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Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Injuries & Five To Step Up

We have seen this movie before with the Jets. Joe Klecko got injured more times than we want to remember. We lost Vinnie Testaverde with a non-contact injury on a team most thought were Super Bowl contenders. Chad Pennington was on the rise to become a solid QB for the Jets for years to come until he got the injury bug. Injuries have always been a big part of sports. But why does it always seemed magnified with the Jets? Well here we go again. At the start of the season all Jets fans were ecstatic about their wide receiver depth. Undrafted Robby Anderson led all receivers in yardage in the pre-season. Jalin Marshall shows great potential. And Charone Peake (my favorite) looked like a steal in the 7th round. Now we find out Jalin Marshall has a torn labrum and will miss a few weeks and possibly the whole season. Eric Decker has a bad shoulder and his practice time this week was limited. I don’t think he plays. If this were the Patriots we would expect who ever the coach puts in will step up. On this year’s Jet team I expect no different. Robby Anderson should start at wide receiver. I would keep Enunwa in the slot and not split him out. With Peake coming off the bench, the Jets should be fine.

Five To Step Up
It is a win now situation. If the Jets lose Sunday they could very easily slide to 1-5.
The following need to step up and step up now!

1)    Brandon Marshall
Sometimes I wish he never was involved with that NFL television show he does.We don’t need the distraction. He does not look the same as last year. His drops are at the worst time. I know he gets double-teamed but he was double-teamed last year and was the team MVP.  I thought losing 10 pounds was suppose to add speed? He has to have some defining plays like he did last year in the New England game.

2)    Muhammad Wilkerson
This dude has got to start playing like a bad dude. He had a great game against the Bengals but looks like an average defensive lineman. And with Sheldon Richardson and Leonard Williams on the same defensive line it should be a quarterback buffet for Mo. He has got to make some big plays. Can Mo and the other Jets lineman tip a pass? Come on Mo, please don’t become one of those athletes who sells out after a big contract.

3)    Darrelle Revis
Everything that needs to be said about Revis this year has been said. He has got to play like he is capable of playing. There is pressure on him with the money he is making. He has got to cover better, tackle better and show better leadership in the secondary. How about an INT?

4)    Ryan Fitzpatrick
Fitz you have play up to your Harvard IQ. No doubt the Jet receivers look covered most of the time. Fitz tries to force the ball in but all these throws behind the receivers are ridiculous. If Fitz doesn’t want to be considered just a journeyman quarterback, he has got to hit his receivers and turn his play around.

5)    Todd Bowles
This is my biggest disappointment. The Jets have looked unprepared and out coached.
The clock management is awful! The Jets secondary doesn’t look set when the ball is snapped and the communication is awful. Teams are doing the same play after play against the Jets defense. Coach Bowles has got to show Jet fans more. He is no longer a rookie coach. He must make adjustments during the game which it looks like he is not doing!

What the Jet Scribes are saying......

Brian Costello, NY Post

Brandon Marshall knows plenty of people, not just Jets fans, probably are upset with his slow start.
“Not a good start to the season to have me on your fantasy [team],” Marshall joked at his locker Wednesday.
Marshall is not as concerned about fantasy points as he is about real points. He has yet to get into the end zone this season. This is the first time he has gone without a touchdown in the first three games of a season since his rookie year. After having just one game with three catches last season, he has been held to that number in two of the Jets’ first three games.
“We have to be more consistent on our end, and it starts with guys like [Ryan Fitzpatrick] and myself,” Marshall said. “I’ve got to play better. I haven’t scored a touchdown this year. I haven’t done a great job of getting open. I have to find a way to make more plays and make the tough plays.”
In fairness to Marshall, he played last week against the Chiefs at less than 100 percent after suffering a knee injury in the win over the Bills the week before. He said the knee feels better this week, and he practiced fully on Wednesday. Marshall has not used the knee as an excuse.
This week, things won’t get easier. The Jets play the Seahawks on Sunday at MetLife Stadium, meaning the Legion of Boom is in town. Marshall will see Seattle’s star cornerback, Richard Sherman, for a good chunk of the game. Sherman usually plays on one side and does not follow a specific wide receiver, so the Jets can manipulate the matchup with formations, but Marshall said he knows he will face Sherman for some of the game.
Manish Mehta, NY Daily News
A one-legged Russell Wilson is as useful as a right-handed Jim Zorn, which basically means Pete Carroll’s offense is screwed if the Seahawks quarterback doesn’t magically heal in the next few days. Wilson isn’t nearly as awesome as his Puget Sound loyalists believe, so it’s ludicrous to think that he’ll be able to hobble into MetLife Stadium on a gimpy left knee and right ankle on Sunday and have his way with the Jets. Strip away the myth and here’s the unvarnished truth about the Seattle signal caller: He’s very good, not great. He can’t touch Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger and a few others. Wilson is a nice second-tier quarterback with occasional improvisational superpowers. He’s much closer to Batman than Superman.
______________________________________________________________________Rich Cimini, ESPN
Residual feelings from the Darrelle Revis-Richard Sherman feud, dormant for nearly three years, resurfaced Thursday in the New York Jets' locker room. Moments after declaring Sunday's game against the Seattle Seahawks "a must-win for us," the Jets' star cornerback's mood turned snippy when asked about his Seattle counterpart. Revis interrupted a reporter in mid-question when Sherman's name was mentioned in relation to their acrimonious history. "We're not going there," Revis said.
The reporter tried again. "We're not going there," Revis said.
Again, the reporter attempted to finish the question."We're not going there," Revis snapped.
Finally, Revis was asked his opinion of Sherman as a player. "No opinion," he said. "We're not going there. We're not going there. Seahawks' offense" -- meaning he only wanted to answer questions on Russell Wilson's unit. Things got nasty between Revis and Sherman in 2013, when Revis was regarded as the best corner in the NFL and Sherman apparently wanted to dethrone him. Sherman posted their stats on Twitter, bragging, "Women lie, men lie, numbers don't lie."
Revis fired back: "I never seen a man before run his mouth so much like girl. This dude just steady putting my name in his mouth to get notoriety."
Sherman might have taunted Revis in Super Bowl XLIX on Feb. 1, 2015, gleefully holding up "24" with his fingers moments after Revis, who wears No. 24, was burned for a touchdown. At the time, Revis was playing for the New England Patriots. Sherman also could've been referring to the Seahawks' point total at the time, 24.
Revis got the last laugh, as the Patriots won the Super Bowl. Sunday will be their first meeting since then. It's a huge game for the Jets (1-2), coming off an eight-turnover loss to the Kansas City ChiefsRevis called it a must-win because the Jets need "to regain the momentum back for the team, and for us moving forward. I think this Sunday, with a win, that would be a kick-starter for us, and start us up for the rest of the season."

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