of Bilal Powell, who was streaking down the left sideline in single coverage. Powell scored easily.

Later, Fitzpatrick threw a 35-yard touchdown pass to Marshall, who fooled cornerback Juston Burris off the line and was wide open.

Brian Costello,NY Post

Each day after the Jets finish their training camp practice, Jace Amaro makes his way to the JUGS machine that spits footballs out at him.

He stands by himself on a corner of the field catching football after football.

It is part of Amaro’s daily routine and part of the third-year tight end trying to prove to the Jets he can be a major piece of this team. He missed the entire 2015 season after shoulder surgery. That came a year after an up-and-down rookie year, when he sometimes struggled to catch the ball.

With a new coach and a new general manager in place last year, missing an entire season was not the way to earn their trust. Now, he is working on that.

“They just haven’t really seen what I can do,” Amaro said. “I’m just trying to get open and catch every ball and do every assignment correctly. I’m blocking as hard as I can because that’s ultimately going to mean me playing a lot, you know as much as I want to. I’m just trying to do the little things right and get better with every practice. I feel like I did that in these first four practices.”

Amaro, 24, has stood out during the early days of Jets training camp. He is making a lot of catches, including a few diving ones, and has been a noticeable target in red-zone drills.

We will be updating this blog as we approach the season.

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