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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jets Beat Jags 17-13

  You can’t get to psyched up with the good things or too down with the bad things in exhibition games. As I have mentioned numerous times, you want to look for individual performances and the timing of your quarterback(s) in all these games. Some rookies that light it up in training camp will not show up against opponents on the field. On the flip side there have been rookies that are lousy training camp practice players that play like beasts against any opponent.
  If Jet fans were to get anything out of the first exhibition game, it’s that this is probably one of the deepest Jets teams at receiver in a long time. Also, rookie first round draft pick Darron Lee (#50) looks like the real deal. He had consistent penetration, made tackles (missed some) and was credited with one sack (really the result of a great play by Shelby Harris #75).  I thought Lee accomplished more in one exhibition game than Vernon Gholston did in his whole career as a Jet. I know he wasn’t with the first team defense but you can just see it.
  Back to the receivers. First off how talented is Quincy Enunwa (#81)? This guy is oozing with ability. Drafted in the 6th round from Nebraska, we all saw a peek at his ability last year. His catches in the New England game last year were huge. He is a big play receiver and can play almost all the receiver positions. Jalin Marshall (#89) who has been one of the training camp stars, caught a pass but it was his 84-yard kick-off return that was really stunning. I would say he has a good chance to make the team. Charone Peake (#17) the 7th round Clemson draft pick was outstanding. He caught four passes but it was his 19-yard touchdown reception thrown by Geno Smith that was the offensive play of the game for the Jets. Jeremy Ross who also had a 51-yard kick-off return, added 3 catches for 51 yards.  If we can get the tight ends more involved in the offense, it can be a fun year. My advice to Devin Smith is to get your butt on the field!
  The Jaguars first two offensive drives went through the Jets like Michael Phelps was swimming with a current. It was quick without any resistance. Make no mistake, the Jaguars are a real good young team and Blake Bortles is one of the better young quarterbacks in the league. Allen Robinson is one of the best receivers in the game. With that said, I’ve had it with Dee Milliner. The Jets cannot waste a roster spot on this guy, especially if they are going to carry 4 quarterbacks. Robinson is tough to cover one on one but Milliner has got to anticipate everything. Besides getting turned around a lot, he always gets burned on the “back shoulder” pass to the receiver. Time to cut him. In fact, if need be, sign Cromartie for the league minimum as a back-up.
  Ryan Fitzpatrick play was short and sweet. He was 3-4 for 72 yards and you can’t be unhappy with his play. I thought Geno Smith looked awful in the first half. He looked out of sync and did not seem comfortable at all. He seems to panic and he fires these short fast passes that are uncatchable. As bad as he was, I thought he turned it around and played very well in the third quarter. He ended up
8-14 for 79 yards highlighted by that wonderful throw to Peake. Bryce Petty played well. He played probable the best football I’ve seen him play when he first got into the game. He showed poise, read the field and got rid of the ball quickly. He ended up going 7-14 with 93 yards. Toward the latter part of the game he did not look as effective, though the Jets 3rd string offensive line was breaking down on almost every pass play. Back-up tight end Zach Sudfeld got beat bad on a block and almost got Petty hurt. Petty did miss a wide open Jace Amaro (#88) who looked frustrated.
  We are thin at running back and getting thinner. Bilal Powell looked good and Dominique Williams (#35) was running well until he got dinged in the head. Romar Morris carried most of the load in the backfield but I suspect unless Forte and Robinson are healed, the Jets will be looking to pick up more running backs this week.
  Jets defensive lineman Shelby Harris (#75) made two nice plays penetrating the line of scrimmage and creating havoc. Speaking of Harris, I thought David Harris looked good. His lateral movement was excellent and for a 32-year old linebacker, he can still cover a lot of ground. Speaking of lateral movement, I was thrilled with the play of offensive tackle Ryan Claddy (#78). The plays I followed him closely, he looked real good.
  A pleasant surprise was the play of our Special Teams. I thought all around they did a very good job and it seemed like night and day from last year.
  Jet fans should be satisfied with their play. My concerns still are the offensive line and now running back. Next up is the Washington Redskins, Friday August 11th at 7:30pm (CBS).

Jet Tidbits:
I guess we are going to see the Decker touchdown pass vs. the Pats from last year at every commercial.....Marshall Plan: There were three. Brandon, Jalin and Jags Nick Marshall…..Temple Reunion. Right now 4 Owls are on the Jets Roster: Muhammad Wilkerson, Robby Anderson (WR-#83), Kyle Friend (C-#63), Pierce Bernard (RB #30). Least we not forget Todd Bowles is a Temple Alum…..Ivory ran well for Jags. I still think Jets made the right decision and he will wear down….Two linebackers to keep an eye on; Freddie Bishop (#56) an edge pass rusher from the Canadian league and Bruce Carter (#54), a former 2nd round Dallas pick who has an “underachiever” reputation. Let’s see if Bowles can ignite these two talented players…..Funny that Jags played 6th round draft pick QB Brandon Allen and Christian Hackenberg didn’t take a snap……Best name on Jets roster so far has got to be defensive lineman Christo Bilukidi. Love to hear Greg Buttle pronounce that one….Speaking of Greg Buttle, was I the only one that heard him say after a 10-yard sack of Bryce Petty in the Red Zone that sometimes it’s an advantage to lose yardage in the Red Zone so you have more room to work with. I have to retake that Football 101 course…..Let’s pull for linebacker Julian Stanford. Jets are his 4th team. This local player played at Wagner in Staten Island and is from Bloomfield Connecticut.....Doug Middleton who made the game ending INT is an interesting guy. An undrafted player from Appalachian State, he was consistently on the Dean's List as a business major and did an internship at the district attorney's office. His first cousin is Greg Jones former fullback at Florida State who played in the NFL with Jacksonville and Houston.

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