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Friday, September 23, 2016

A Chance To Re-Establish Revis Island In Next 2 Games

 Okay Jet fans, it's trivia time.
In the 2000 NFL draft, the Jets had four first round picks. Who were they?
(answer at the end of Green Tidbits)

In the next two weeks the Jets have a chance to win both games, dominate the line of scrimmage on defense and re-establish Revis Island. Both the KC Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks do not have the most impressive offensive line so far this year. The Jets defensive line is their strength and coming off a 7-sack game (in a loss to the Bengals) they came down to reality in the Bills game. Sheldon Richardson should be more visible after playing his first game. This will open things up for Mo Wilkerson and Leonard Williams. I’m looking for them to have a great game and looking for the Jets to blitz more this week.
 Alex Smith and the Chiefs are not a big play kind of team. They are more of a dink and donk type. The Jets offensive line has been better than expected. I expect James Carpenter to see some action with 2 weeks of rest.  If Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker play, look for Quincy Enunwa to have a big game. I’d like to see Bilal Powell get more touches. As much as Matt Forte is playing, there is not much of a drop off playing Powell. The Jets still need a running back who can move the pile.
  Now to Revis. It has become in vogue to bash Darrelle Revis. I have been one of his biggest critics. After all here is a player who is headed to the Hall of Fame, wears a Super Bowl ring and will be paid 17 million dollars this year. He is not the underdog many root for. In the first 2 games of the year many NFL fans, players and pros in other sports smiled seeing Revis burned for long touchdowns in both games. Whether it was a busted coverage or just a footrace, #24 was the closest player to the receiver who scored the touchdown. Fear not Jet fans. Things may not seem as grim as they look with Revis and the Jet secondary. Defensive backs can play into their 30’s. Ty Law played till he was 35 and was somewhat effective till about 33. Mike Haynes played till he was 36 and made the Pro-Bowl at 33. Charles Woodson was named to the All-Pro team at 35. Champ Baily played till he was 35 and had some very good years with Denver when he was in his 30’s. Even Todd Bowles’ former teammate Darrell Green made the Pro Bowl at 37 and played till he was 40. Revis can do it also and turn his season around. The latest rumors are that he came into camp out of shape.  This unconfirmed rumor supposedly came from his agents that he just fired.  I’m old enough to have remembered an over the hill Willie Mays embarrass himself playing for the NY Mets in the 1973 World Series. I also remember seeing Dan Marino in his last year with the Dolphins looking like a shell of himself. I don’t think Revis is there yet.  I’m very confident he will turn this around. He knows eyes are on him. Revis is a prideful professional  and I expect him to make things right this season and for the Jets secondary to become dependable.

Green Tidbits:
….Bowles has got to ask for upstairs help whenever there is a question about going for two….Oh boy! Now Pats QB Jacoby Brisset looks like he was a better pick in the 3rd round than Hackenberg was in the 2nd….Jets waived FB Julian Howsare (we hardly new ya) and have no fullbacks on roster. What are Matt Snell & John Riggins doing?....I know his drops are ugly but we need Brandon Marshall to play. And at the top of his game….Ryan Fitzpatrick was names AFC Offensive Player of the week….Not sure but Jalin Marshall seems to jump for balls when he doesn't have to. Hope this isn't the case....Sept. 23 is the anniversary date of the Mo’ Lewis hit on Drew Bledsoe. Things have never been the same since….In the 2000 NFL draft the Jets drafted Shaun Ellis, John Abraham, Anthony Becht and Chad Pennington all in the first round....


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