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Thursday, December 29, 2016

To Do’s To Fix The Jets!

  Last weekend’s Patriot game was devastating for all Jet fans. Whenever you think it can’t get any worse, it does. The Pats had their way with the Jets. You can name anything you want, dropped passes, no pass coverage or pass rush, no QB protection plus more. The game of football has been insulted by what the Jets are showing on the field. In three out of the last four games the Jets have been outscored 116-26. It is a wonder how they ended up beating the 49ers. If some of you Jet fans are not old enough to experience the Rich Kotite era, you are getting a good taste of it this year. The team continues to expose their lack of talent and preparation each game. Any thought of a strength within in this team is only a thought. They do not have any strengths and lack leadership and focus. The locker room seems out of control with a Brandon Marshall/Sheldon Richardson feud
taking up more space and conversation than fixing the team. Sometimes the Jets remind me of a country that has no government and is in chaos.
  I have been a Jet fan since 1963 (Titans first) and will continue to bleed green. Here are some things the Jets need to do to get back on track.

  1. Accumulate draft picks                                                                                                                   I know it is easier said than done. But historically the draft has put teams on the right track to success. Many times it is a “crap shoot” which is why a team like the Jets are better off trading down and accumulating draft picks. It is much better to spread your risk. A bad draft will set you back 2-3 years. Free agents will supplement the draft but building a team starts with good drafting.

  1. Hire Norv Turner as offensive coordinator                                                                                     I want an offensive coordinator who knows something about developing quarterbacks. He was instrumental with the development of Troy Aikman. Turner was not a good head coach and resigned his job as offensive coordinator with the Vikings this past November 2nd, under mysterious circumstances. The Vikings were 5-2 when he resigned and have been 2-6 since. Chan Gailey is not the answer. Unforgiving when he lost track of downs and yardage and passed when it was 3rd and 1 a few games back. Turner seems to know offenses and knows quarterbacks. His son Scott Turner is the current quarterbacks coach for the Minnesota Vikings. Bring him in also.

  1. Offensive Line! Offensive Line! Offensive Line!                                                                               I’ve been saying this forever! The Jets have got to build from within. The skill positions should be the final piece of the puzzle. Even quarterback. They should be knee deep in free agent money once they get rid of some of the dead overpaid weight. Here are some players to consider.
        Offensive Line NFL Unrestricted Free Agents.
        One name that sticks out is Kevin Zeitler the guard from the Bengals. He is 26 and is a real                 good one who both pass and run blocks equally well. He is a former 2012 first round pick. 
        The other player is Ryan Schraeder, the offensive tackle from the Atlanta Falcons. Chances are          he will remain with the Falcons but he is more than just a solid player. He is 28 which is little             older than I’d like.

     OL Draft prospects:
       Cam Robinson, OT Alabama. Rated the #1 tackle by Walter Football. I’m scared of drafting              players from Alabama.
       Mike McGlinchey, OT Notre Dame. A junior who may stay in school. Some scouts think he has        more upside than Robinson.
       Quenton Nelson , G Notre Dame. One scout says this guard will be perennial pro-bowler.
       Ethan Poci, G/C LSU. I love versatile lineman who can play more than one position. Could be a        solid starter as well as security if Wesley Johnson can’t hack it as a year long starter.

       Of the six mentioned, I want three of them but will settle for two. The Jets do have Wesley                  Johnson at center who is 25. James Carpenter at left guard is 27. Brandon Shell is 24 but may be        only a “Shell” of his uncle. The jury is out on Ben Ijalana and Brent Qvale who have not looked          at all like starters.

  1. Cut the dead weight.                                                                                                                   Get rid of Brandon Marshall, Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold ( I love you Nick but sorry it’s time), Matt Forte-if 2nd year is not guaranteed-good runner but we can get RB’s cheaper and Bilal Powell will be the featured back,  Buster Skrine, Marcus Williams, David Harris (see Nick Mangold)

  1. Trade Sheldon Richardson                                                                                                              I liked his ability better than Mo Wilkerson but he is carrying too much baggage. He won’t resign with the Jets and with one year remaining on contract, get something. Jets supposedly refused a #2 from Dallas at trade deadline holding out for a #1. A big mistake. If they get a 4th, they will be lucky.

  1. Trade Calvin Pryor                                                                                                                         In 2015, the first six games he played I thought Pryor was playing at a pro-bowl level. He has been going down hill since and always seems just one step away from making game changing plays that he never does. Getting 3rd or 4th for him would be great.
        7. Don’t Sign Mike Glennon                                                                                                                      This is an unpopular choice but let me explain my reasons. The 27-year old Tampa Bay                        Buccaneer has 30 TDs in his short career mostly as a back-up. Some say he will get 17 million a          year. He probably will. The Jets should not tie up all that money at the QB position in 2017.                Focus on the offensive line so you might attract and FA quarterback down the road. It is a weak          QB year in the draft. Sign a free agent cheap. Also don’t get sucked into the Kirk Cousins                    sweepstakes. Let him go. It will be hard for Jet fans but they have show patience and show                  discipline.

          8. Coaching staff                                                                                                                                       I don’t like Todd Bowles but it looks like he is staying.
          With that said the Jets have to get rid of these coaches:
                                Brant Boyer, Special Teams
                                Chan Gailey, Offensive Coordinator
                                Kacy Rodgers, Defensive Coordinator
                                Joe Danna, Defensive Backs

         9. Revamp Scouting Department                                                                                                                Like players, the scouting department needs to be held accountable.
           They have to be graded. The Jets must rebuild through the draft and create cap space and                   future cap space. I am a little familiar with the Jet scouting staff at the top:                                                                                                   Senior Director, College Scouting: Rex Hogan                                                                                         Director, Pro Scouting: Matt Bazirgan                                                                                                       Director, Player Personnel: Brian Heimerdinger                                         All have very good reputations but something is wrong. The drafting has been awful.
             We need  someone who eats drinks and sleeps college football. Whoever was responsible for              draft Chrisitian Hackenberg in the second round should not have input into the draft.
             Even though the Jets have a lot of needs, drafting the best athlete available works!
             Prime example is Leonard Williams. And whatever you do,
             don't ask for Charlie Casserly's advice.

         10. Keep Austin Seferian-Jenkins
          I know I am in a small minority. Even with his dropped TD pass against the Pats,
          I like this tight end. He has talent. Not as a blocker but getting open.
          In his second year he averaged 16.1 yards per reception.
          He has baggage but the risk/reward may be worth it.
          He is only 24-years old.

          11. Hire Mike Westoff as consultant
            He won’t go full time. But if you hire Mike Westoff as a special teams consultant for the
            pre-season and he attends coaches meetings and goes on the field all of pre-season,
            he might go for it. Once the season begins, the new ST coach is on his own.
            Westoff is at his best when he is on the field teaching and yelling at his players.

          Thinking outside the box.
          A few more things. Sign as many rookie free agent quarterbacks as they can.
          Not to play quarterback but to look at them at other positions.
          Get them from Division 1, 2 and 3. Quarterbacks are usually the best athletes on the team.
          Get them and look for them to play other positions i.e. defensive back, safety, wide receiver.

    Signing a QB on the cheap, consider everyone.
    Including Mark Sanchez, Matt Schaub. Building up the offensive line in the draft and free             agency might attract a QB trying to resurrect his career. The Jets have to spend very little in           2017 at the QB position. Fill the offensive line! Build from within!

Hey Jet fans hang in there. The Jets will eventually get it right. Don’t leave the team now.
Loyalty will have it’s rewards. I’ll be in front of the television Sunday rooting hard for the Jets to beat the Bills! It ain’t easy being green!

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