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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Jets Should Do The Opposite Like George Constanza

Jets Must Cut Hackenberg Now!
The Jets are not fooling anyone. Christian Hackenberg needs to be cut this week. If fans are to believe that the team is in a full rebuilding mode and that every roster spot is valuable, they have to do the right thing. I saw on a web site that if they did cut him, the salary cap implication is  $1,059,160. If this number is accurate, then it is a no brainer. The only positive thing he has shown is his ability to take off and run for some yardage. Mike Maccagnan made a mistake drafting Hackenberg. It is time to cut him. Take a lesson from the Patriots. They gave up a second round draft pick for Carolina pass rusher Kony Ealy (and a 3rd round pick). The Pats just cut Ealy this week. Christian Hackenberg cannot and will never be able to be an effective NFL quarterback. He just doesn’t have the goods.

Giant Game:
The Giant game was really two separate games. The Giants won the starter version big time and the Jets won the garbage time. Giants Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall did not play but Eli Manning still had his way with the Jets in the first half. I want to say it right here another mistake Mike Maccagnan made was signing Mo Wilkerson and letting Duane “Snacks” Harrison go. Wilkerson continues his below average uninspiring play and his signing is looking like another professional athlete getting his payday and then he just going through the motions. Sheldon Richardson had an active game. His pass rush on Eli caused an interception and his motor was moving on every play. I keep hearing how great number one draft pick Jamal Adams is going to be but I’m not seeing it yet. He is athletic but seems to be out of position too many times and is missing more than his share of tackles. On the other hand rookie receivers ArDarius Stewart and Chad Hansen looked good! They did most their damage against the Giants 2nd and 3rd stringers but they look like keepers. The Jets offensive line was awful! Center Wesley Johnson and tackle Brandon Shell were manhandled. This is going to be a big issue. Even with a swiss cheese offensive line Bilal Powell runs with purpose. The Jets probably kept him in too long but he gives it 100% on every play. The Jets need 22 players like Bilal Powell and Sheldon Richardson. Linebacker Julian Stanford was active and looked like he played a good game. When Marcus Williams made the team a couple of years ago it looked like the Jets found a sleeper. I was told he lacked speed to be a true NFL starter.  He is looking slower and slower whenever he is on the field.

Petty Lareceny:
Bryce Petty cannot catch a break. I know he was playing against back-ups but he was moving the chains. He passed for 250 yards in two quarters and left with a knee injury. Hopefully the injury is not major. He will have an MRI on Sunday. Petty had been getting “scrap heap” repetitions in training camp, and never complained. He is making the most of his playing time.  If the injury is bad, it is horrible luck for Petty and the Jets. Bryce Petty is definitely the number two quarterback and was making a case for the starting position. The Jets brass don’t think Petty has what it takes to be a starter. Maybe the Jets should take a cue from that Seinfeld episode when George does the opposite of what should be done. If the Jets brass doesn’t think Petty should be the starter, then start him.

            “If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right.” 

Green Tidbits:
….Second week in a row Hackenberg missed Robby Anderson who had a step on the defender…..WR Jalin Marshall is out for the first 4 games but he plays with spunk. Always blocking and hustling down field…..Too many whistles already in games…..Keep an eye on #42 Ronald Martin. He seems to have a good nose for the ball…..If you think the first 3 games were hard to watch, wait till Thursday’s game….

Okay George, tell the Jets how to do it......

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