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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The QB Carousel

  “I like the idea and concept of trying to get a quarterback every year. It’s something that I know (longtime Packers GM) Ron Wolf did, and talking with Ron over the years, it’s something he firmly believes in. A number of us in this league learn from him.”
                                                                                    -Scott Pioli, NFL Executive

  When a team has four quarterbacks like the Jets in a quarterback driven league, they are affected like dominos with injuries, performance and cuts. In the last 5 days, we have seen Tony Romo get injured, Mark Sanchez lose his starting job (in Denver) and Teddy Bridgewater go down with a complete tear to his ACL. All three of these incidents do affect the Jets. If the Jets keep all four quarterbacks, this is not the norm but it has been done. In 2000 the Patriots started the season with four quarterbacks on their roster:
Drew Bledsoe, John Friesz, Michael Bishop  and a guy named Tom Brady who the coach had a good feeling about. It has been done a few more times since then. Today (Wednesday 8/30) Todd Bowles announced that Geno Smith will not play this Thursday against the Eagles (7:30 CBS). This is a good move. You can look at it two ways. Either he has the back-up position locked up and Jets don’t want to chance an injury with a back-up offensive line (see Mark Sanchez, a few years ago) or the Jets may want to shop him. If I’m Dallas or Minnesota, I say Geno Smith has more value than Mark Sanchez (if he gets released by Denver). I feel a little bad for Sanchez but he has become a turn-over machine. He may be broken emotionally and though I’m not a Geno fan, he has more upside than Sanchez. And if there was ever a guy that needed a change of scenery, it is Geno Smith. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Bryce Petty has looked better than last year and Christian Hackenberg had a beautiful drive against the Giants but neither have taken a regular season snap. The Jets may be reluctant to trade Geno unless they get a super offer. With that said, the quarterback situation in the NFL is thin and getting thiner.
Those teams that want or need a quarterback have the following to chose from:

Jimmy Clausen
Austin Davis
Matt Flynn
Josh Freeman
R. Grossman
Tarvaris Jackson
Michael Vick
Charlie Whitehurst
T.J. Yates

  The Jets right tackle situation is very bothersome. Breno Giacomini does not look like he will be ready to play against the Bengals. In all honesty, Breno did not have a good year last year. Ben Ijalan and Brent Qvale have been sharing the load. I’m not sure the Jets think either can handle the position. Todd Bowles may want to consider pulling a Belichick and be creative. Center Wesley Johnson held his own against the Redskins for Mangold who didn’t play. I would give Johnson a try at right tackle for some snaps against the Eagles.
  Brant Boyer might have been the Jets best acquisition in the off-season. Who is Brent Boyer you ask? He is the Jets new special teams coach. They signed him from the Indianapolis Colts where he was the assistant special teams coach. Boyer is a former NFL player spending time in Jacksonville and Cleveland. I know it is only pre-season but the Jets special teams look 100% better than the last two years. Let’s hope Boyer keeps the momentum up though the regular season.
  Jeremy Ross (#11) may somehow sneak on the roster. He has played on four teams in five years. He is listed as a receiver and his best year was with the Lions in 2014. He had 24 receptions for 314 yards and a touchdown.  In the first pre-season game Ross had 3 receptions for 51 yards. In that game he also returned one punt for 51 yards. Against the Redskins Ross had one reception for 18 yards. And against the Giants he had two more receptions for 18 yards. On a team overloaded with receivers, it will be tough for Ross to make it but he has a shot. A major concern with Ross is that in 45 NFL games he has fumbled the ball 10 times and lost 6 of them.

 Green Tidbits:

….David Harris shoulder is only a bruise. The Wolverine will play in week #1….Todd Bowles said Petty and Hackenberg will play but did not specify how long….When the Jets play the Chiefs in week #3, they won’t have to deal with OLB Justin Houston (56 lifetime sacks in 5 years). He was just placed on PUP list….Against the Jags we saw a hint of a hurry up offense. Like to see more….Thursday I expect all fans to be at their seats during the National Anthem. Will they be watching the flag or both benches?....2016 Superbowl Champions Broncos had 19 touchdowns and 23 interceptions at the QB position. Won on defense. Could be good karma for the Jets.

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