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Monday, September 18, 2017

Focus On the Fundamentals

  In the great basketball movie “Hoosiers” coach Norman Dale (Gene Hackman) give a great pre-game inspirational speech. In it he says to “focus on the fundamentals.”
This is something the New York Jets defense obviously doesn’t think necessary to do for 60-minutes. Though they have to take a some of the blame, the offense was not the major culprit this game.  The Jets defense which was suppose to be the strong part of the team was atrocious. I know that punt returner Kalif Raymond made the biggest boo boo in the game, but the defense put on an incredible bad tackling exhibition. I wish I could have told Todd Bowles to pull out some of the old Buffalo-Jets videos when Marshawn Lynch was on the Bills. Play after play he would be carrying Jets safety Kerry Rhodes on his back because Rhodes insisted on tackling Lynch high. Lynch only had 45-yards today rushing but the tackling fundamentals and fakes put on the Jets made Gang Green look very un-athletic. As good as Derek Carr (23/28/230yds 3TDs) is, he and any quarterback in the NFL will eat defenses alive without a pass rush. Mo “no sack” Richardson and Leonard Williams were invisible. The Jet linebackers continue to play inept football either getting beat on pass coverage and/or crossing patterns or being out of position.  Demario Davis is awful. He’ll make one good play a game and get beat the rest of the way. Darron Lee is not playing the way he should though today he looked like he was giving it more effort. Jordan Jenkins looked like a no show today and Kony Ealy made a couple of plays but has got to show more. If it was up to me I’d start this kid Dylan Donahue (#49) at linebacker next week.

  On offense the numbers look weak but what the Jets lacked in talent, they gave in effort. Give mediocre Josh McCown (17/25/166 2TDs) credit. For a good part of the game the Jets best offense was a couple of personal foul penalties against the Raiders and McCowen’s running (4/31). If you look at the stats, the Jets averaged 5 yards per rushing play but those numbers are a little deceptive. Nevertheless Mccowen threw a wonderful 3rd down TD pass to the Jets best receiver Jermaine Kearse (4/64/ 2TDs). In the first half the Jets were surprisingly hanging in there after being down 14-0 to cut it to 14-10. The Jets defense may have had their best series of the game, a three and out leading up to the two-minute warning. Right after that, the Raiders punted and Kalif Raymond muffed and fumbled the punt and that was all she wrote. The Raiders scored and it was down hill for them after that. If I remember right Kalif Raymond also almost mishandled two other kicks in the opening game. Why in the name of Mike Battle was this guy returning punts? And with Jeremy “fair catch” Kerley on the team? I know Kerley hardly gets his uniform dirty returning kicks but at least he is sure handed. If Raymond was on the Patriots, he’d be out of a job tomorrow.

  In the second half of the game, the Jets started with an excellent drive that lasted 7:14 but had to settle for a field goal. The highlight of the drive was an excellent 22-yard scramble by McCowen. The Raiders scored a touchdown on a 43-yard touchdown run by Cordarrelle Patterson. The fourth quarter, except for another nice touchdown pass to Kearse was just about unwatchable. Most of my friends who are constantly texting me during the game, threw in the towel.  In the “statistics lie” category the time of possession was the Raiders 31:02 and the Jets 28:58. Except for that long Jets drive to open the second half, it was all silver and black. Two things I need to bring out. Watching that Marshawn Lynch dance around the sidelines is one of two reasons for Jet fans have to root against the Raiders. Also why in the world with 29 seconds to go in the game would the coach of the Raiders go for a field goal and not just take a knee to end the game? How classless can you get? And another thing if I’m Todd Bowles I would never cross the field to shake hands with the Raiders coach after what he did. I don’t care what the coaching protocol is in the NFL. This is another reason the Jets need to fire Todd Bowles. He is too soft and gets walked on by other coaches.

Green Tidbits:
…..How un-athletic did Crabtree make Justin Burris look all game?…..Got a good feeling about RB Elijah McGuire (#35)…..Matt Forte played hard all game. Give him credit…..Not sure if I’m the only one that sees Robby Anderson beat the field long about 7 times in the first 2 games…..DB Morris Claiborne played okay but gives too much room on each play….Give Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye credit. They are both playing like they care….I want to see Bryce Petty as bad as you but today was not the right time……Derek Carr was the second round pick of the Raiders in 2014. And the Jets drafted Jace Amaro in the second round that year…..What will the over/under be for actual attendance for the Jets second home game?……

                 Alright Coach Dale, Talk To Mo & The Defense

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