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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Jets Lose 23-22, Leave 4 Points On The Field

  Good coaching is reflected in many ways. It can be putting your best 22 on the field. Or clock management. Or it can be making adjustments at half time and throughout the game. Good coaching can also mean matching up the correct personnel to put your team in a position to succeed. Or making timely substitutions that will help your team and not hurt it. Todd Bowles and the Jet coaching staff did a terrible job today losing to the Cincinnati Bengals 23-22. I really thought this coaching regime was beyond some of the things we saw on the field today. Tons of things went wrong in this game that was winnable. When the Bengals had a 3rd and 18 and they got the first down. I thought this was one of the biggest plays of the game besides the 4 points they left on the field via a blocked FG and a wide extra point. The offensive line played better than expected and the secondary and special teams played worse than expected. The Jets secondary hardly ever looked ready the whole game when the Bengals snapped the ball. When you have an exceptional defensive line like the Jets do (7 sacks), it will cover a lot of weaknesses. Marcus Williams who had 1 interception looked out of position the whole game. He is turning into Kyle Wilson right before our eyes. I don’t care how many interceptions he had last year I would have benched him. How many times do we have to look at the wide receiver screen go for good positive yardage? The Jets could not defend that play. Also Darelle Revis cannot cover the #1 receiver by himself anymore. We saw it last year and we saw it today with AJ Green. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a little above average at best. He gets too many balls tipped at the line of scrimmage and his passes are behind the receivers too often than not.
  The Jets went ahead in the first quarter on a 3-yard TD pass to Quincy Enunwa who had 7 catches for 54 yards. The Bengals got a field goal. Nick Folk had a 22-yard field goal blocked. In the second quarter both teams scored a touchdown and a field goal. The Jets missed their extra point after their touchdown, which was a great effort by Eric Decker on a 15-yard pass. The Bengals scored a touchdown in the 3rd quarter. The 4th quarter saw the Jets score on 2 field goals then Mike Nugent hit the winner, a 47-yarder with 2:29 remaining. This one was a tough one to swallow.
  I’m not sure where Brandon Marshall was today. His offensive pass interference and his dropped pass took away any hope to win this one. That dropped pass, right in his hands would have went for 20+ yards and all they would have needed would be another 20-25 yards for a last second shot at a field goal.
  On the Jets drive late in the fourth quarter, they settled for a field goal. On first down the quarterback draw did not work. A running play to Forte went nowhere and a 3rd down pass into the end zone was incomplete. This is where the Jets need a legitimate short yardage fullback. Someone who can run between the tackles.
  This game would have been a lot worse if not for the Jets defensive front 7, the line in particular. Leonard Williams had 2 ½ sacks and was great all game. Mo Wilkerson added 1 ½ sacks and Steve McLendon added 2 sacks and made a great play stopping a reverse. Linebacker Lorenzo Mauldin added a sack.
  Punter Lac Edwards had a very good game and Jalin Marshall returned a kickoff 65 yards. Andy Dalton ate the Jets secondary for lunch the whole second half. He was 23-30,
366 yds. for the game but it seemed like almost every pass he threw after half time was a completion.
  There was part of the game, the end of the 3rd quarter and the beginning of the 4th that the running game really took shape. Alternating running plays between Forte and Powell went for good yardage. The quarterback draw was a head scratchier.
  The Jets coaching staff was out coached. The Bengals, except for their offensive line made better adjustments and in the second half looked like the much better team. The Jets did not make adjustments to offset the Bengals passing game, in particular AJ Green and this is where they got beat. This is Todd Bowles second year and there are no excuses for this.
  It is a short week and the Jets have to get back on their horse and win against Buffalo.
Jet veterans, Revis, Marshall, Fitzpatrick and Folk need to play better.

 Green Tidbits:

So much for the improved special teams…. Besides some quality receptions, Enunwa had a few good blocks to help Forte get extra yardage….Jets safties seemed out of position the whole game….Why didn’t Robby Anderson get any balls thrown to him….Jets are paying Revis a lot of money. Jets need to see a return on their investment….AJ Green’s line-12 rec. 180 yds. 1 TD. He had his way with Jets secondary….Nugent killed us when he was on the Jets, and he’s still killing us….Jets two biggest names, Revis and Marshall were invisible today….The Jets last second substitutions on defense made them look badly coached….I thought Bowles should have used his timeouts in the 1st half and saved them in the 2nd half….Refs missed a big call when Marshall was hit helmet to helmet in end zone in first half. Should have been 1st & goal.


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