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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Jet Fans Agonize Over Loss After Extra Sleep

  The Jets lost to the Miami Dolphins 27-23 in a game that the Dolphins kept handing to the Jets in an erratic fourth quarter for both teams. A kick off after a Jets touchdown was called back after Antonio Allen went off sides. The next kickoff was returned for a touchdown by Kenyan Drake who went
96-yards. For many Jet fans like myself this one may be up there with the Butt Fumble, the Bubby Brister shuffle pass and Mark Gastineau roughing the quarterback in a playoff game. So many negative things were happening throughout the game it is quite amazing that the Jets were actually in a position to win it in the fourth quarter. But with the game and possibly the season on the line, the off sides penalty on Antonio Allen was the dagger that buried the Jets.
  In a penalty filled first half, (Jets 10-77 for the game) the Jets took the opening drive down the field on a 14-play drive that took up 6:34 and settled for a field goal. The Jets red zone offense has been awful all season. Ryan Fitzpatrick has 5 interceptions in the red zone so maybe Jet fans should be happy with 3 points but this is not the way you win football games in the NFL. On this drive the most interesting play was a run by Fitz who ended up tossing a lateral to Bilal Powell. This play gained 22 yards. The Dolphins followed with a touchdown drive that the Jets gift-wrapped with two consecutive 15-yard penalties. One penalty was on Buster Skrine who acted like a thug. The other penalty was on Calvin Pryor for taunting which was questionable. Jay Ajayi scored on a 20-yard touchdown run. These dumb penalties reflect the coaching staff of the Jets. The Jets answered with a good drive capped by a Matt Forte 31-yard touchdown run. On this drive Jalin Marshall caught a 20-yard pass. The Dolphins then drove down the field and scored on a 1-yard touchdown pass from Tannehill to Dominique Jones. The Jets answered with another drive that again stalled and settled for a field goal. On this drive Jalin Marshall had a catch for 21-yards and Matt Forte had a 32-yard run. The Jets went into the locker room down 14-13. There were a few questions that had to be answered. First why wasn’t Sheldon Richardson and Muhammad Wilkerson playing in the first quarter? Why not call time out at the end of the first half and force the Dolphins to run a play and punt? Maybe the punter fumbles the snap like he did in the second half. But Todd Bowles loves to go into the locker room with timeouts and sacrifice a chance of scoring and kick off in the second half. What in the name of Weeb Ewbank is he doing? What in Gods name was going on with the stupid penalties? With that said, Todd Bowles has got to get emotional and blast the officials. We’ve all seen coaches do this but Bowles looks like a mannequin on the sidelines. As stupid as the Jets penalties were, I thought the Dolphins were getting away with a lot. But this will happen to the home team.
  It was a typical 3rd quarter for the Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Jets were outscored 6-0
on two field goals and Fitzpatrick threw a perfect pass but it was to the wrong team. Right in the hands of defensive tackle Jordan Phillips who looked better than any Jet tight end the last two years.
 At the end of the 3rd quarter Bryce Petty came in for Fitzpatrick who came out with a wobbly knee. Petty completed two passes. The drive continued into the 4th quarter and the Jets yet again, settled for a field goal. After the Dolphins got the ball back, they punted and the Jets began another effective drive. Two plays after a 25-yard completion of Enunwa, Robby Anderson went up for a ball, caught it between two Dolphins and came down to the turf. He immediately got up and ran the ball in for a touchdown. The play was reviewed and it was ruled (correctly) that Anderson had made contact with one of the Dolphins. Right there I knew we wouldn’t score a touchdown. Three plays later, with a defender right in Fitzpatrick’s face, he tosses the ball high and long into the end zone where all we saw were Dolphin jerseys The ball was intercepted in one of the more bizarre throws. Right then and there, we all thought the game was over. The Dolphins looked like they were going three and out. But on 4th down, the punter fumbles the ball and the Jets recover on the Dolphins 18-yard line. With everything that happened to the Jets and Fitzpatrick in this game, this was the break of all breaks! Two plays later Fitzpatrick hits Jalin Marshall on a 18-yard post pattern for a touchdown. Fitzpatrick quickly got put back on my Christmas list.
  In Jet land the team does not know how to capitalize on a gift. The kick off was called back because of the Antonio Allen off sides. The next kick off went for a touchdown and I felt like Bill Mazeroski hit his home run all over again. After the kick-off the Jets went three and out and it was all over. They had a chance to hold the Dolphins on 3rd down but a penalty on Julian Stanford sealed the game for the fish.
  There were so many things that happened in this game it was ridiculous. The Jets again could not get a pass rush from the most overrated defensive line in football. On third down efficiency the Jets were 3-11, a whopping 27%. Ryan Fitzpatrick was horrid for most of the game though his stats show different. Brandon Marshall was being held on every play by Byron Maxwell. I would have thrown it to him over and over. But the most frustrating play of the game had to be a sure INT that looked like a sure pick six dropped by linebacker Jordan Jenkins. The ball went right into his numbers and he couldn’t handle the ball with open field ahead of him. So it goes for us Jet fans.
Green Tidbits:

….Darrelle Revis actually had a good game….Buster Skrine has been getting on my nerves this year….The Jets offense was helped on multiple Dolphins penalties on 3rd down…I’m sick of Greg Buttle telling the audience every week the difference between mental and physical mistakes….The Pats still have not thrown an interception…. Mike Catapano got burned bad on a 3rd down pass….Robby Anderson needs to be targeted the same as Brandon Marshall. This rookie wideout is oozing with talent. Am I the only one that sees this?….I’m holding my nose saying this but I would still start Fitzpatrick…. Jay Ajayi was held in check but still managed 111 yards….One more loss and we’ll see Petty and a major off season house cleaning will take place….I still say Todd Bowles is not the right coach for the New York Jets….Please vote on Tuesday. It is a privilege not seen in many countries….


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