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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Jet Season Slipping Away Very Quickly!

  The Jets cannot win with the players they have and with the way the team is prepared. The Jets
are making the opposition look better than they are and this means the coaching is lacking. Week after week we are witnessing the same things and adjustments are not being made. Joe Danna is our defensive backs coach and Kacy Rodgers is our defensive coordinator. Mike Caldwell and Mark Collins coach the linebackers. These coaches have got to be accountable for what we are seeing. If Rex Ryan can fire his offensive coordinator, win two in a row against playoff teams, then Todd Bowles has got to shake things up with his coaching staff. I know coaches are loyal to their staff but our coaching stinks so far this season.   
  Ryan Fitzpatrick has given us some nice moments but he cannot throw a lead pass to an open receiver. Brandon Marshall is a very talented receiver but I would bench him today. I’ll explain this later. Calvin Pryor looks quick on the television screen but he is constantly out of position, misses tackles and cannot cover a bed. Darron Lee will eventually become a good pro but he has got to realize on this level players make plays even when they are blanketed by coverage. Steve McLendon looked to be a good player but it is obvious that he is not the same player as Damon Harrison. Marcus Williams, despite his having a nose for interceptions is over his head out there. Jimmy Graham had 6 receptions for 113 yards. This is the second week in a row the tight end position killed the Jets. Our linebackers cannot cover tight ends. Antonio Allen should have been assigned to cover the tight end. Our offensive line is losing the point of attack and it gets worse as the game goes on.   
  I would love to see the combined quarterback rating for the quarterbacks the Jets play.
Against the Jets, Russell Wilson, Andy Dalton and Alex Smith are a combined 71-95 (75%),
912 yards, 5 TDs and 0 INTs. This is incredible! Even in a quarterback driven league when passing is encouraged, these stats are so out of whack it makes the Jet players and coaching look like they are in over their heads.
        Now to Brandon Marshall. He was the Jets MVP last year and put up huge numbers,
109 receptions, 1,502 yards and 14 touchdowns. How many times do we fans have to watch him drop a pass at a key time in the game? In today’s game how many times did he pull up and not complete his routes? He is not even blocking like he did last year! He is a huge talent but he is not getting the job done. I’m also tired of watching him whine to the refs after every incompletion. Any time he makes a completion he steps off the field for at least one play and sometimes two. After his 41-yard gain he was out for two plays. At this point I would change a few things. I know Robby Anderson caused an interception on a pass right in his arms but this guy gets open. He got behind Richard Sherman but Ryan Fitzpatrick cannot hit an open receiver with a lead pass. If the Jets lose their next two games, I would start Robby Anderson and Charone Peake at wide receivers. Now the big one! I would bench Ryan Fitzpatrick and start Bryce Petty. I’m guessing his shoulder will be healed by then. If the Jets are 1-5 they need to shake things up. I’m not throwing in the towel yet but I can see a pattern of ineptness developing.
  The success of the opponents bubble play (or wide receiver screen) is becoming the regular “go to” play for the opposition. In fact if I’m an opponent scouting the Jets for an offensive game plan, I would start with these three things:
1) The wide receiver screen.
2) Throwing to the tight end.
3) The slant or crossing pattern on every third down play.
  Again, I’m not giving up on the season but you have to be blind if you cannot see what is going on. The next two weeks will be very telling. In this tough loss, there were still a few bright spots. Charone Peake made a great play picking up a fumble for a touchdown in addition to his three receptions. Bilal Powell played hard from beginning to end and got a few first downs for the Jets. Leonard Williams played hard and had a good first half and Mo Wilkerson had a good second half. Quincy Enunwa continues to play hard and scratch for extra yardage on every play and he blocks well. This was a game the Jets had to win. As a long time fan I usually look at the glass half empty. I’m hoping Todd Bowles and the Jets can prove me wrong the next two games.

Green Tidbits:

….Jets lucked out on some referee calls. Powell’s fumble looked like it was after a catch and Marshall should have been called for offensive pass interference….Did Calvin Pryor stay up too late watching Louisville lose to Clemson?....Could have been a good day with Rex handling Pats….Noticed Rontez Miles getting reps at safety….Do the Jets ever return a punt for positive yardage?....I would like to see Deon Simon get more reps at DT….I would also play Justin Burris more at CB….I’ll say it again, I’d bench Brandon Marshall….Under the radar, another good punting day for Lachlan Edwards….Fitzpatrick’s best pass of the day went in and out of the hands of tight end Braedon Bowman….When was the last time the Jets got a turnover?....Give kudos to Rex beating both Arizona and the Pats in a row when we all thought he was on his way out the door up in Buffalo....Best off season move the Jets made may have been signing Fitzpatrick to only a one-year contract....

Fans Comments:
61 Moose has left a new comment on your post "Jet Season Slipping Away Very Quickly!": 

Reality check... benching Brandon Marshall will only make things worse. Just his presence on the field changes the other teams defense. Add to that no Decker for who knows how long and you can add no passing game to the limited running game. Like it or not, next man up will be Geno. As was expected from the fickle Jets faithful, there has been quite an uprising from the masses to bench Fitz and bring in Geno. Personally, I think it is too early for that, but we are closing in on the point where we either shake things up or just play out the stretch and gear up for next year. I don't know if Bowles took it upon himself or someone upstairs told him to challenge that reception by Graham, but either way it was a terrible decision. We needed the timeouts and to make things worse a short time later they burned another one.
Right now I would rank our weakest spots as defensive backfield, quarterback and tight end. I am starting to think the worst thing the Jets did last year was win 10 games. Expectations went sky high. 


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