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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

No More Superlatives

Okay Jets fans it’s trivia time. 
Name the only Jet coaches in their history who have a winning percentage over .500%?
The answer is given later on this page.
Nothing more can really be said about Monday’s horrid 41-10 loss to the Colts.
Here are 8 things on my mind about the game ands the season.
1)    Head coach leadership.
The leadership from the top has been awful. Todd Bowles had a 10-6 rookie year but the
honeymoon is and has been over. The Jets come out each week unprepared. Having 3 personal foul penalties in one half is inexcusable. With a head coach who is a defensive specialist producing secondary play like we saw Monday night is just incredible. Andrew Luck is a great quarterback but the space the open receivers had around them is mind-boggling. Time and again the defense is taking too long to get set right before the snap. New York is the wrong venue for Todd Bowles. He doesn’t handle the press well and comes across horribly when he is up at the podium. His answers to some questions are ridiculous. And as a fan I resent it when Bowles and other coaches use the line “I have to look at the game films” to more than 50% of his answers. This is a huge cop out.
2)    Assistant coach leadership.
Let me start with Brant Boyer the special teams coach. Our special teams stink! The Jets can’t do anything right on special teams. They call for fair catches at the 5-yard line. They insist that Jalin Marshall is a return man. Marshall constantly has his momentum going backwards when he fields punts. Jeremy Ross, who the Jets just cut is a slight improvement. Coach Boyer has to be accountable for the opening Bengal game with a blocked field goal and missed extra point. He also has to be accountable for the Dolphin game when Antonio Allen went off sides and on the next play the kick was returned for a touchdown. And I don’t want to hear the excuse the kick off team was out of breath (this means you Greg Buttle) because they had just run 60-yards down field.
Chan Gailey actually admitted (give him credit for honesty) that he had lost track of the yardage when the Jets passed on a third and one a few games ago.
Pepper Johnson is the defensive line coach. He is definitely over his head. Pepper, I loved you when you played but you are doing a lousy job. Ditto for Joe Danna the defensive backs coach.
3)    Darrelle Revis
The story goes (I’ve written this before) that Robert Kraft was intent on resigning Revis after the Patriots won their last Superbowl. Bill Belichick met with Kraft and it took HC BB four to five hours to talk Kraft out of resigning Revis. With that said I can’t tell you how upset and disappointed I am in this player. We are hearing all sorts of stories. He showed up out of shape. He is still bothered by his bad wrist. He has been battling a muscle pull all season. When I was watching the Colts game and on the first Colts drive on a third and three Revis was 10-12 yards off the receiver, I almost threw up. As I have said before, Darrelle Revis has turned into Kyle Wilson right before our eyes. Depending on the salary cap situation, I would cut him in a second if I could. Todd are you watching the game films? This guy can’t cover a bed. And don’t buy the hype about moving him to safety. He doesn’t like contact and when players get older they pick and chose their spots when tackling and being aggressive. The Jets or the next team he plays for has as much a chance of him playing safety as him playing guard.
4)    Muhammad Wilkerson
The Jets made a bad move resigning this thief. As it turns out the Jets should have resigned Damon Harrison and traded for a draft pick or two for Wilkerson. He is suppose to be a leader and cannot even show up on time for meetings. When you see Belichick trading players due a big payday a la Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins, remember the Wilkerson signing.
5)    Sheldon Richardson (thug #1)
I actually like Richardson better than Mo and I think he has more talent. At times Richardson has a motor that doesn’t stop. But this is the second consecutive season he was suspended at the beginning of the season. He also doesn’t show up for meetings on time and his roughing penalties are making him out to look like a thug. How can you rationalize the thought process of a grown man speeding a 130 MPH with a 12-year old in the car?
6)    Buster Skrine (thug #2)
All I can say about Buster is the name fits and his penalties are so untimely it is sick.
I can’t believe Bowles sees more positives than negatives in this guy this season.
7)    Breno Giacomini (thug #3)
He has been a huge disappointment and is becoming the penalty king on the offensive line. Expectations were big after signing him as a free agent from Seattle after they won the Superbowl. His personal foul penalty against the Colts was one of the dumbest I’ve seen.
8)    Mike Maccagnan
In a season like this, the GM has to invade other team’s practice squads. Not doing this is inexcusable. And the Hackenberg pick was a disgrace. How can you pick a QB in the 2nd round and realize after the pick his mechanics are all flawed. He was able to sign players last year because of the large cap space left to him. His two drafts have been C+ at best.
Green Tidbits:
….Bill Parcells & Al Groh are the only 2 coaches in Jet history with a winning record. Parcells was 29-19 (.604%). Groh was 9-7 (.563 %)….I still like Rontez Miles….LB Jordan Jenkins shows some spunk. Keep an eye on him….Leonard Williams continues to be the consummate professional playing hard on every play….Robbie Anderson has got to catch more balls. He is open a lot and must make the most of the opportunities….Line of the week: ”I’m afraid Jet fans I don’t think your franchise quarterback has been born yet.”-Steve Sommers, WFAN….Darron Lee got burned for two TDs but he plays hard and will be a good one….OK Jet fans some of you got your wish with Petty slated to start the rest of the season….There is still hope. The 1999 St. Louis Rams won the Superbowl going 13-3. The year before they were 4-12….Hang in Jet fans, even the Cubs won the World Series….

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