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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Todd, Lucy and Charlie Brown

   The media is still keeping the fourth quarter punt decision by Todd Bowles against the Buffalo Bills in the newspapers.  I still cannot get over it. If you ever played sports at any level and your coach took away the only chance you had to win the game, how would you feel? It is so disconcerting to me on a whole bunch of levels, I cannot fathom Todd Bowles coming back as head coach of the New York Jets next year. Successful NFL head coaches are able to think ahead 3, 4 or even 5 steps during a game. What may seem like completely jumbled in yours or my head is suppose to be organized scenarios for the head coach. To take away the only opportunity the Jets had to win is the same as Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown right before he kicks it.

  You won’t read about it in the newspapers but believe me the players are peeved at that move. If I am an agent and have some clients in the skill positions, like wide receivers, why in God’s name would I ever recommend my player(s) signing with the Jets? Free agents go first to where they are paid the most money then where it will help their career. I see nothing on the horizon in Jet land with this head coach except for money that would have my clients play here.

On The Second Viewing
   I came down too hard of Jamal Adams. After reviewing the game a second time, he did not play as awful as I had originally thought. He didn’t play as good as Todd Bowles said but for his first pro game and playing behind linebackers that don’t know what pass coverage is, he did okay. On the other hand, I overlooked the play of Leonard Williams. He was credited with one tackle which normally I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on but he was such a non-factor, I was very much surprised. If I was on the Jets coaching staff, I would keep Leonard Williams far away from Mo Wilkerson. Whatever Wilkerson has, we Jet fans don’t want Williams to catch it.

Offensive Line
  I mentioned it in my last article that the Jets may be forming a good offensive line that may need time to jell. Obviously they had no running game but according to stats that were put together to evaluate the offensive linemen, they more than held their own in pass protection. What makes this interesting is that if you look around the league, many teams (i.e. Giants, Seahawks) have a weak offensive line. Let’s see if this can develop.

Quarterback Watch:
The 3 amigos
1. Sam Darnold of USC looked like a top NFL Draft pick. He looked a little shaky last week against Western Michigan, but if you needed any reminders as to why NFL scouts are high on Darnold's future, he gave you plenty of them on Saturday. Darnold completed 21 of his 26 pass attempts for 316 yards and four touchdowns.

2. Josh Rosen of UCLA was 22-for-25 passing, 329-yard, five-touchdown. Keep in mind, Green Rewind contributor Ralph Sharaga thinks Rosen might be a better fit for New York than Darnold. Ralph is seldom wrong. UCLA plays USC in November. I predict this will be one of the highest rated regular college games ever as long as both QBs are playing.

3. Josh Allen of Wyoming was 22-32 passing, 328 yards and two-touchdowns. Allen has been missing some of his best receivers. Game to circle for Allen and Wyoming is November 4th vs. Colorado State. Should be a good test for the QB.

4. Lamar Jackson of Louisville going for his second consecutive Heisman had a ridiculous game. The junior threw for 393 yards and three scores while also running for 132 yards and three TDs.

5. Baker Mayfield of Oklahoma is the new guy on the block. He has a lot of swagger lifting his team to a victory over Ohio State on the road. Mayfield threw for 386 yards and three touchdowns. Keep in mind that Mayfield is listed at 6’ 1” tall. I’ve been told he is closer to 5’ 10”.

What The Jets Scribes Are Saying

Rich Cimini, ESPN
The math says New York Jets coach Todd Bowles made the wrong call by punting on fourth-and-8.
Don't take my word for it; here's Brian Burke, a senior analytics specialist at ESPN and a nationally-recognized expert:
"It was a mistake for the Jets to punt there," Burke said. "Their win probability [on our model] certainly did not go up based on the decision to punt."Their odds were very long either way. Their chances to win based on their options were:

Punt: 1.1 percent.

Go for it: 2.0 percent.

"In absolute terms, a difference of only .9 percent is small," Burke added. "But, however small their overall chance to win, the decision to punt cut it nearly in half." The Jets had the ball at their 44 with four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, trailing the Buffalo Bills by two scores -- 21-12, the eventual final score. On Monday, Bowles, said, "If we got a little closer, I might have went for it, but fourth-and-8 is a tough pill to swallow right there."But it wasn't as tough as Bowles suggested, according to Burke.

Brian Costello, NY Post
If Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan sees his Raiders counterpart, Reggie McKenzie, on the field in Oakland on Sunday, he may want to pull him aside and ask for some tips.McKenzie has pulled off what Maccagnan hopes to — rebuilding an organization from the ground level and making a moribund franchise a Super Bowl contender.The Jets are at the early stages of the process that the Raiders began in 2012. They are searching for those franchise-changing draft picks that McKenzie landed in quarterback Derek Carr and outside linebacker Khalil Mack. They are looking for the right blend of free agents and draft picks who can carry a team to the playoffs.When the Raiders hired McKenzie, they had missed the playoffs for nine straight years. “Commitment to Excellence” was nothing but a phrase painted on the wall. McKenzie, a Raiders linebacker in the ’80s, came from the Packers with a reputation as a shrewd talent evaluator. That was the same thing the Jets saw in Maccagnan in 2015.
McKenzie struggled at first and fans were losing patience with him as recently as 2014 when the team started 0-10. He hired the wrong head coach and had blown the call on two quarterbacks. The Raiders looked destined to stay at the bottom of the AFC West.
It could be a feeling Jets fans get familiar with this season if the Jets play as expected. The lesson from the Raiders, though, is things do not change overnight.

“Patience was the key,” McKenzie told the San Francisco Chronicle in January. “From 2012 to now, it’s very good to see we have players whose contracts we’d like to extend. I’m talking about young, up-and-coming cornerstones, and now Pro Bowl players.”

The major difference between what McKenzie pulled off and what Maccagnan is attempting is that McKenzie began the rebuild when he was hired. Maccagnan is now doing it in Year 3 of his time with the Jets. Still, there are lessons to be learned

Manish Mehta, NY Daily News
There were very few shocking elements to the Jets’ mistake-ridden mess Sunday that inched them closer to the franchise quarterback that they so desperately need. Gang Green’s lid-lifting 21-12 loss to the slightly less-anemic Bills was as ugly and painful as we imagined it might be many months ago when the roster deconstruction began in earnest, but one troubling sign emerged from this embarrassment: Todd Bowles is repeating mistakes.It was an eerie case of deja vu 337 days after the Jets head coach vehemently defended an indefensible decision in a Week 5 loss at Pittsburgh. Bowles’ fourth-quarter decision to punt on 4th-and-2 from his own 46 despite being down by two scores sealed his team’s fate that day. His choice to punt on 4th-and-8 from his own 44 despite being down by two scores sealed his team’s fate Sunday, too. For all the good things that Bowles has done this year, like being a company man amid the Jets’ rebuild, this decision was unquestionably the wrong one.
      Watch as Todd Bowles, I mean Lucy pulls the football away from the Jets, I mean Charlie Brown

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