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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Jets Lose Out Of Sync Bowl 14-6

  Bryce Petty started the “Out Of Sync Bowl” looking sharp only to leave the game after connecting on a touchdown pass with pre-season All Everything Robby Anderson. He got hit as he released the ball and hurt his shoulder.  Christian Hackenberg was forced to come into the game early. After too many extra short passes, Hack began to move the Jets right before half-time. He showed a quick release on passes to Anderson and then to Amaro who fumbled the ball. If this was a regular season game, we fans would have gone crazy not getting a chance to attempt a field goal. Amaro continues to show glaring weaknesses in fundamentals. The lowlight of the half for the Jets was a punt returned for a touchdown by Philadelphia’s Paul Turner. This was the Jets worst ST play of the pre-season. In the fourth game of pre-season it is very difficult to evaluate even individual performances. But I can tell you this, if Hackenberg ever develops into a starting quarterback, I’d be surprised. His play deteriorated more and more as the game went on. I know his offensive line was weak but the intentional grounding and the pick six (in the 2nd half) were in excusable.
  There was no scoring in the second half. The Eagles kept turning the ball over to the Jets who did nothing offensively and could not convert any of them. It was one of the hardest halves to watch ever. In fact the U.S. Government should file the second half of this game and force purported terrorists to watch it. They will confess within seconds. We will know more about Petty’s shoulder in the next few days. There were some good efforts by Khiry Robinson and Antone Smith in the backfield. Robby Anderson continued his fine play at receiver. On defense, Doug Middleton gave a good effort as did Taiwan Jones and Deon Simon.
  A special tip of the hat has to go to our punter, Lac Edwards. He punted the ball an incredible 12 times. He averaged 37.1 yards but that figure is deceptive. Because of Hackenberg’s ineptness, the Jets punted numerous times near mid-field.

Uppers & Downers

  1. Khiry Robinson-Forget the modest numbers. This guy can play. Great to see him move coming off a broken leg. Keep an eye on #31 during the season.
  2. Deon Simon- A defensive lineman on an overloaded team at that position, #93 has looked real good the last two games. He adds depth and will see some snaps.
  3. Taiwan Jones-Not sure if there is room for #49 but he played his you know what off. He was all over the field making tackles, tipping the ball and even intercepting a pass.
      1. Christian Hackenberg-He was so bad he may have solved the quarterback issue. I would put               him on the practice squad. If he is picked up by another team, good riddance. I don’t see any               potential starting ability in this guy. He is inaccurate left, right, short and long.
  1. Brandon Shell-Uncle Art should school his nephew. He was awful in the first half and just slightly better in the second.
  2. Jace Amaro-He does nothing to distinguish himself. His hands are awful. All I hear is he makes diving catches in practice. Keep him there.
Green Tidbits:
….When you can’t sleep at night, don’t count sheep. Count Lac Edwards punting….We printed the wrong start time of game. And I’m the first one to complain about time management issues….Marshall Plan #3, Brandon, Jalen & Eagles Byron Marshall ….At this point I like Zudfeld at TE better than Amaro….All summer we saw QB’s drafted in the 6th and 7th round do things much better than Hackenberg….I’m hoping Doug Middleton can stick on the practice squad…. Lorenzo Mauldin got extended playing time. We need him to improve big time….I’m not comfortable with Jalen Marshall returning punts. And I’m not sure Jeremy Ross is the right veteran to do the job…Geno Smith looks very disconnected from his teammates on the sidelines

Jets News Flash:
Bryce Petty left Met Life with his arm in a sling, heavy wrap on shoulder. Petty said X Rays are negative. MRI tomorrow.

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