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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Jets Play With Guts & Win 23-17!

  At the start of the game the Jets fell behind quickly by two touchdowns. There was 10:49 to go on the clock in the first quarter. My cell phone was going crazy with Jet fans tossing in the towel. I never got so many text messages as I did today. The game was taking the same characteristics as the Colts game. A horrid INT on Petty’s first pass followed by a score a play later. Then when the 49ers got the ball back they were going through the Jets defense like they were the invisible men. Presto 14-0! You and I both were thinking the same thing, “I can’t go through another Sunday game like last Monday night.” The 49ers continued to tack on yardage with Carlos Hyde running wild the whole first half. Then two things happened which changed the whole direction of the game. Matt Forte hurt his knee and the under utilized Bilal Powell went on to have a career day. The second thing to happen was when Buster Skrine went out with an injury. Skrine has been a disease for the Jets secondary this year.
  The Jets scored a field goal to open up the scoring in the second quarter.  The 49ers matched the field goal and went into the locker room with a 17-3 lead. As far as the first half. Bryce Petty was not awful but was not good. It was obvious that he was holding the football too long and when he was pressured, he always seemed to move the wrong way, into a tackle or pressure and not away from it. The ease at which Carlos Hyde was peeling off yardage was scary. What else was scary was when he got into the Jets secondary, most of the Jets didn’t want any part of him and were not sacrificing their body to stop him. Revis who had a good game seems to be avoiding as much contact as he can.
  In the third quarter, the Jets held the 49ers to a three and out and began a drive that lasted 7:25 and ended with a Nick Folk 30-yard field goal. The highlight of the drive was a great 40-yard catch by Robbie Anderson who had a fantastic game despite a drop or two. What was bothersome was that after the Anderson catch, the Jets had a first and goal from the 3-yard line and proceeded to go backwards with a penalty and a sack. This hurts and championship teams that are in the red zone will not settle field goals. The field goal was the only score in the third quarter.
  The wild fourth quarter saw the Jets score first on a 5-yard run by Powell. The drive lasted 8:23 and Petty looked sharp combined with Powell’s solid running.  Even tight end Seferian-Jenkins caught a pass for 14-yards. The Jets correctly went for two points and this has to be one of the highlights of the game and the season. Petty was in the shotgun. He got the hike and faked a hand off. He then went around linebacker Ahmad Brooks and from around the one yard line when he got hit, he twisted his body with the momentum going his way exposing every part of his body from the waist up and scored. It was truly a gutsy run!
  The Jets got the ball back with 2:35 to go on the clock. Petty proceeded to lead the Jets on a drive that ended with a Nick Folk 50-yard field goal that just made it to tie the game at 17-17. Powell had two good runs and a pass reception to highlight the drive.
  The overtime was all Powell, Petty and a huge Anderson catch. On the 26-yard pass to Anderson, Petty was moving to his left and threw the ball across his body to Anderson who was covered but jumped up and came down with the ball. Powell ran the ball three more times and ended the game on a 19-yard run.
  Give the Jets and Todd Bowles credit. The Jets never stopped working. The defense shut down the 49ers in the second half.  The time of possession for the game:
Jets 41:55, 49ers 24:30.
   Bryce Petty played much better in the second half. His numbers for the game were
23-35, 257 yards, 1 INT. Not great but his improvement over the course of the game was impressive. Robbie Anderson continues to impress despite his drops. This guy is a real find for the Jets. He has the ability and as long as he works hard, he can be a good one. Don’t overlook tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins. The Jets got him on the cheap and he is also a talent. If the Jets think he can keep his head straight, the Jets should resign him. Deon Simon (#93) continues to play hard. He is doing a very good job with limited reps. Linebacker Jordan Jenkins (#48) is one of the best hitters on the team and has been improving. Rontez Miles (#45) is making the most of his playing time.
  The Jets won a game we all thought they were going to lose. Bowles did a fine job. I’m not one with the opinion it is better to lose games for a better draft position. I want the Jets to win every game I am watching. This was a great game to watch and seeing a young QB like Petty do what he did is exciting. He still has a long way to go but for now Jet fans have a reason to watch the rest of the games.

Green Tidbits:
….The Jets offensive line played well despite all the sacks….Carlos Hyde seemed to get his best yardage when he was running right….Wesley Johnson is our new center. He plays solid….Darron Lee continues to be out of position at times but once he gets it, he has the potential to be a star….Mo is back! Wilkerson had an active game…Overlooked was 2 field goals misses by 49er kicker Phil Dawson….Brandon Marshall didn’t have a  spectacular game but he was working and blocking all game….I can live with Nick Marshall returning punts and kickoffs…..Penalties; Jets 9-56 yards, 49ers 3-25….

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