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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Not Dark Yet

Jets Waive Raymod
Two days after Kalif Raymond single handedly turned the Raider game into a route, he was just waived. Thank you Jets!

Todd Misses Chance
The Jets are drowning quickly like a shot put sinking in the Hudson and Todd Bowles missed a great opportunity. When the Raiders coach went for that field goal late in the fourth quarter, Todd Bowles had a chance to make a statement for the Jets but he blew it. Picture if Bowles never shook hands with the Raider coach. This would be the story of the week! The team would have come together and stuck up for their coach. This symbolic gesture would have gone a long way but only people with guts would have done it.

Players I Want To See
It is only the third game but come on coach Bowles, play some of the kids. On offense let's see more or Elijah McGuire. How about putting WR Chad Hansen in the slot. And when is TE Jordan Leggett going to make it on to the field. On defense I mentioned I would start LB Dylan Donahue. Defensive lineman Lawrence Thomas lit it up last year in pre-season and in the Jets opening game before he got hurt. Get him on the field also. 

Stay Away From OSU
What does Darron Lee, Devin Smith and Vernon Gholtson all have in common? All went to Ohio State. Gholston and Lee were number one picks and Smith a number two. Is a pattern starting to form after the Jets made out big with Nick Mangold from OSU? Two other recent Ohio State picks: Anthony Schlegel LB, 3rd round pick 2006, Mike Nugent K, 2nd round pick 2005. A lousy trend is taking place. I haven’t seen first round play from Darron Lee. The Jets are not doing him any favors playing him at inside linebacker but on some plays he get pinched to the side and cannot recover. He like many past Jet first round picks seemed to have had his athleticism just drained out of his body.

Legend of Jamal Adams
I got on this player after the first game. But if you look close, he is everything they told us he is. There is one play where he pursues Marshawn Lynch from the opposite side and takes him down from behind. I saw it on Twitter. It is a truly spectacular play. Not sure if this link will work. Worth watching:

Jets/Fish May Be Only Home Game This Year
The Jets host the Miami Dolphins in their home opener. This may be the only true home game of the season. What do I mean by this? As the season goes on and if the Jets continue to stumble, you will see more fans from the visiting team than Jet fans. 

Soundview Louie

I meet with Soundview Louie of the Bronx for coffee every couple of weeks. Soundview Louie is what I’d call is an “investor” during the NFL season. I love to shoot the breeze about the NFL and my team with him. Louie is an incredibly likable guy. He is a friend of mine.

Green Rewind: Louie, what is the deal with my Jets?
Soundview Louie: Ya got understand, dis Jets team is what we call has an “empty curtain.” 
Green Rewind: Empty curtain? What does that mean.
Soundview Louie: No wizard, no wizard. Didn’t you never see dat movie?
Green Rewind: Ok. I get it. There is no Wizard behind the curtain like in the Wizard of Oz.
Soundview Louie: Exactly! 
Green Rewind: Besides a quarterback, what exactly do the Jets need?
Soundview Louie: You need the bulls.
Green Rewind: What do you mean. Linemen?
Soundview Louie: Exactly! When you got doze bulls, fahgettaboudit! You and I can walk through those holes. Look at the Cowboys. Dat quarterback is nothing special. But you give him doze bulls and everyone is talking about him.
Green Rewind: Who do you like with the college quarterbacks?
Soundview Louie: I like dis kid from California. Not the Jewish kid, the other one.
Green Rewind: Sam Darnold from USC?
SoundviewLouie: Yea! Dats the kid. He is good!
Green Rewind: Do you think the Jets have a chance to win any games this year?
Soundview Louie: Well I’ll tell you (phone rings). I gotta go. They need me over in Ozone Park right away. See you in a few.

What the Jets scribes are saying:

Rich Cimini, ESPN
Why Bowles dragged it out for two weeks is anyone's guess, but let's put that aside and focus on the bigger story -- the ramifications. By declaring that Petty "has been the 2" all along and will remain Josh McCown's primary backup for the foreseeable future, the Jets' coach has created a scenario in which Hackenberg could spend most of the season on the bench -- maybe the entire year.That would be bitterly disappointing for the Jets because one of the goals this season is -- was? -- to get a long look at Hackenberg, determining whether he's the quarterback of the future. I think we know the answer to that question. More importantly, I think the New York Jets know the answer. They probably knew it a year ago, but it was confirmed by Hackenberg's struggles in the preseason. Not only did he miss an opportunity to claim the starting job, but he also lost the backup job.He was 0-2 in the Summer of Hack. As a result, Hackenberg is at the bottom of the depth chart for the second straight year, certainly not what the Jets had in mind when they made him a second-round pick in 2016. Barring injuries, the only way he will start a game is if Bowles plays late-season leapfrog, moving him ahead of Petty just for the sake of seeing him in a game. By then, the season will be long gone. The moment he turns to Hackenberg, Bowles is basically announcing he's moving on to 2018. 

Brian Costello, NY Post
How low can they go?
The Jets are off to their first 0-2 start in a decade. A loss Sunday to the Dolphins would give them their first 0-3 start since 2003, when the Jets opened with four straight losses. In 1996, the Jets lost eight straight to begin the season before getting their lone win that year. So, how many weeks will it take for these Jets to get a win? Well, they begin a three-game stretch this week with games that feel like possible wins. They get the Dolphins at home, followed by a visit from the Jaguars to MetLife Stadium and then a trip to Cleveland for what might be the “Sam Darnold Bowl” against the Browns. The 45-20 thrashing by the Raiders on Sunday was expected, and winning in Buffalo in Week 1 felt like a long shot. But this is the stretch that gives the Jets the best opportunity to get a win: The Dolphins are 1-0 after slipping past the winless Chargers; the Jaguars (1-1) will be coming back from London; and the Browns are, well, the Browns. After the Browns game, the schedule gets much harder with games against the Patriots, Falcons, Buccaneers and Broncos looming. While the Jets are not talking about their record, they know that if they have any hope of turning this season around, it begins with this stretch of games. Todd Bowles wants to see if his team can fix the mistakes it has made in the opening two losses.

Menus Mehta, NY Daily News
The Bizarro Al Davis would approve of the unofficial mission statement for the 2017 Jets: Just lose, baby. In case you were delusional enough to believe this rebuilding outfit would raise a collective middle finger to pundits predicting doom in The Black Hole, the football Gods protected Todd Bowles & Co. from themselves by making sure their tank remained full. A bone-headed blunder by punt returner Kalif Raymond punctuated an ugly 45-20 beatdown by the Raiders Sunday that prompted a curiously rosy response from the man in charge.

“We might have grown as a team with this loss,” Bowles said. “The guys start(ed) believing in each other.”

Imagine what the final score would have been if these guys hated each other.

“We just can’t have mistakes here and there,” Bowles said.

More like here, there and everywhere. The Jets (0-2) were buried by a silver-and-black avalanche that illustrated the cavernous divide between the NFL’s haves and have-nots. The end game for the organization is obvious: Stink enough to land a franchise quarterback in the 2018 draft.

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