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Monday, September 19, 2016

Next 4 Weeks Will Determine Alot

   Don’t reserve your tickets for the 2017 Super Bowl yet but this Jets team is one of the more talented teams we’ve seen in the last few years. I know we should have beat the Bengals. I know we don’t have a pure tight end to speak of. I know there have been huge communication gaps in the secondary that have translated to huge touchdowns. I know Todd Bowles made a mistake coach BB would have never done not going for two points on the Jets last touchdown against the Bills. There are growing pains for this second year coach but talent can sometimes cover up for many flaws. No doubt the Jets defense can be one of the best in the league if they can straighten out the blown coverages in their secondary. In the first game Ryan Fitzpatrick was throwing behind the receivers all day. Against the Bills he was as good as we have seen him play. He has weapons the Jets never had before. And remember last year he was coming off a broken leg injury so once the dust blows off from his contract hold out (missing OTA’s), I expect him to have another year like last year. Matt Forte is doing everything a good back does and if the Jets can spell him enough, they should have a balanced attack all season. I know it is only 2 games but the offensive line looks like they are overachieving. Our punter is doing a great job and for the first time in a few years our linebackers are showing adequate pass coverage and quickness to the ball. And draft pick Jordan Jenkins who the coaches love should finally get to play his first game Sunday.
  It’s a long season and injuries seems to help determine which teams are successful and which aren’t. But this Jet team with players like Quincy Enunwa, Derron Lee and Jalin Marshall plus the other youngsters is a squad made up of talent that can go a long way. Let’s see how the next 4 weeks develop. 

What the Jet scribes are saying…..

Rich Cimini, ESPN

Bowles used Revis in a new role against the Bills. Instead of covering the No. 1 receiver, as he has done throughout his career, Revis was assigned to the No. 2 or No. 3, perhaps a concession that he no longer is the lockdown defender he was in his prime. Bowles said the plan was to roll coverage to Sammy Watkins, the Bills' No. 1 receiver.

"The thought was to try to double [Watkins] some and let Darrelle take away the other guy," Bowles said. "We had discussed this in the summer. That's what we were going to try to do."

Watkins, who burned the Jets (mainly Revis) for 11 catches and 136 yards in the 2015 finale, was limited Thursday night by a foot injury. The Jets (1-1) have allowed 663 passing yards in two games, including scoring plays of 84, 71 and 54 yards. They're vulnerable, and opponents will try to exploit that weakness, and perhaps Revis.

"It's a copy-cat league," Bowles said. "Anytime someone sees somebody have success with something, they're going to do it until you put the fire out."
Manish Mehta, NY Daily News

Bill Belichick's giant brain has been the envy of the NFL for the better part of two decades. People have fawned over his genius, bowed to his greatness and kissed his butt more times than I care to remember, but not even the greatest football mind of the generation will be able to wiggle out of this jam. The Patriots face a new reality now that Jimmy Garoppolo wrecked his shoulder on Sunday: The Evil Empire will be looking up at the Jets in the AFC East standings when Tom Brady returns.

Belichick seemed to have done it again by uncovering this new pretty boy quarterback to (temporarily?) replace his old pretty boy quarterback. Garoppolo showed poise in a Week 1 road win in Arizona and was flammable on Sunday against Miami before leaving the game for good with a sprained AC joint that will keep him out for the Patriots' Thursday night game against the Texans (and likely beyond).

It's hard to shed a tear for such a successful (and sometimes rule-breaking) outfit, but I feel slight sympathy for Garoppolo, who appears to be a good guy making the most of a golden opportunity. The young quarterback went 18-for-27 for 234 yards and three touchdowns in a quarter and a half before going down for the count.

The fine folks that make up Patriot Nation will now convince themselves that osmosis will help rookie Jacoby Brissett win the next two games against the Texans and Bills before Brady returns from exile. Spoiler alert: He won't.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has the pieces around him to push the Jets to the top of the AFC East heap. Ryan Fitzpatrick has the pieces around him to push the Jets to the top of the AFC East heap. 
To make matters worse for the New England crazies, the Jets will be all alone atop the division upon Brady's return, which is enough to make them reach back for some lame and predictable jokes from the past. Yes, people. We know that the Jets haven't won a Super Bowl since man first stepped on the moon. And yes, we know that Brady has four rings, so you don't have to tweet me photos of the man wearing his championship jewelry.
Brian Costello, NY Post

Matt Forte has 52 rushing attempts and seven catches through the Jets’ first two games.
Is the 30-year-old Jets running back confident he can maintain this pace?
“The most confident because it’s me out there doing it,” Forte said. “I have no doubt that I can continue to play how I’ve been playing. In football, we all know there are injuries that happen, but as long as you can continue to maintain your body through maintenance. Like I said, I do a lot of different things, whether it’s my diet or workout regimen during the week, I do a lot of things to get me prepared for Sundays so I can play at a high level.”
Teammates and coaches rave about the type of shape Forte is in. Wide receiver Brandon Marshall teased Forte on Monday as Forte walked across the locker room with no shirt on, pointing out his physique.
Forte said he treats his body like a race car.
“You’re not going to put oil in the gas tank when you want it to run at top speed,” Forte said. “You’re going to put the high-performance fuel in it, so you’ve got to watch what you’re putting in your body. I eat clean a lot of the time, especially during the season. It’s just a lot. The trainers help out a lot, and there are a lot of good trainers who help us out a lot, and it’s all about, even before you have an injury, it’s all about prehab — rehabbing your body before you have an injury.”
Coach Todd Bowles said the Jets will be careful with Forte’s workload as the season goes on.
“I don’t know if he’ll get 25-30 [touches] a game. It’s only been two weeks,” Bowles said. “We knew he could play, and we knew he could tote it. We’ve got to be careful and make sure he stays healthy throughout the season.”

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Fan's Comment:
No argument... Bowles dodged a bullet, should have gone for two but it didn't cost them. But what gets me is all the Jets fans out there who talk as if going for 2 is a gimme and we would have automatically been up by 14. Two point conversions are successful less than 50% of the time. So, YES he should have gone for it, but there is a very good chance that even if he did we would have still been ahead 37-24 when we kicked off. I also thought it was funny that they moved Revis off Watkins and put him on the guy who was a sprinter in the Olympic trials and some have said he is the fastest guy in the NFL!! Brilliant! 

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