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Sunday, December 18, 2016

From Bad to Worse!

  I can go over the game in detail but really, what is the point? More calls and texts were coming to me during and after the game about Jet fans jumping ship and joining the Giant or Patriot bandwagon. Go ahead, join the “dark side” and you will never be aloud back!
  The game started with a very good drive lead by Bryce (I’m not Richard) Petty. Mixing up some nice runs and a pass to Bilal Powell, Petty then hit Robbie Anderson on a deep pass over the middle that resulted in a 40-yard touchdown. Robbie Anderson has been one of the few bright spots this year for the Jets. Playing part time until the Decker injury, this undrafted rookie from Temple now has 38 receptions for 544 yards and 2 touchdowns. Imagine if he was playing full time and had a quarterback that could lead him when he is open long?  Before we get too excited about Petty, keep in mind that 20 of his 36 attempts were thrown within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. On throws more than 5 or more yards downfield, Petty was 5-of-16, 108 yards with 2 INTs. Not stats that franchise QBs are built around but let’s evaluate him after the next two games. There is no denying his toughness, staying in the pocket till the last second but he still is throwing the ball too high at open receivers. I know there were drops (5 total-2 by Brandon Marshall) but he is not showing enough (yet) to think the Jet QB situation is solved. When he was sacked at the end of the first quarter and lost the football, he showed a lack of pocket presence. That was a huge turnover!
  Jumping toward the latter part of the second quarter, on a 3rd and 9, Matt Moore hit Kenny Stills in stride just beating a Jets blitz burning Juston Burris (#32) for a 52-yard TD. The Jets continued with their ever so popular theme, make any quarterback they face look great! Matt Moore looked like Johnny Unitas going 12-18, 236 yards and 4 TDs. It is so beyond belief how open the opposition’s receivers are on every completion. Joe Danna is the Jets secondary coach and as I've said before, has to be held accountable for what the secondary is showing us. The Jets closed out the scoring on a field goal by Folk going into the locker room at half time down 13-10.
  In the second half, Juston Burris intercepted a pass. After a first down, the Jets went three and out but not so fast. Lining up to punt the ball, the Jets were in a illegal formation but the punt was blocked anyway and resulted in a Dolphin touchdown. Of course TV missed the play live (no doubt the Kremlin was hacking U.S. television broadcasts at the time) and it was as ugly as it gets. After that play, the Jets almost to a man mailed it in. The Dolphin scored again and again and it was one of those games you couldn’t wait to end. After three quarters the Jets were down 34-10.  With 5:47 to go in the game, Nick Folk hit a field call on a brilliant play call by Todd Bowles. Final score Dolphins 34, Jets 13. Brant Boyer, the Jets special teams coach also has to be held accountable. For the second time against the Dolphins, a special teams gaff was the turning point of the game. Our special teams stink.
  How does Todd Bowles put out a product like he does? How does his team come out in the second half and just go through the motions? After the 49er game I was giving him too much credit. He has to be replaced. He will never succeed as coach of the Jets. I know that continuity is important but you also have to cut your losses sooner than later. This franchise is in turmoil with personnel and cap issues. There is no on field discipline with the most untimely penalties I have ever seen. You have Sheldon Richardson tweeting out an obscene video before the game. All Bowles can say after every game is :

 “I have to do a better job coaching.” 

I just don’t think he is capable.

Green Tidbits:
….Linebacker Jordan Jenkins (#48) continues to hit and hit hard…..How many times is Darron Lee going to be burned with TD passes? He has got to show more on passing plays even as a rookie….Leonard Williams has pride. I’m glad he is a Jet…Petty not only is lacking pocket presence but his internal clock must be stuck…Rontez Miles like Williams is still playing hard….Jets have been blown out by 20 or more points 4 times this season, 3 coming at prime time….If you see a helicopter flying near Met Life, Todd Bowles should take notice….Big Jet mistake. Turning down a 2nd rounder for Richardson from Dallas at trade deadline. Now lucky to get a 4th….Rumor is some Jet fans saw Hackenberg at David & Busters. At basketball toss, he was 3 of 13….Can we bench Darrelle Revis just out of principle?....More depressing stuff. Pats offensive line average age is 25….I know this is a tough season, but when you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way! Hang in there fans!....

You may have seen this already, but if not have fun with it.
A made up interview with Ryan Fitzpatrick from a few weeks ago:

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