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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Quarterback Search Continues

   I’m officially aboard the Sam Darold (QB of USC) bandwagon. I said in my last article that Offensive Coordinator John Morton had Christian Hackenberg take baby steps and he would have to eventually open it up, but give me a break! In 13 possessions in his first two games Hackenberg has generated no points. The primary job of a quarterback is to get his team into the end zone. He cannot recognize where a blitz is coming from and his best play against the Lions was his run for a first down. The one play where he had a chance to shine was an overthrow on a long pass to Robby Anderson who had a step and a half on his coverage. Where Hackenberg really hurts himself and the team is he has one three and out after another and it  leaves the defense on the field for eternity. Some of the defensive players looked gassed by the second quarter. In a quarterback driven league, successful quarterbacks are suppose to make the players around him better not make his own defense look worse than it is because you cannot eek out a first down. Christian Hackenberg was disgraceful against the Lions. Is he in a fair situation? Probably not but in life you have to play with the hand you are dealt with. 
  In the first half there was very little to celebrate on the offensive side of the football. On defense, every player who played in the first half should get a $20.00 Dunkin Donuts gift card just for being on the field as long as they were. Dexter McDougle (#23) the third year cornerback had a really active game. McDougle who played at Maryland has had a hard time staying on the field, but he really was a bright spot against the Lions. Josh Martin (#95) had his second solid game in a row. Not as active as last week but he is playing very well. Of the Jets first two draft picks, safeties Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye, Maye distinguished himself much more than Adams. Adams missed a couple of tackles but he will be a good one. How about linebacker Corey Lemonier (#44)? He had an interception and a sack. His chances of making the team are better this week than last week. Let’s keep an eye on him. Demario Davis had another good game but he let up a first down on pass coverage on a third down play. The thing I noticed about Davis is that in two games he looks a lot quicker than he did in his first tenure with the Jets. I made it a point to watch Sheldon Richardson and this guy is a football player. I would rather have him than Mo Wilkerson. The thing about Richardson is that he seems to have a great motor and he doesn’t really take plays off.  Defensive back Morris Claiborne (#21) had a bad game. He gave too much of a cushion most of the night and did not look quick at all.
  In the second half Bryce Petty looked real good. In my mind Petty has to be ahead of Hackenberg on the depth chart. Petty looked very comfortable in the pocket. He seems to see the field pretty well and got rid of the football quickly. Tight end Jordan Leggett (#49) had a couple of receptions as did wide receiver Chad Hansen (#6) from California. Punter Lac Edwards had a 37.7 punting average but I thought he punted better than last week. And Ross (I’m not Artemus Gordon) Martin missed one long field goal but accounted for the Jets six points on two field goals.
  Hey Jet fans don’t put too much credence in these pre-season games. What you want to look at is individual talent. Some players will seize the opportunity and other will not. Look at the way Dexter McDougle and Josh Martin are playing. The worrisome thing for Jet fans will be the lack of scoring during the season. It is one thing to go 2-14 or 3-13 but sitting in front of the TV with the Jet offense going three and out consistently will be the rub. If I were the Jets, I’d weigh the 53-man roster heavy on defense just because of the amount of time they will be on the field this year. This is shaping up to be one rough season to follow Gang Green.

Green Tidbits:
…..Linebacker Lorenzo Mauldin better get well soon. This always hurt player is facing new competition…..You’ll hear excuse after excuse defending Hackenberg but believe me the Jets aren’t going anywhere with him…..And Greg Buttle who I like comes across too much of a shill always describing the glass as half full not holding players accountable….Jets offensive line seemed to settle down when Wesley Johnson was in at center…..Running back Marcus Murphy (#34) showed a little burst on his 3 carries….Jets are desperate for playmakers on both sides of the ball….Trevor Siemian was drafted in the 7th round. Tyrod Taylor 6th round. Dan Prescott  4th round. Russel Wilson 3rd round. The guy up in New England, 6th round. Old time GM Ron Wolf was probably right. He said every team should always draft one QB every year.……..Next Saturday: Giants 7pm, NBC TV….

Ross Martin is not only the Jets kicker but was the co-star of the 60's show "The Wild Wild West." In honor of Ross Martin (both of them).

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