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Friday, August 25, 2017

Hackenberg, Round Two

 By some of the reports coming from Jet camp we may get to see Christian Hackenberg again this Saturday night against the Giants in extended play. Apparently the coaching staff wants to give Hack the best opportunity to succeed. The feeling was the Jets tweaked the offensive line too much and he wasn’t given a realistic chance. Look for the Jets first string offensive line to be in there for all his repetitions. The question brought up by some is if giving Hackenberg and Petty all this playing time, will McCown be in rhythm with his players on opening day? I hope I am wrong but as I said I think Christian Hackenberg was a huge wasted pick.
  Hey quarterback hungry Jet fans. How would you like  a young NFL quarterback, 25-years old who two years ago threw for over 4,400 yards and 35 TD passes?  In case you haven’t heard, the Jets are not the only team in complete confusion at the quarterback position. Down in Jacksonville Blake Bortles has continued his play from last year stinking it up every chance he gets. Jags coach Doug Marone has said the quarterback position is now open competition (I’ve heard that before) and some say that Chad Henne is a lock for the starting job. Rumors are going around that the Jags might in fact cut Bortles. Could he end with Gang Green? I hope not. Bortles showed promise coming out of Central Florida as the third pick in the draft but something has gone  wrong. The talk last year was that Christian Hackenberg could not hit the ocean with a football. In Jacksonville they are saying Bortles couldn’t even hit the air with a football. It would not be a good fit and if the Jets are true to a plan they supposedly have, discipline is the key.  
  How is Mike Maccagnan doing as the Jets General Manager? GM’s are judged on the drafts more than anything else. His first draft was okay. Second rounder Devin Smith has been a bust so far and cannot stay on the field. Third rounder Lorenzo Mauldin might be cut. His first pick Leonard Williams was a great pick.  His second draft will forever be judged by the success or failure of Christian Hackenberg. First round pick Darron Lee looks like a real good pick as does 3rd rounder Jordan Jenkins. If Juston Burris and Brandon Shell develop, this would be considered a good draft if Hack wasn’t taken. His third draft to me looks like the best so far. Jamal Adams will be a star. And 2nd rounder Marcus Maye has looked better than Adams so far. Wideout Chad Hansen (4th round) looks good and 5th round linebacker Dylan Donahue is taking reps with the first team. Jordan Leggett, ArDarius Stewart, Elijah McGuire could be good but we’ll know more about these players by opening day. If we blame Maccagnan for drafting Hackenberg, we have to give him tons of credit for signing Ryan Fitzpatrick for only one year. Imagine if he had signed Fitz for 3 or 4 years? The Jets would be in even worse shape if that is possible. 
 Best line of the week came from NFL writer Gary Meyers on WFAN who said whenever Christian Hackenberg lines up over the center, the football field looks 200-yards long.

What the Jet Scribes Are Saying;

Rich Cimini, ESPN
After six straight years out of the playoffs, three seasons with double-digit losses, two regime changes and one year of Tim Tebow, the Jets are regarded by some experts as the worst team in the NFL. Expectations are at an all-time low. So low that members of the 1996 Jets, who finished a franchise-worst 1-15, are getting asked by friends if the current team could pull a '96. It's not far-fetched, considering they're not favored in a single game this season, according to ESPN's FPI.

Manish Mehta,  NY Daily News
The Jets whiffed in grandiose fashion by choosing to give a big-money contract to Muhammad Wilkerson instead of Damon Harrison last year, the ultimate Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Fail that should be embarrassing for just about everybody on One Jets Drive. For an organization pushing a culture change designed to galvanize the troops, it’s hard to explain letting go of one of the franchise’s single best stories of this generation, while paying another guy who embodies little of what the powers that be claim they’re looking for. Harrison predictably has flourished as the NFL’s best run-stuffing defensive lineman for the Giants, transforming his new team into one of the league’s best run defenses. Wilkerson sleep-walked through his first season since lining his pockets, throwing his training staff under the bus after a nightmarish year and getting disciplined by his coach for missing a walk-through practice (and birthday celebration).

Brian Costello, NY Post
On the first play of the fourth quarter in Saturday night’s 16-6 Jets loss to the Lions, Bryce Petty had a moment. The third-year quarterback stepped to the line, saw six Lions defenders in the box and walked back into the shotgun, moved some players around and called an audible. The result was a 23-yard pass to Myles White down the Detroit sideline. It was a moment that let you know maybe Petty should not be the quarterback left behind in this Jets competition.

Petty has been running third in this three-man quarterback all summer. He has gotten limited reps in practice (about 100 fewer than Christian Hackenberg) and has never really felt like a real contender for the job. Early on in camp, it looked justified. Petty clearly was having trouble with John Morton’s offense. But lately, Petty looks like he’s getting it, and (last) Saturday night he outplayed Hackenberg.

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